Motor electric: defecțiune a echipamentului sau eroare utilizator? | ep 256

Motor electric: defecțiune a echipamentului sau eroare utilizator?  |  ep 256

Motorul nostru electric face un zgomot ciudat și încercăm să ne dăm seama. Este defecțiunea echipamentului sau eroarea utilizatorului? Ne îndreptăm spre Eleuthera Bahamas cu vizitatori. ************************************ Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru pe Patreon – Cumpărați-ne o cola – Alte locuri pentru a ne găsi Instagram – Facebook – Produse pe care le folosim și iubim pe Amazon. Yacht electric – Colligo Marine – Menționați Spoondrifter pentru o reducere Seawater Pro – Placă cu vâsle Freein – folosind codul de reducere Seawater Asiwoon 20Scooter Asi. LISTA noastră DE DORINȚE 😁 Muzică de Artlist #spoondrifters


13 thoughts on “Motor electric: defecțiune a echipamentului sau eroare utilizator? | ep 256

  1. Nice to see your sailboat will hit 7+ knots under sail if needed or under the right conditions. I'm sure you will reinforce electric motor to prevent forward/back motion using some diagonal supports or similar. I thought your issue might be a worn thrust bearing.
    Other sailors have indicated the Valuemart stores had the best prices in Nassau. And prices will go higher as you go south and variety or availability will drop.
    You might want to get a fishhook removal tool- they can be $10 upward, but they should allow you to keep your expensive lures. Lots of barracuda caught in shallow Bahama waters. If you start fishing in deeper water, you might want to get something like a dipsey-diver that forces your lure lower in water. A pair of puncture resistant gloves will also come in handy.

  2. Great episode, always happy to see you enjoying the fruits of your labour.

    @9:50 Time to learn how to adjust your sails trim (maybe you already have by now, I guess these videos are a few months ago), letting them flap like that will add wear and tear and mean you need to replace them sooner (sails aren't cheap), as a little bonus you'll also sail a little faster.

  3. Did you just leave that fish hooked?

    Next time, grow some f*cking balls and hold the poor f*cker with one hand while you de hook it properly.

    Or if you can't, stop fishing!

  4. I noticed the motors moving fwd and back when put into motion. Is that common? And a little water is coming in when the shaft spins? Hope yall are doing great!

  5. The benefits of knowing your boat. When it sounds different, looks wrong or smells funny, there is a developing problem. A stitch in time, as the saying goes.

  6. Do you need a Thrust Bearing on your prop shaft? That’s works in both directions. So the loads aren’t transferred to the engine.

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