Știri de ultimă oră! Actualizare în timp real și puțin despre mine

Știri de ultimă oră!  Actualizare în timp real și puțin despre mine

Barcă nouă GoFundMe (Bristol Channel Cutter) organizată de prietenul meu, MT, care știe cât de mult înseamnă asta pentru mine: https://gofund.me/b0822981 www.Patreon.com/sailingarta https://www.amazon.com/ hz/wishlist/ls/8WR5UAN7O1II?ref_=wl_share Vă mulțumim pentru sprijin!


40 thoughts on “Știri de ultimă oră! Actualizare în timp real și puțin despre mine

  1. What awesome news!! very cool to hear more of your story. Now it makes sense how you have so much knowledge about sailing. No doubt your following will grow as you continue your adventures. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Now THAT will take you all the way around the world. Had a friend fully restore hers. It was a piece of art when they were done. Sold it for 185k. They are absolutely solid boats.

  3. Excellent Nicole, I’m hooked! You have bought the best and safest boat for sailing around the world.
    Your credentials are impressive and you no doubt have the skills and knowledge to complete a circumnavigation. I recently sold my sailboat so will enjoy your adventures as an armchair sailor, sadly. Love the Bristol Channel cutter and the whole history that comes with it. Looking forward to supporting your quest! BTW Happy Birthday for next week……😊

  4. Subscribed, like your boat and what you are doing, but if I can make one request, could you slow down your camera movements a bit, you "wave" the camera around too quickly, it's making me dizzy. Seasick, as it were. You're on a boat, after all. No criticism, just a minor observation.

  5. Your parents might say don't go haring off before you get the boat safe. I would add, leave when you are ready, don't wait to get everything right (because that will never happen). Good intro, now slow down, focus on one thing at a time in your next videos (because most of your audience is not as quick, or as energetic, as you). Good luck and fair winds.

  6. Happy birthday 🎂 And congratulations on your new vesil. She looks strong and sturdy enough to help you achieve your goals. Safe travels

  7. You've just landed a true world cruiser, pretty much a smaller sistership to the 36' Cape George Cutter that took Kirsten Neuschafer to first place on this years Golden Globe Race. Congratulation's I think you just may have found your round the world boat. Carry on and let the good times roll !!

  8. Beautiful sailboat. Did you think about the solo sailor girl who crosses the worlds oceans collecting everyones trash? She could n't stop until we learnt to stop (throwi g our trash in the oceams). Good example for kids.maybe?

  9. Stumbled onto your channel this past weekend and watched a handful of videos while wondering what was your background as you seemed to have a quiet confidence (though the channel is still really new)…. This video helps paint the picture and set the stage for what you’re really about and certainly what you’re capable of. And by the way….. did you say Merit 25? That’s a blast from the past…,

  10. OK FYI The sound on this needs work. I could not understand some of the video .(Volume issues) & Slow down when recording. ( slow & steady) so we can see some of the stuff!!! I love seeing the boat details. Other than that you have captivated me & keep up with what you are doing!!! Also thank you for sharing your life adventures

  11. Awesome yacht for you, love that others see in you what I do and happy to be able to help you achieve your goals. Thanks for sharing. wishing you a very happy birthday. Fair winds, Elaine 😎⛵️

  12. The entitled youth of today amaze's me in my day we use to work hard for our dreams to come true , you can't even keep your floating home clean it's a mess , I hope at the least you will endeavor to correct that with your new boat. Maybe if you sold your present boat to part fund the new one and took a real job for 12mths you could pay it off under your own steam.

  13. Congratulations on the boat! Those Bristol Channel Cutters look so beautiful, and sturdy. I've been restoring a Contest 30 that I got for 1$. It was in very poor condition and still needs a lot of work but she's sailing now! It has a Yanmar 3GM in it too. The engine has been good to me and I like the design of the thing. I had to replace the engine mounts as well. I used Ellebogen brand replacements, they shipped nice and quick and were a lot cheaper than the Yanmar ones. They look identical. I hoisted the engine up with a couple 2x4s across the companionway hatch.

  14. Congratulations!! Wow. This is some big news. Cool!! Yeah, I was wondering about your past and how you got so into sailing. So same YouTube channel then? Looking forward to your new adventures. ⛵️💨

    I went and looked at a Catalina 27 last week. Not sure. Like the fact that it has an outboard engine and sails are in good shape….but would like something bigger. Love the Catalina 320, but it's probably way more than I wanna spend right now. So not sure. Not in love with the Catalina 30. Any suggestions?

  15. Hi Nick
    Have U checked the whole hull . It looks very nice and traditional all the varnish is still good . And the engine is like mine ,they are good. I'll follow you!

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