[Full Video] Atacul asupra echipajului de iaht în Sardinia | Clipuri de știri SY

[Full Video] Atacul asupra echipajului de iaht în Sardinia |  Clipuri de știri SY

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36 thoughts on “[Full Video] Atacul asupra echipajului de iaht în Sardinia | Clipuri de știri SY

  1. Usually your videos are well researched and you are correct about the Sun and the Daily Mail are disgusting rags but your deliberate misrepresentation of the situation on the beaches in Sardinia is equally as bad. As you previously crewed on Superyachts in Sardinia you are fully aware that the beaches in Sardinia are closed off for the safety of the beach users from ALL traffic from the sea. The people on the beaches in Sardinia in this period are NOT locals. The locals work in the summer work in the tourist industry and don’t have time to go to the beach, they are mainland Italians. All of the Marinas in this part of Sardinia are private and are very welcoming to tenders picking up and letting off guests.

  2. Unbelievable have picked people up from the beach 100s of times . Never had an issue like this. From what I am seeing the guy driving the tender is doing his job correctly .

  3. People on shore were a bunch of dumb Ukrainians supporting the war on holiday. They are obviously very aggressive people that like to provoke people minding their business

  4. That was a pretty cool kick. The Russians like to use kicks like that when fighting. The dude shouldn't have pushed on the woman and pointed his finger like that.

  5. sign of the times, as rich get richer and poor get poorer your going to have to get used to this. this their home and beach, what did they expect. if it was your wife l think you would do the same, you can only hope more locals make it harder for these yachts do as they please. hold the to account, Stand you ground comrades.

  6. It is super selfish to land your boat on a TINY beach full of locals.

    On the bottom right corner of the map we can see an area that would be perfect for docking a small boat.

    Also it was the crew who got physical first. Not the locals!

    Also the crew MAN attacked a woman. Demonstrating his character.

    The crew had 3 opportunities to avoid this situation.
    Dock on the berth.
    Not land on tiny beach, upsetting the locals.
    Don’t get physical with the locals.

    Regardless of how you try to spin it. The crew was in the wrong!

  7. “Va fan culo” is not an argument. If the Beach is not a private beach, it is for everyone – also for boats – and the crew must secure everyone and everything.

  8. Whats the context leading up to the altercation here. Ok so we see the slighlty overweight passanger of the boat thats on land has obviously, already had a issue with locals and is maybe trying to leave and then it escalated when the yacht boys showed up? I imagine its the local italians are bad people and she just a poor innocent traveller hey.

  9. Keep reporting things like this, it's very important for people to see the reality of situations like this. You have many people in the comments playing saints, but the reality is the beach goers are in the wrong and that is the fact. Keep in mind only the keyboard warriors will complain. Good reporting.

  10. I think anyone coming a shore would of been attacked i would carry a Taser .Or pepper spray lots of crazy people out there.

  11. The woman in the turquoise swimsuit can be seen running up to where the crew member is and approaching him first. She is the same one splashing water on the passenger and is apparently the aggressor from the start. Look Carefully.

  12. Im not condoning this violence but people are just fed up with Billionaires flaunting their money and making people accommodate their entourages. Average people are done with this. It’s the peoples beach and the a hole billionaires come in and occupy and flaunt their money.

  13. as you watch closely in a slow motion the woman that wearing the blue bikini is following the Woman wearing white dress ang splash the water thats why the crew is to the rescue to their passenger ..

  14. Last year we sailed our boat in the Med and nearly all the Spanish beaches we went to were coned off with yellow buoys and had no boat channel. It was a nightmare, the only way to get ashore was by paddle board and we often felt it was quote unsafe. Often the winds would pick up in the afternoon and we were quite concerned that we would not be able to make it back. We were told that we could not row our dinghy to the shore or drag it up the beach. I support the rule about not using engines on busy beaches rule but I think that there ought to be provision for people to get to the shore and often there isn't. People on boats want to use the beach and visit the restaurants like everyone else.

  15. I’ve been a viewer from almost the start of your channel but you really need to correct this one. It didn’t take much to find out that the yacht tender was in the wrong bringing a motorized vessel into the shore. There was no marked area for this. Without a marked channel, it’s illegal to do so. When you have swimmers in the water and a motorized vessel coming through, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Especially if the driver of the tender jumps out of the boat letting it unmanned to go anywhere and hit anyone. The crew was the problem in all cases.

  16. It’s simple , people are simply pissed off that there are CHILDREN in the damn water and these underaged idiots are coming in without regard. .
    That Craft could have boarded those people anywhere else farther away down that beach .
    If that guy was pushing my wife , regardless of the situation, he would be leaving on a stretcher.

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