Ep 52 | Toata munca si putina joaca!

Ep 52 |  Toata munca si putina joaca!

S2 Ep52 – Snorkeling epic. Navigație. Ancorarea pe o insulă. O vizită la Santa Rosalia și o reparație majoră! Sper că veți LIKE și vă ABONAȚI!😍 XO, Blue Pearl Conectează-te cu noi! Verificați site-ul nostru: https://sailingbluepearl.com/ Urmărește-ne pe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailingblue… Urmărește-ne pe Facebook: https://bit.ly/3Xhlbi0 Email: ahoy@sailingbluepearl.com Barca noastră: 1984 Irwin 65 Ketch | Faceți clic aici pentru un tur complet cu barca a casei noastre plutitoare 👉 https://youtu.be/mwdig_wkb04 Echipament pe care îl folosim: dronă Canon 5D Mark II GoPro 10 Black DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) iPhone 14 Pro Max și 14 Pro Insta 360 X3 Editare: Editare: Affinity Photo și iMovie 0: https:// link-ul Epidemie și Sound30 GRATUIT! are.epidemicsound.com/3mthsw)


13 thoughts on “Ep 52 | Toata munca si putina joaca!

  1. My wife and I retired about 3 years ago and we have a boat but have mostly been working on it so far. You two are such an inspiration to us and your relationship is so incredible and inspiring!!! We love watching you!! Best of luck. We wish we could meet you but we’re way over on the east coast.

  2. Oh yeah, another Chris job slayed and conquered!!! Wow, the Sea of Cortez, lots going on there, I think it has some giant squid there, should be a lotta fun!! Thanks you two, whoops, you 4 for another great episode! Be happy you’re not here in Cali, it’s been nothing but hot pelting sun day after day, brutal!!!

  3. Ok I must ask. Why don’t you have ac? Mr MacGyver at it again! I’m still waiting for Chris to pop out his bubblegum to fix something!!!

  4. Great Seashell collection and congratulations on taking out that slop! Hope yall get your ComeAlong Anchor fixed soon! We’re all gonna miss that quality team working exercise!

  5. Great job! Question: you’ve had so much problem with this big (beautiful) boat, why don’t you sell it and get something newer and smaller?

  6. If no complications would arise from making the pully wheel just a little smaller, that may drop the cable on the quadrant. Looks like a lot to lower the whole thing without making the area it bolts to weaker. Just a thought. See you left the nut on to straighten the threads back out. One of my favorite tips. Look like good knee pads to have on a boat too. Thank you for the videos.

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