Conducerea BC Ferries a pus sub semnul întrebării pe fondul anulărilor de navigație

Conducerea BC Ferries a pus sub semnul întrebării pe fondul anulărilor de navigație

Coastal Celebration, care navighează pe ruta Tsawassen către Swartz Bay, este din nou scoasă din funcțiune. După cum relatează Liam Britten, anularea repetată a curselor a condus la întrebări cu privire la managementul BC Ferries. Conectați-vă cu CBC Vancouver online: Site: TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: #bcferries #bcferries #BcVancouver #bcferries #CBCVancouver


12 thoughts on “Conducerea BC Ferries a pus sub semnul întrebării pe fondul anulărilor de navigație

  1. If walk on ferry ride type ocassionaly weeknd type that's cheap as practically for free helicopter would be fun and it's like 20x more 🙂 and planes like 10x from ferry ride prices that's practically free as for ferry boat ride and being on board it wa so fun i enjoyed it alot stuff and peop on board very organised and disciplined and energy wa very high like AAAAAHHHHH it's a Island therefor you have to pay not complain I see people maybe have the more of a complaint if they work and masses have it working travelling then something as for work type discounted maybe playing in etc i would see fit on but I'm not complaing I would pay 10 MORE LIKE $30CAD for ferry ride ocassionaly and have smile on my face I saw dolphins I natural swim jumping effect that was soooo neatooo:) and site seeing all horizon and food was really good also buffet style 🙂 it was so fun i could live there tv's internet all really cool 🙂 on the FERRY SHIP BOAT, just the visual treats were worth it well sun setting al that fun adventure Victoria Island thumbs up and. We all have are own moments in time give and all weaved in own moments etc. don't get me wrong I like free as well and less or discounted but ferrys rides were not expensive for me at all and well worth it Ohh SEA BUS as well so fun from south to north Van Ohh and that food all the most delicious foods and smoked salmon bits sooo good and fresh aaaaahhhh was also a JOY to get away into freedom natural site seeing MUSEUM of ANTHROPOLOGY and hiking type after work on weekends what got me out of BC was rentals i could not afford or technically were unavailable in closer proximity kind of not feasible even when I made over 3 grand a month seasonal about 5-6 months in pocket net income but no rentals to rent on all sorts of levels of acquiring my own space fro my needs like women and art hobbies and school and resting in peace like it should be. Like when you search a lot then you know but that's what it is I learned it and or not available at all or way to expensive to feel something but it was what it was somehow it was for me allowed and well payed seasonally how I wanted for a season in that time frame 🙂 it was an experience weaved with new HEIGHTS 🙂 and ADRENALINE RUSHES from experiencing WORK for me was i cantvbeilve they pay this much for me to have FUN at work like that on BOSUN chair WINDOW CLEANING in BC VANCITY Area. YEEEEHAAAA VERY DYNAMIC area "I" LIKE IT LOT. THANK YOU DAVE & ACE TEAM:) FOR HAVING ME FOR THAT ONE SEASON 🙂 and hostel/s and house hostel i was at in Van close to work and bus and sky train 🙂 THANK YOU for providing me with what was available at that time few years ago had a great time there as for my needs in that time THANK YOU for having me get that chance as well to have bed an roof and shower and cooking and etc that was al I need then in that season 🙂 Ohh and and FLYING PIG RESTAURANT THANK YOU for letting me work there and having me there as well 🙂 and Technically I THANK YOU EVERYONE in that SEASON that I was there at that time with it would be a lot different. TY CANADIAN RAILROAD TRAIN PEOPLE AS WELL. TECHNICALLY THANK YOU CANADA CONNECTED AND TORONTO AS WELL YEAR BEFORE VANCOUVER THANK ALL THERE ALSO WHERE I WORKED FOR SEASON at SPARKLES WINDOW CLEANING THE WHOLE TEAM 🙂 and HOSTEL RENTAL ROOMS close to in GREEK AREA and ROOM RENTAL CLOSEST TO WORK 🙂 AND TRANSPORTATION OF ALL KINDS ALL CITY'S IN CANADA AND RESTAURANTS MUSEUM'S "ART" GALLERY'S AND AQUARIUM:) BLUE JAY'S 🙂 AND LIBRARY'S ALL EVERYONE THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE ALL CANADA ALL ALBERTA:) EDMONTON 🙂 ALL WORKING PROJECTS and SCHOOLS and LEARNING ALL I WAS IN AND AREAS 🙂 ALL EVERYWHERE 🙂 JASPER CALGARY BANFF AND AREAS AROUND ALL I WAS THERE AND EVERYONE WORKING THERE WHEN I WAS THERE LIKE OIL AND GAS FIELDS AND EDMONTON ALL 🙂 EVERYONE THE LIST SO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG:) INSIDE I KNOW ALL AND I THANK YOU ALL FOR MY MOMENTS IN TIME AND YOURS WITH ME. CBC NEWS and GLOBAL NEWS and ALL RADIO STATIONS AND GASOLINE STATIONS 🙂 SERVICES ALL THANK YOU ALL CANADA. ALSO THANK YOU YOUTUBE and CHANELS CONNECTING AND GOOGLE CONNECTORS AND ALL TECH:) AVAILABLE THAT I NEED.

  2. There are no "staffing shortages", truth is no one wants to join this company because the pay for licensed personnel is 25% lower than what other companies are offering

  3. travelling as a foot passenger is definitely NOT a solution for everyone, give your head a shake and don't lean on that for a solution!

  4. I doubt it is management's fault. More likely the union's fault as their members would sooner have weekends off rather than work for a living.

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