Situația cu care ne confruntăm în această săptămână ar putea fi cea mai neputincioasă pe care ne-am simțit vreodată de-a lungul celor trei ani petrecuți pe ocean, achiziționând barca noastră de salvare, un Amel Super Maramu 53, în Indonezia. Există un motor de 300 Nm pe care trebuie să îl completăm pentru a ajunge la șantierul unde vor începe reparațiile noastre. Dar în această săptămână, aproape totul merge prost, iar acele trei cuvinte de urgență sunt rostite, „PAN PAN PAN”. Sprijină-ne: https://www.patreon.com/SailingMerewether Mărfuri, cămăși și multe altele!!: https://sailingmerewether.com Paypal https://paypal.me/sailingmerewether?country.x=AU&locale.x=en_AU Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sailingmerewether https://www.instagram.com/kieranwyse https://www.instagram.com/neeisabelle Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sailingmerewether Sponsori și colegi din Marea Britanie Sailmakers – https://www.uksailmakers.com Predict Wind – https://www.predictwind.com


50 thoughts on “PÂINE PÂINE PÂINE

  1. What can I say but wow wow wow. Close to being a nightmare and so glad it all worked out. I trust your patrons will come through. I am uptight and on the borderline financially but if I had 50000 to spare I would gladly let you have it. Thanks so much for showing us this extremely iffy sale. Bon voyage and look forward to your next episode in better shape hopefully❤❤❤

  2. Guys,

    Once you make it into port, one of the things you should do is find someone who can check and make certain your radio is broadcasting! Is your radio antenna high enough in the air to broadcast your radio signal far enough to be heard. Most boat radios are designed for short range communications or line of sight communications, generally 5-10 miles. To communicate at longer ranges, you will normally need a satellite telephone or an MF/HF marine radiotelephone. A SAT phone is great to have in case of the situation you were recently in. If you must abandon ship you can take the SAT phone with you. Like ALL phones, it must be keep dry. That's why the coast guard recommends you purchase a "DRY BAG" large enough to hold all of your important papers and your SAT phone. Most SAT phones have an app for your phone. I believe this app will allow the communications over that SAT to come through your phone.

    I'm not a religious person, but I do believe two things, the power of prayer and the comfort of the Church in times of struggle and hardship. If you haven't found a decent church of your liking, I suggest you find one, any Christian church will do . God doesn't care what Church you pray from, just as long as you pray. It can be a Church of your own making; a quite place on the beach, a pretty place in the country side, a place on deck where you can gather your thoughts and catch a quick prayer.

    Best of luck. Alan from NC, USA

  3. I would never take a boat with so many unknowns and damage on a trip like you were trying to do… it was just crazy!! Luckily you are safe.. The radio probably was not working or connected to the cable or aerial (did you check it worked before you left port?) and remember the VHF aerial is usually located at the top of the mast.. and where is yours now?.. on deck… drag the boat out of the water and GET IT FIXED and SAFE to use!!!…. Get a mechanic to go over the motor and show you things about the motor… get the steering fixed and the leak in the steering post as I mentioned in a previous video… You were both putting your own lives at risk by going out to sea in an unsafe vessel. I am a Coast Guard skipper here in Australia and have been for over 10 years.. this sort of stuff is ludicrous and just for youtube is just plain STUPID!!!… Also just curious.. can you use the mizzen or not? if yes then you could have sailed to somewhere or even sailed into the port that you wanted to get to…

  4. from one Aussie to another hate to say this – but you two are well out of your depth – (competence wise) and you got found out. but you were very lucky the weather was kind to you. I spent a long time in the grey funnel line (25+ years) – and to be honest rescuing stupid people became a chore and we did way too much of it. It put our guys at risk – and the "rescued" really had no idea. – It looks as if nothing changes. The very least remedial action – would be to properly skill yourself – do a RYA course of competency.

  5. OK, there's something to be said for using up all your bad luck all at once. As stressfull as it must have been, maybe you can just sleep it off like a bad hangover and tomorrow is another day. I know I am sounding chirpy and chirpy is probably the last thing you need right now, AND no doubt annoys the ever-lasting sh.ts out of you as well, but there you have it, it's all I got. We're just thankful that you got a tow to port and can now concentrate on getting that engine into shape. At least you now know for sure it really needs to be looked at as your Number One priority. Come to think of it, I think it was a bit like that for Nandji 2 as well.

  6. Maybe some lessons on the basics of the working of engines and how to troubleshoot and bypass things and checking the servicing of things

  7. Would have been a much better outcome for you had only you only showed the final arrival in Pangkor plus maybe some footage from the voyage before everything turned to shit. The emergency number in Malaysia is 999 not 911 plus you can also use 112.

  8. I can't help but wonder why you left with nothing as a back up plan. So this is a perfect example about how not to sail. I am so disappointed in you. Yes I am glad you are in port safe, but disappointed you went out with an engine that MIGHT work and no back up plan in case it did fail.

  9. Thank God you are in Malaysia. Friendly people as you may have noticed. I was there numerious times and still have friends there. I case you need any help…feel to ask.

  10. Lesson 1 – don’t got to sea with f#@kwits. Especially in one of the busiest shipping lane in the world??? Don’t you have a mizzenmast? A bit contrived to get attention for a YouTube channel or just stupid ? Should not have been allowed to leave port. See ya

  11. Couldn't you have used the outboard motor, it be slow going but at least you would have been moving in the right direction

  12. That was not well planned or executed :-/
    It was pretty clear from the beginning that the time pressure was cascading into a bunch of dumb decisions, lucky it didn't turn out worse than it did – hope you reimbursed your rescuers too!

