Insulele Orkney până în Hebridele Exterioare – Capitolul 2

Insulele Orkney până în Hebridele Exterioare - Capitolul 2

Atingeți linkul meu pentru a obține o rezervă pentru un an de 1 an de vitamina D2K2 care susține sistemul imunitar și 5 pachete de călătorie gratuite la prima achiziție! Bună! Urmărește-mi călătoria spre vest, spre frumoasele Hebride Exterioare! De data asta a trebuit din nou să mă bat cu gennakerul negru. Dar totul devine rapid uitat când am ajuns în sfârșit pe țărmurile Stornoway, principala „capitală” a Hebridelor. Ne apropiam de St. Kilda acum 🙂 Jacheta Zhik OFS 900: Salopette Zhik OFS 900: Tricouri și produse în interiorul UE: SUA și peste tot: Facebook: https://www. Instagram: Patreon: PayPal: Site-ul meu:


26 thoughts on “Insulele Orkney până în Hebridele Exterioare – Capitolul 2

  1. Nice one Eric! I can't believe that you were in the same berth in Stornoway that I occupied in April of last year. How cool! Since then I have sailed from there to the Caribbean – I still cant quite get my head around that!

    Man, you have to get that gennaker sorted!

  2. I have a 150 Genoa and a Main, they can be hard enough to handle at times. Everything can be fine then next second the wind has done the unexpected, the sail has decided it wants to play dumb and the lines have chosen that moment to become electric spaghetti, all of which is a recipe for trouble. I see so many people get into so much trouble fly all sorts of exotic sails. Slow and steady thats me,

  3. Absolutely Beautiful Eric .you look strong Healthy. My brother has the same condition you are enduring .I see You getting better ❤️‍🩹 Keep it up

  4. Hi Erik, this episode is as epic as all the former ones .. I am a fan of you since day 1.

    Question: What is this item (clamp) you showed at 14.17? I really find it being a VERY helpful gadget, but was not able to find it anywhere on the market. Could you please indicate the manufacturer or a web show where to buy it? Thanks.

  5. Thanks for taking us all with you to these exciting and remote places! What a great inspiration! One little peace of advice, maybe get some Tylasker snap-shackles for your gennaker sheets, they wont let you down!

  6. Hey Erik. I do some solo sailing on a feeling 1350 and find having my cruising chute in a snuffer bag is best. Can snuff and drop in 2 mins. Really good if wind gets up above 20 apparent. Can ease the sheet and depower in 30 seconds! Also can leave in snuffer if tacking. My spinnaker is in a snuffer also. Worth a try.

  7. Lovely video. I went to the Isle of Lewis and Harris this year. The beaches are spectacular. I went to the ones on you film. Found memory. Thank you

  8. Okay so I have a sailing channel as well (this is my personal account) and I fly my drone over the boat while underway too… but I have no idea how the hell you recover the drone while solo…. I need someone to “catch” it while I operate it while the boat is on autopilot …
    How do you do it?

  9. Amazing videos and thanks for the inspiration! I wanted to ask about the instruments you have on the aft starboard side of your boat? It looks like wind direction and speed and some other stuff. Does this replace your mast-top wind instruments? If not what do you use it for?

  10. I just love your videos. And to be honest, I consider you as a true sea wolf viking and I admire your voyages. But in this video, I was just remembering my sailing instructor telling us: when handling sails, always use your gloves 🙂 <3

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