Princess F55 sau Sunseeker Manhattan 55? Vă ajutăm să vă decideți | Tur cu iaht față în față | MBY

Princess F55 sau Sunseeker Manhattan 55?  Vă ajutăm să vă decideți |  Tur cu iaht față în față |  MBY

Raportând de la British Motor Yacht Show 2023, editorul MBY Hugo Andreae ne duce într-un tur consecutiv al Princess F55 și Sunseeker Manhattan 55 pentru a vedea ce diferențiază aceste flybridge-uri egale… Specificațiile Princess F55 vs specificațiile Sunseeker Manhattan 55 LOA: 58ft 0in (17.168ftm) / 17.168m 6in 0in (4,87 m) / 16 ft 0 in (4,87 m) Motor: Twin 900 CP Volvo D13 / Twin 800 CP Volvo D13 Viteză maximă: 32,5 noduri / 32,5 noduri Capacitate combustibil: 2.750L / 2.200L Preț de pornire: 1.200L TVA: ►m.€ 1.4. Deveniți un ABONAT GRATUIT la pagina YouTube a MBY acum – ► Pentru cele mai recente recenzii, lansări de echipamente noi și știri despre turnee, vizitați site-ul nostru aici – ► Dă Like-ne pe Facebook: ► Urmărește u:// Twitter ► Ce vi s-a părut? Spune-ne în comentariile de mai jos! ► Nu uitați să apăsați butonul de LIKE și să vă abonați dacă v-a plăcut 🙂 #MotorBoatYachting


36 thoughts on “Princess F55 sau Sunseeker Manhattan 55? Vă ajutăm să vă decideți | Tur cu iaht față în față | MBY

  1. Always wanted to buy a Sunseeker since I was a boy, but every model against the Sunseeker I'd buy the Princess as their interior design is far more stylish. Damn.

  2. Was that Alex I saw filming this? A lot of these boat are much the same – convergent evolution. Of these 2 I'd take the Princess, though I like a lot of the features of the Sunseeker. Fairline does an excellent addition in this size as does Azimut. Our old buddy Nick – Aquaholic – is doing a meet the owners of a Flemming 55 – a very different boat. I'd like to know if there are technical differences: Hull design, do they have different kinds of hulls, are them made differently? I like the layout of the breakers on the Princess , in the forward stairs, better than the Sunseekers"s

  3. Firstly, this is the way forward for your videos, its new and fresh, it really is helpful to see them side by side in one video. I have watched tons of reviews from various channels. The only grip I would have is that the flybridge was cut short, we could hear but not see the full impact of the wetbar.

    The ask is really challenging, so I would like a mix of both, the Sunseeker bar , hight of sideboards, sun pad and table at the front.
    However the high low TV, the styling and the Princess I like more. Especially the extra space in the owners cabin.

    One thing that I dont understand is why are TV in bedrooms not drop downs, I could not cope with an off-centre TV, from the bed.

    The Princess seems to have better access to engine room.

    I also like the extra handholds when waking the decks on the Princess, I dont like how cramped either of the helm positions are, but at least the Princess has separate seats, that seem much more adjustable.

    Wish you had shown the crew space.

    If I had to choose one, in this instance it would be the Princess, this is a surprise to me.

  4. Both nice boats but why haven't either of them got a lower helm door? In this respect they are lagging behind the Germans and Scandinavians.
    For my sins I was a Sunseekerr employee 20 years ago so have an allegiance to them but at the same time I owned a Princess 33 so I am rather split between the two.

  5. I think I like the Princesses a little better. For 2 million it just looks a little more top shelf. The Sunseeker brand here in the states brings to mind an outdoor above ground pool; or even a runabout or a pontoon or a houseboat… it’s just hard for me, here in the states to consider that Sunseeker makes a 55’ seaworthy Yacht 🛥️?? I don’t know if that’ll make sense but I’ll have the Princess 👑 However, given the choice…. I’ll take the Viking, Fleming & or the Nordhavn!

  6. Brilliant vid, well done team. 👏👏
    Both boats are really nice, i prefer the Princess but having said that the only F boat i really like is the 45 so for me i would choose a V55 or S62. 👍❤️🇬🇧

  7. When you walked up the port side and said "You can add handrails" on the Sunseeker ( a safety issue) I knew Princess was my choice. To charge for handrails is not only ludicrous but poor marketing.

  8. So used to Hugo never having a cameraman but himself. Weird to see him so much in the video and doing a great job as sort of the 'Nautistyles'-esque style of being filmed

  9. Very nice comparison video thanks. If I had to choose between these two it would be the Princess as it just seems to shade it on quality and appearance…. it's close mind.

  10. If it’s a boat you are going to spend time on at sea rather than in the marina, it’s very hard to ignore the fact that it will cost nearly £1000 more per 220 miles to run it. I know at the numbers involved in owning a boat like this it’s small change but even so. And I actually prefer the styling of the princess in most areas.

  11. What an excellent review Hugo, that’s such a good idea. Brilliant for anyone fortune enough to be in the market for this type and size of boat. As for a preference, think I’d go for the Princess 😁

  12. Really interesting comparison thank you. I have always got the impression that the Princess is a nicer boat and watching this confirms it for me. The Sunseeker interior looks more basic in its construction with lots of straight lines and sharp looking edges – lots of door shut lines (not always very well lined up) make it look less sophisticated than the Princess. The Princess looks cleaner and higher quality and has some nice curved woodwork detailing. The owners cabin also gave the impression of being larger and the heads definitely were. Not a difficult choice for me, if I was lucky enough to be in a position to buy either, I would take the Princess without a second thought.

  13. Mijn keuze zou de sunseeker zijn. De style is wat moderner, gebruikskosten wat lager.
    En onze ervaring met onze sunseeker predator 54 zijn super

  14. Love the comparison!! What about resale in 4 years? That would be the trump card for me. Although, I am leaning towards the Princess.

  15. Both are fine vessels, but those diamond windows on the side of the Sunseeker are way too angular, for me. They disrupt the Sunseeker’s svelte lines.

  16. Maybe I missed it, but didt see the crew cabins. I lobe the bar at sunseeker and like the galley more. Wood to choose for both is great. Engine room of princess seems more space to move a bit. Sunseeker having bimini, princess having 3. Station. Seakeeper you need to add on both if not using at a lake. But what concerns me a bit are the higher running costs of princess if you use the boat not just inside the marina or on anchor after 10 minutes driving somewhere

  17. Hugo , thanks for doing this , its a very welcome video , personally I prefer Princess , but to be able to compare side by side is a good idea , will we see others ?

  18. Mmm Both very nice but …if I had a spare 2 or 3 £million I don’t think I would buy either …for one big reason …neither have a tender Garage …. & having a tender on the swim platform just makes for a Really ugly look … imo …. If I was in this position … I’m pretty sure I would go for a Pershing 6X with the added bonus of Surface drives & 40 knot plus top speed ❤️🏁… Think I could live without the flybridge 👍😎❤️

  19. Love the format to compare 2 side by side competitors. Always preferred Sunseeker historically, but this choice – although hypothetical- is borderline impossible. I would go for the very attractive Chris Craft that was distracting me in the first part of the video… 😅

  20. Greta idea to do a comparison and compare but badly presented.Very similar boats however the fly on the Sunseeker is better as the BBQ bar area are not right above the fly access stair

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