  13. As soon as you lit that flare on the bow, my heart sank and I could feel chills on my body for both of you! Way to keep you heads about you and trying to always work the problem(s). You both work great as a team! Glad you are both safe!

  14. Ignore the negative as it is easy to say what is right or wrong when they did not go thru it. You coped and survived, and that is all that matters.

  15. Get-there-itis with no backup rarely ends well. 🤔 You could’ve put rescuers in harms way as well. And then bugger off, leaving a pile of junk for someone else to tend to. Wow. Stunning.

  16. Being a Delos watcher I'm willing to bet you are having issues with the salt water impeller. I've seen Brian repair his a multitude of times, occasionally almost right after a recent repair of the same issue. I would have a look and carry spares for those parts.

  17. I have to ask. Owning other boats you didn't know how to bench test the other starter? It will save you a lot of steps trouble shooting. Remember always make sure you have a great ground especially on a high draw item like a starter. Make sure the body and the ground wire are booth clean. Also just in case you didn't know. If you don't bleed the air out of your cooling systems it will overheat and you will lose your coolant again.

  18. Looked like a challenging situation. May I suggest a few safety things for next time. It seems that your radio was short on range so I’d guess that your aerial was in your mast. An emergency aerial is standard in racing safety equipment inventories and a good idea would be to use the mizen mast. Your flare was not very effective because you needed to use a parachute flare but only when you think someone will see it. Save the hand held flares for trying to get attention like when the fishing boat was not picking up on your hand signal waving. Same with the air horn. You need a strategy of when to use things which helps you not panic as you have a plan to follow, When you are back in Newcastle drop down the yacht club and get a copy of a cat 2 or cat 1 safety check list from the sailing office…then invest. Happy to meet up and talk though it.

  19. That's a very serious situation u have there, stock in the middle of the ocean with gearing issues, leaks and overheating engines, but yet still lucky to find help from locals, it is really tiring and stressful to be stock specially when big waves r a storm is coming, it is nice to see that there still someones above looking at us, thank God you safe🙏..

  20. Shit happens. Well done for trying. Also you have restored some of my faith in humanity with this video, because those fishermen that rescued you guys were amazing human beings. Honestly it brought a tear to my eyes when they helped you and showed me that with all the madness going on in this world at this time that their really are good people out there.
    God bless.

  21. Dont stop your your dream of sailing the world despite the recent nightmare. Life presents those times where you question your decisions. Just keep moving on so that we can enjoy your presentations ❤.

  22. Glad you are both ok. But sadly not your finest hour or the best decision making. Guess you've had a big learning curve. If you had not owned a boat before i might have expected such poor judgement. Hey ho onwards and upwards.

  23. Those poor fishermen who used a lot of fuel and lost many hours of their precious earning time to tow you into port. You went to sea poorly prepared and these poor souls had to save you. PLEASE Patreons, send us money! Will never watch another episode.

  24. A couple of pointers from an experienced sailor, who doesn't know it all. Your mizzen looks from the shots I have seen to be undamaged and could be used as a form of sailing propulsion. Not enough to make epic cross ocean sails but a couple of knots in the right direction as well as dampening the rocking of the boat. Lighting a hand held flare when you can see no other vessel is a waste of a resource. A parachute flare different story but also best used at night. The air horn same as the hand held flare. If you use it up before a vessel is in sight then it will do you no good. As your main mast is down you probably do not have a working antenna hooked up to your radio and if you do it will probably only broadcast as far as a hand held. Putting an antenna up top of your mizzen mast at least gives it a range chance. Well done on not firing off the eperb as you noticed you were in shallow enough water to be able to anchor and secure the boat.

  25. Not even being there and just watching made me nervous for you. Well done for keeping relatively calm and getting through that situation. 👏

  26. Water is not good for an electric fire and in fact most fires on a boat. The starter probably had water in there and taking it apart and drying it out as well as cleaning the brass bits (commutator) would have most likely got you a running motor out of the gate. Hopefully the gearbox issue is a linkage issue. I'd think you would have heard a gear disintegrating but maybe they are made of phenolic or similar to help them be quiet.

  27. Wow what a rookie mistake. If i had not known you crossed oceans before i would give you some slack. Taking a crippled boat on a 300 mile delivery to another boat yard with a 30 year old diesel no satellite coms,no sails . Youre just lucky others were willing to save youre ass.

  28. ….. nothing like a bit of excitement to get one questioning if one is on the right adventure …. well one thing is for sure you are getting rid of the drive line surprises now before your time doing your refit …. can well imagine the excitement when the engine turned over ….. thx for the share .. as always .. never stop dreaming, just dream bigger …… have fun be safe, save our oceans …..

  29. As they say a little knowledge is dangerous ! If the first starter burned out it must have been running engaged and the second one ?? brand new ?? really !! As for the steering why not take the slack out of the wire cable better still did you check it before setting off ? They should be thankful the weather was good .

  30. PAHN-PAHN. PAHN-PAHN. PAHN-PAHN. Not panpan, pan.
    Doesn't matter much without a radio antenna.
    Serious question, do ya'll not have any friends IRL to talk you out of stupid ideas like moving this boat in this condition with no prearranged support? Feel free to hit me up anytime you want to do something else stupid, I'll be your best friend and tell you not to.

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