Un nou documentar de două ore în care navigăm pe lungimea Lacului Nasser, explorând fiecare site de-a lungul drumului din această zonă uitată a Nilului din Egipt. Descoperiți minunile Egiptului antic și ale Nubiei antice în timp ce navigam de la Aswan la Abu Simbel înainte de a ajunge la granița cu Sudanul. Un film de Curtis Ryan Woodside Deveniți un patron: Cumpărați-mi o cafea: DISTRIBUIȚI ȘI ABONAȚI-VĂ Pentru alte producții CRW: Pentru alte informații: http://www.CurtisRyanWoodside: http://www.CurtisRyanWoodside Films. pt #EgyptDocumentary #Documentary #Nubia


39 thoughts on “EGIPTUL & NUBIA (DOCUMENTAR COMPLET) Sailing Lake Nasser

  1. Curtis, I love your so dramatic.i kinda miss your long flying hair but I like the short too.hug ur little pupper for me and hello to philipo

  2. Feels like forever I waited for your next documentary. Curtis this was an incredible and informative documentary, love learning about Egypt through your videos. Great work Curtis keep up the great work❤️❤️

  3. I do not know how you do it, but you are the best Egyptologist in the world. I love Egyptology, and that's why I watch a lot of material on this topic. But for the most part, these are well-known stories. You introduce us to little-known places, with your soulful voice, you transport us to the time when these events took place. I walk past the sphinxes in front of the Academy of Arts every day. On each of the pedestals there is an inscription: "The sphinx from ancient Thebes in Egypt was transported to the city of St. Peter in 1832." Every time I see these sphinxes I think of you. 🥰

  4. What a beautiful, masterfully done film. Thank you once again, Curtis. You are truly a gifted artist. I enjoyed it so much. ❤

  5. As someone who not only went to film school and worked with every network and various production companies you can think of, this is a beautiful production with a high production quality. Hats off to you and your team. I love the fact you are revealing perhaps unknown stories of the Egyptians instead of playing it safe. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Keep up the great work.

  6. Another fantastic documentary Curtis lucky you you where able to have these places to yourself. I do think that you will find that Wadi es suba was a temple started by Amunhotep iii and than restored by Ramese ii.

  7. great documentary! A magically told story (and no Zahi H.😂 thanks), it's a shame that we don't know how long there was an archaeological survey before the flooding… and if there was any at all

  8. What a wonderful documentary film, thank you Curtis! I enjoyed this so much. It was a great thing to watch on a rainy English afternoon. I always learn so many new things when viewing your work, and always it is such a feast for the eyes. Great audio too. Big love A xxxx

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this . Thank you, Curtis. Your knowledge, passion and love for Ancient Egypt is plain to see. It was wonderful being transported back to Abu Simbel, it was hard to take it all in surrounded by fellow tourists. I appreciate the time you spent here and the explanations for the scenes. After the temple of Hatshepsut, these temples are a close second.

  10. I’m sad that I didn’t get farther south than Hurghada, but through your excellence, you take me with you. I’m so grateful to you. How could you tell it was a Roman emperor, who was communicating with a Nubian? What an eye you have! Thank you, Curtis. You are a genius. When do you return to Lalande?

  11. Love your video, specially the part about the temples on the way. We planned to visit them but we were not allowed to go from the roadside…have to go one more time by boat!

  12. The tour you give of Abu Simbel here has to be one of the best I've seen on YouTube! And the other more obscure temples too! 👍👍
    Also, I want your shirt from 1:13:43 I think I could rock it. 😉
    (I had already left a comment from my other channel but I was logged in on this one when I watched the video again, so you get a second comment!) ❤

  13. I've been to Cairo and all of northern Egypt and i didn't get the same feel as the south it seems to be real African/Egypt history uncut there!

  14. This was wonderful docmentary love history you tell and facts about pharihos and queens and nile cant. Wait til you do another one curtis great film .

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