Sub punte: Sailing Yacht Season 4 Reunion & Down Under Premiere Recap | Big Deck Energy

Sub punte: Sailing Yacht Season 4 Reunion & Down Under Premiere Recap |  Big Deck Energy

Ne-am întors în port pentru mai multă acoperire Sub punte: Yacht cu vele! Astăzi, căpitanului Rob Cesternino și inginerul șef Sasha Joseph li se alătură prim-aministrul Chappell pentru a-și împărtăși părerile despre dezvăluirile reuniunii Below Deck: Sailing Yacht și pentru a arunca o privire asupra sezonului viitor al Below Deck: Down Under. #dedesubt #bravotv ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––- –––– 🎧 Abonează-te la RHAP sub formă de podcast: 🎬 Abonează-te la Reality TV RHAP-up sub formă de podcast: –––––––––––- ––––––––––––––––––––––––– ⭐ Deveniți un Patron și Suportați RHAP: http://com/robsitewebsite: com 🍎 Abonează-te la Podcast: 🟣 Urmărește-ne pe Twitch: 🐦Urmărește-ne pe Twitter: @RobHasAPodcast @RobCesternino ⌚ Urmărește-ne pe TikTok: @RobHasAPod


8 thoughts on “Sub punte: Sailing Yacht Season 4 Reunion & Down Under Premiere Recap | Big Deck Energy

  1. I do think Sasha and Chappell are on to something at the end there. I would love to see RHAP produce it’s own low budget reality show staring the podcasters. And yeah just renting a house in the winter for a month and filming everyone living together is all we need.

  2. Gary and Daisy and Glenn were all on Parsifal III filming the next season. Collin was on his own boat. The rest were in ports unknown and put up in hotel rooms and 3 of them were in bathrooms! Bravo always treats them this way. I can see why they were all on zoom because they couldn't all get together in one place or country, but Bravo had been ignoring the reunions altogether for the past several seasons.

  3. In chef mutiny's, don't forget Below Deck OG when Lee fired Leon but Leon said if you're firing me I'm leaving NOW. Crazy 3rd stew Rocky in protest of Leon's firing stripped down to her undies, removed her mike and dove into the ocean and swam away. She had to swim to another yacht to save her, and they delivered her back to the yacht and then Captain Lee had to ask her to cook dinner for the guests and she put grenadine in the oysters, which made the primary puke on his birthday dinner, and she also put oreo crumbles on the tossed salad! They brought chef Ben in to save the day.

  4. Firings depend on the captain. Glenn is too laid back, I can only think of one person he fired and that was because the guy was making out with a stew while on anchor watch and the anchor dragged the boat almost into the shore. Captain Lee fired people left and right. Captain Sandy also fires people but only after giving them 100 chances. And Jason fires people, too.

  5. Daisy was just so thirsty, in my opinion. She wanted to be the female version of Gary. I would be okay if she didn’t return.

  6. I’m so happy we’re continuing on! This show is literally on all year round so this works out well.

    Do want to mention Andy Cohen isn’t a producer, he famously barely watches Below Deck. He’s been mainly talent only at Bravo for a while now, only produces Housewives, VPR, & Top Chef.

  7. I heard that Chef Iliesha and Chase hooked up after the season was over. Colin is NOT coming back. Fabio aka zero personality Alex is going to Winter House to try and get laid on camera. And Chase definitely wants to come back so he’s trying to stay on the right side of everyone
    Glen 🍤 Gary 🍤
    Mads just wants to hookup. With anyone on camera. She said it in her tagline.

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