Prezentare generală și recenzie: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort | Walt Disney World

Prezentare generală și recenzie: Disney's Yacht Club Resort |  Walt Disney World

Este ziua mea de naștere și prima dată când sunt cazat la Disney’s Yacht Club Resort… și te iau cu mine pentru experiență! Te-ai întrebat vreodată cum este să stai într-o stațiune Disney Deluxe? Urmăriți-vă și vă voi arăta dezavantajele și vă voi împărtăși gândurile mele la sfârșit! #waltdisneyworld #disneyworld #disneyfood #disney #wdw #disneyworldresort #disneyresort Vă mulțumim foarte mult pentru vizionare! ❤️ Urmărește-l pe Deni pe Instagram: S-ar putea să te bucuri și de recenzia mea Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort:


28 thoughts on “Prezentare generală și recenzie: Disney’s Yacht Club Resort | Walt Disney World

  1. We love that Crescent Lake area. Such a wonderful vibe. Don’t expect a future Yacht Club stay as we are DVC owners at Beach Club. Have you considered a stay at Disney’s Vero Beach resort? We love it there, too, especially an ocean view room!

  2. You have a real talent for what you do. I always know I’ll get the honest truth rather it’s describing and showing us the resort and rooms, or the restaurants and the delicious food you choose. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hey Deni! So excited to share the same birthday as you! My home resort is Wilderness Lodge. I absolutely love it there. Yacht Club is definitely on the bucket list. Lots of love!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Deni! 🎉🥳🎂🎈🎁 👸Excellent video! I love the colors and esthetic of The Yacht Club! The rich, dark navy blues, along with the deep wood fixtures, is quite exquisite! I love Ale and Compass for breakfast as well! Your dining review with Jackie and your other guest, had me hooked on the Shrimp and Grits! 😋

  5. Happy Birthday!! Great video – now I have Yacht Club on my Disney bucket list. I would love to see stays at some of the Good Neighbor hotels

  6. Happy birthday Déni 🎉
    Thanks for that wonderful and thorough review!
    We are DVC members and would love for this hotel to become part of DVC …we would definitely stay there!

  7. The Yacht Club is a beautiful resort. Although your balcony had a water view and was very pretty, IMO, I think it could have easily been in the garden view category because your room was so far away from the water. There was definitely more green space. In the past, I booked a garden view at BC and directly in front of the balcony was a huge tree (I reported this to the front desk but no other rooms were available, so I made the best of the situation. At PO Riverside, we booked 2 river view princess rooms and both rooms were blocked by the building because we were at the end of the walkway. Technically, we were facing the river but there was no view of the river. I did report this and was given a begrudging compensation, however, I explained I would have preferred to get the room/view that I booked. Sorry for going on, but this is something I've encountered on multiple occasions. Thanks for your videos, they are enjoyable to watch!!!

  8. Deni, your videos just keep getting better each time! This was an absolutely AMAZING overview and review of Yacht Club!!! You are definitely putting out some of the best quality Disney content on the entirety of Youtube. Your channel is definitely my favorite for accurate and informative content for all things Disney! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  9. I stayed at Yacht Club one night, and that was enough. $500 and our magic bands wouldn't open the door, we were awakened in the middle of the night by the fire alarm that let out one blast then nothing, scaring us out of bed naked, and then awakened by the damn boat blasts in the am, and then by housekeeping at an ungodly early hour. We were SO happy to move to Pop Century for the remainder of our vacation!

  10. This was cool Deni! I really liked the long video. You do such a great job with editing your videos too! What a lovely time thanks for taking us along ❤🤟🏻

  11. The way they distinguish Yacht and Beach is realistic. Yacht clubs are fancier and more formal than beach clubs in general. A lot fewer people ride in yachts than go to beaches! I think the YC reno is on point. I really hope they make some of those rooms a new DVC property. We need more Epcot DVC. Beach Club is one of favorite DVCs, but try to get a reservation if you don't own there. Happy Birthday, Deni!

  12. Deni, I don't think it gets any better than to be shipwrecked at Disney's Yacht Club to celebrate your 21st birthday. Cheers, Chris Perry.

  13. My daughter and I stay at Beach Club each holiday season but I am totally jealous of the Yacht Club having a CokeFreestyle machine. Don’t know why Beach Club can’t have one. Depending on how far our room is from the lobby I won’t get a refillable mug even though our trip is more than a week as I am not motivated for the options. Thinking about trying somewhere different for a Feb trip we want to do for Festival of the Arts and picking based on who had a Coke Freestyle

  14. Loved the video! So glad to see H2O products still in the bathroom. I thought they’d been discontinued?

  15. I've never stayed there but know people who love it best. Have you stayed at Boardwalk since it got refreshed (at least I think it did). You and your hubby remind me of us. I don't travel much anymore for family reasons so I really like going places with you. ETA – the theming is very nautical.😊

  16. We have stayed at the Yacht Club a couple of times and always enjoyed the resort. Happy Birthday Deni, this was a great review of the resort.

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