Este acesta cel mai frumos Anchorage din Marea Cortez?

Este acesta cel mai frumos Anchorage din Marea Cortez?

Navigam către un ancoraj foarte frumos și ne întrebăm dacă acesta este cel mai frumos ancoraj din Mexic? Noroc tuturor pentru vizionare!! Pentru a obține 15% reducere la mudwtr utilizați codul CATALPAMUD Abonați-vă @SailingCatalpa Deveniți un Patron Pentru a cumpăra căpitanului o bere sau pentru a DONA doar pentru că ești o LEGENDĂ sângeroasă .com Urmărește-ne pe Facebook Urmărește-ne pe Instagram


35 thoughts on “Este acesta cel mai frumos Anchorage din Marea Cortez?

  1. La "PAUZ"
    Love seeing the old 14' Hobie Cats.
    I was the 1st one in Malibu to get one. It was a legend. My hull was powder blue. Red Sail Stripe.
    Loved it.
    I learned to sail a sabot at 6 yrs old.

  2. What's after Mexico? Go through the canal and meet-up with Roberta and Duca? Head across the Pacific? Back to the USA? Call me curious. Blessings.

  3. @12:00 the Aussie long "o" vowel sound is a difficult one to pronounce. words like no, go, and so sound weird to us because of the ah-o-oo-y sound you make. no becomes n-ah-o-oo-y. go is g-ah-o-oo-y and so is s-ah-o-oo-y. clear as mud.

  4. You need a real fishing rod. You keep loosing fish because you're using that broom stick for a rod. You should be able to find good fishing equipment down in that area.

  5. Hey guys hello again. We are on the hard in Penasco now. Sent you a note a couple weeks ago. It is super packed in the ship yard in penasco 😬hope to meet you guys when we return to our boat we are currently in the states.
    Gary & Ena
    SV Divergent

  6. Lee must not understand that a fishing rod acts as a spring to keep tension on the line at all times. If the fish unloads the line for just a second it can spit the hook so never let your line go slack.

  7. I wonder if what is in there could be that stuff that grows in old diesel ? Some folks have people come and take all the diesel out and run it through filters, otherwise known as "polishing" the fuel in the fuel tank. I know of others that have fuel filtering as the fuel goes out of the supplier's gadgets or hoses and into the tank, they filter it on the way in. You should probably have a link to mud water ? in your "show more" area ?

  8. The water looked amazing The drone shots of the boat and all the rays swimming around looked so beautiful . I don't blame you for wanting to go for a swim instead of cooking .

  9. Hey guys loving your location and the weather, l am on Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne Vic and it's winter and the weather is shisinhouse , keep up the great vids 👍

  10. Here's to Sailing Catalpa, her crew, and all the adventures that await her in the embrace of the great blue sea! May she continue to inspire awe and wonder as she carries her timeless spirit across the oceans. Bon voyage! 🌊⛵

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