SAILING CROSS THE PACIFIC Pt 3 / Life On The Open Ocean / Catch & Cook Ep 120

SAILING CROSS THE PACIFIC Pt 3 / Life On The Open Ocean / Catch & Cook Ep 120

În acest episod din această săptămână continuăm trecerea noastră epică prin marele Ocean Pacific. Avem o întâlnire strânsă cu niște balene, trebuie să facem niște reparații electrice și să prindem și să gătim fishcake. Mulțumim tuturor abonaților noștri, fără voi canalul nu ar exista! Mulțumim imens tuturor Patronilor noștri incredibili pentru că au făcut posibilă această aventură. Ne place să citim și să răspundem la toate comentariile voastre! Dacă ți-a plăcut episodul, dă-i un like, distribuie și te rugăm să te abonezi. Mulțumesc pentru vizionare, sper că îți plac episoadele Detalii barca Barca noastră este un Rival 34 construit în 1979 construit în Southampton, Anglia Actualizări în timp real Patreon: Paypal: Cumpără-ne o cafea: Vă mulțumim pentru toată susținerea dumneavoastră Luke și Adam The Sailing Brothers #Pacificcrossing #Pacificcrossingponesia #sailingbrothers #sailingbrothers60713 cook Declinări de răspundere și drepturi de autor : Tot conținutul video de pe acest canal/pagină are drepturi de autor și nu trebuie utilizat fără permisiune. Toată muzica folosită în această serie este originală sau, folosită gratuit, fără drepturi de autor, folosită cu permisiune. Fără încălcări ale drepturilor de autor. Toate afirmațiile sunt opinii personale și nu trebuie să reprezinte neapărat fapte. muzică redată în ordine Muzică de LiQWYD: Young Love http://www. EGRATING” de @Myuu 🇺🇸 Abonează-te și sprijină-ne: 📥 Descărcare gratuită în mp3: Myuu – Disintegrating” este sub o licență Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0). ed ( Artist: Lakey Inspired ➪ Relaxing Fast Music – Acoustic Guitar Background Music by Gloria Cabreros Iată titlul 14 Audio Background Music. Campfire Song – 0,00 Catch Up – 2:45 Canyoning:0:46 Back – Glen 4:08:46 Back re song 11:21 Gold in the Hills – 14:06 Hiiltop – 17:06 Mysteries – 19:37 Fără pantă – 21:26 Parkside – 24:50 Room for Two – 26:58 Surrender 28:58 Take your Time 30:47 Abonați-vă pentru mai multe fundal audio Youtube gratuit. Mulțumesc! 🙂


46 thoughts on “SAILING CROSS THE PACIFIC Pt 3 / Life On The Open Ocean / Catch & Cook Ep 120

  1. Lovely lovely lovely. I had the same Christmas as a kid. 😁 its great to c a level of insanity with your mega passage 😁 tomorrow we go brixham to portland all of 52 miles 🤣

  2. I have to say it again from day 1 when you left Cardiff until now this channel hasn’t changed at all. 2 Welsh lads go sailing, it’s still the same chit chat showing us dreamers how it’s really done, with no “todays sponsor is “. Keep it up lads can’t wait for next week’s episode

  3. You spelled equator wrong, but that's okay I love your videos! You two are very lucky you have each other to sail with. Best of luck with the rest of the journey! Someone wrote a comment about the whales and you're from Wales, so funny!

  4. You can scrape the fish carcass with a spoon, you will be impressed with how many more fish cakes you will have left over for breakfast.

  5. Great video again lads. I am really looking forward to landfall of this passage. Fantastic attempt at fish cakes another one for your recipe book !

  6. Be safe boys, Adam your voice is still liquid gold to listen to. Thanks so much for taking us along. Luke the Duke being camera shy is priceless and your memories of mother and Christmas is what made you so special young men. God bless- rick

  7. Beautiful episode guys! We really loved the prose about Atlas, might have to make that a new thing. Thanks for sharing your magnificent adventure with us!❤️⛵

  8. Brilliant episode guys; your Christmas mornings were exactly like mine , same chocolates and drinks 👍🏻
    You managed to get any images of the
    Galapagos island also what lure were you using?
    Glad to see how happy and content you both are 👍🏻

  9. What a great video. It had it all great sailing wildlife lovely sunsets . Another cooking class . And what a lovely poem . Can’t wait to see more . Did you not want to stop at the Galápagos Islands x

  10. Been watching for a while now but you could have knocked me over with a kipper when such lovely verse came out of the video. Very good and captured the moment. Keep the poetry going!

  11. Fantastic achievement boys well done … how do you plan to get back without passing Somalia … Cape of Good Hope ? I’m very envious 👍👍

  12. Your as bad as me, dyslexic. Equator not Equtor 😂, but we love you guys look at your paper hats. 😊 By the way that was a very befitting & meaningful poem, with a human touch of Christmas. Take care lads, PS your loosing weight eat more wholesome food.

  13. Love your videos from day 1. Can't wait for every Sunday to see a new video of your adventures. We enjoy experiencing the world through your eyes.
    Your fans from New Brunswick CA

  14. Hi Luke & Adam,
    Your certainly enjoying yourselves and an inspiration to many. I have sailed all my life and know how sea conditions can change. Do you ever wear life jackets or use tethers to prevent you from becoming detached from Atlas? I have been off line for a while, sailing my yacht across the Atlantic. At all times when in the cockpit and on deck, life jackets and tethers were worn. I respect your choice not to wear life jackets or tethers as you have accepted the risk; just occasionally remind yourselves of the risk and possible outcomes. Take Care and continue to live your dream; safely.

  15. What an episode! Great guys, the sailing conditions are perfect, and the filming really takes us along with you. Can’t wait for the next one. Been following you guys since you were in my neck of the woods, in Arran , on the Firth of Clyde. Fair winds lads.

  16. Adam you have a real talent for writing poetry. These videos with the music and a bite of poetry are excellent. You gentlemen are talented. Hope all is well. Be safe and God bless y’all .

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