Nu mai e prietena mea… Un nou capitol

Nu mai e prietena mea... Un nou capitol

Verificați site-ul nostru la În acest episod, o mică verificare a realității pentru toți cei care ne urmăresc, în culise se pierde mult. Viața pe o barcă cu vele nu este întotdeauna romantică și însorită, în unele zile este cu adevărat stresantă și, în cele din urmă, poate duce la pierderi, mai ales în zilele ca astăzi când ne pierdem capacitatea de a ne conduce barca. Puteți găsi uimitorul nostru videograf de nuntă la: Dacă doriți să consultați ghidul nostru de ancoraje, o puteți face aici, aș fi complet gratuit și sperăm că vă va fi de folos voi toți, doar modul nostru de a încerca să dăm ceva înapoi a ceea ce a fost cea mai susținătoare comunitate de oameni.


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  1. Well congrats!! All three of you looked grand, and that venue was fabulous. If you guys have a kid, it better damn well be as cute as Hank.

    On another note, 5:19 Could you not have grabbed a line or spare halyard, put a rolling hitch around the evil line just near where it was in that gap in the rudder, run it to one of the winches and hauled it out of the gap that way? Or maybe that's overthinking it, as your solution did work.

    Interesting too, I live in a small fishing village in Newfoundland, and our fishers put their lobster pots in the landwash, i.e. very close to shore, 10 or 20 feet deep, as that's where our lobsters like to hang, amongst the rocks and kelp.

  2. Congratulations to you both. 😀 I hope that you continue to live the life, and enjoy the life, that so many of us viewers just dream about. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  3. Geez, mate…you had me there. I have never seen your channel before, never watched one of your videos, and with the title in mind I watched this lovely and amazing woman playing the perfect supportive role, doing everything really well…like I could be envious even….and I was thinking "hellsbells, dude, why the hell would you break up with her, she is awe-inspiring, and you are a ginger!"

    And then the wedding scenes….well done, congratulations the pair of you.

    Yeh, in 5 minutes I could see she was a keeper.

  4. Congratulations!

    2 comments about your pot line incident.

    1) Been there, done that, ended up putting out a pan-pan as I didn't fancy going over the side in the dark with a swell running.

    2) if you could have tied a line to the one stuck in your rudder, tied one end off and then put the other end into a primary winch, you may have been able to pull the line out of the steering by winching in.

    Good effort sorting it out though and extra kudos for filming it – I'm not sure I'd have stopped to grab the go-pro.

  5. You pulled a fast one I went from tears of sorrow over a possible break up to tears of absolute joy over your marriage. CONGRATULATIONS on you new journey and keep those videos coming .I enjoy each one immensely ❤

  6. Congrats to both of you but why did it take you so long to snap her up? You were made for each other from the first video BUT you need to consider the nest building and children hormones / instinct that will come into play in the future. Both talk about it NOW before it gets too strong so that you have a game plan.

  7. Congratulations! It's good your videos are swear free. It's very tedious where some tubers don't make the effort, particularly when they spend many hours editing.

  8. This episode didn't start out so good, but WOW, what a happy ending! That looked like a storybook wedding. Everybody looked glorious, even Hank wore a tie. So happy for you.,

  9. Congrats on the Wedding, simply marvelous vlog. This is my first time viewing, I feel as I've been somewhat cheated, as missing your professional channel past and the awesome episode here, has put me into a tiddle remorsefully speaking. Tally Ho, enjoy your life together, such a lovely couple & dog,

  10. Lol..good one mate .i saw her wearing the engagement ring during the lobster ordeal…may you 2 forever be happy and fulfill your lives with dream come true moments…take care…

  11. Well you got me to suscribe, now i am trying to get my wife to view this so she knows she isnt the only gorgeous women to be marry to a as………le

  12. Hi Guys, I am sooooooo happy for you, I wish you all the love and luck in the world. Fair winds and calm seas, Reg, (ps, I have been known to lose it and swear at times.) 🤯🥰

  13. Dom, how come your wedding skirt didn't have a train? 😉The wedding pics were stunningly beautiful and very warm and joyful of the event! A special lady friend's son married in his grandfather's kilt and complete outfit. He had a sword with it but I didn't see it being worn during the wedding. Perhaps they used it to cut the cake. (If he did, I hope he remembered to wipe it down before putting it back in the scabbard!) Were the bonnie pipes a playing?

    The way you've chosen to handle the selective editing is the best way to go as far as this viewer is concerned. Rough language is a better adrenaline release than losing one's temper, but it's gone in a fleeting moment and no one else is interested in wathching the spectacle.

    They do have prop shaft cutters for cutting entangled lines. Going over the side is the only way I know of to disengage from a rudder snag. I've cruised the coast of New England (Massachusetts & Maine & the Canadian Maritimes) a couple of times and they make their living setting pots out on floats for both crabs and lobsters. They are so prolific in places, I don't see how the lobstermen keep them untangled! There are about 4 floats on both sides of the boat within 30' distance of the boat all around! My only complaint is that the Intra Coastal Waterway is marked there and they are required to stay out of it, but pay no attention to that. Some of those cages are large and heavy and can bend a prop shaft if it tries winding it up off the bottom.

    You should have a plan for Orca attacks as well. If you decide to go over the side with your knife, take a camera. I want to see THAT! I would turn the engine on and try to outrun them at speed or tire them trying to keep up. If they aren't savvy to a spinning prop they soon will be and a damaged orca is better than a damaged (or sunk) boat. Maybe the others will spread the word and do everyone else a favor in spreading the word to other orcas. I plan to carry a few cherry bombs to toss over the sideto scare them off. If I see them approaching I will turn off my depth sounder in case the sonar is bothering them.

  14. Congratulations. Looked like a fabulous day. 🎉
    It’s fair to say you reacted like any normal human being to the difficult situation. Well done to you both for sorting it. Your thoughts to not leave the lobster stranded we’re brilliant. Keep up the great videos.

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