Această barcă Kit are de toate

Această barcă Kit are de toate

Călătorie primară pentru un nou proprietar și o privire detaliată în interiorul Stornaway-ului meu 18. Sailing Kate Louise: Like, Abonați-vă sau lăsați un comentariu… Voi răspunde. #barci din lemn,#navigație,#croazieră diny,#Kitboats,#remorci, Muzică: Infinity- Lemmino Muzică de la #Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Cod de licență: F6XEQWIEQP4ZDGJF Muzică de la #Uppbeat/Creatoris-limitat.: desert Cod de licență: ONYBQP1XEBMDFYZM Apele curg adânc-” Muzică de la #Uppbeat (gratuit pentru creatori!): Cod de licență: AKY4UZ5P4UYMYJPW


29 thoughts on “Această barcă Kit are de toate

  1. Thanks for the tag along Paul and showing your mstes 18 i do have to say the highlight of the segment was the showing of your boats layout well thought out.
    Makes for a great pocket cruiser.

  2. Thanks Paul, an interesting comparison. I sail an open cockpit Stornaway which has a spray hood forward which forms part of the tent when camping onboard.

  3. Another very interesting video of two Stornaways "and a stowaway" , Thanks Paul, Dave and Martin.

  4. Derek – love your video's but at the risk of being called a pedant Derek calls your boat a Stornaway. But the Scottish town in the Hebrides is called Stornoway.

  5. It recommends the Stornaway that you experienced and credentialed gentlemen, afters years of sailing other boats, have chosen the Stornaways. Thanks for sharing this. From Kentucky

  6. Very interesting comparison. Thank you for showing the canvas hatch idea. With the hatch open does that allow you to move quite well forward of the cabin area for anchor work and whatever else might need attention from cabin safety?. I'm currently building a oughtred fulmar day boat with full forward access like the other stornaway that you showed us. Very beautiful boats. 🤠🇦🇺👍

  7. Splendid boats, they are. One thing though – I would not keep the fire extinguisher in a place that cannot be get at very fast – I’ve had some extinguisher training at our boat club and at work; if you cannot get at it in a second or so you might have some issues with fire… didn’t catch its size but hereabouts the minimum size for boats is 2 kg, which actually needs both good luck and some experience on its use to get anything extinguished… also it should be stored upright so that the stuff inside stays good. A fire blanket might be more useful in real life situations (some practice with it could be useful also…).

  8. Paul I really like that canvas companionway cover. That will be how i will enclose my cabin in my boat build 'Gros Bec' and will solve a couple of problems I haven't worked out yet. I really like being able to roll it all up and stow it instead of having boards to find good places to put it in the cabin. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hello Paul are you planning any sailing trips on Lake Macquarie or at Myall Lakes in late September or early October . I have a Magnum 8.5 and would love to catch up with a raid group for a sail . Cheers Alex

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