POATE EA O FACE? 72 de ore la bordul unei ambarcațiuni Sea Shepherd (+ tur complet cu barca)

POATE EA O FACE?  72 de ore la bordul unei ambarcațiuni Sea Shepherd (+ tur complet cu barca)

Pentru a obține o sursă de 1 an de vitamina D3+K2 + 5 pachete individuale de călătorie GRATUIT cu prima achiziție, accesați https://drinkAG1.com/slv 🐙 Mulțumiri imense echipei Sea Shepherd! Sprijină-le campania de apărare Monachus aici: https://seashe.ph/monachus ––– 🐙 Noroc Willem (Sea Shepherd Onboard Cinematographer) pentru filmarea suplimentară! Vezi lucrarea lui aici: https://instagram.com/willemdafilm?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== ⛵ AI NEVOIE DE MAI MULT CONTINUT DE LA SLV? Alăturați-vă echipajului nostru pe Patreon pentru previzualizări ale episoadelor viitoare și streamuri live regulate pentru a discuta cu noi în timp real http://bit.ly/SLVPatreon ⛵ REZERVĂ O EXCĂTORIE cu VagabondeAdventures: https://www.vagabondeadventures.com/our-trips 📨 Pentru mai multe informații, trimiteți un e-mail lui Jack la: info@vagabondeadventures.com 👙 COLECȚIA DE COSTUME DE BOT A ELAYNA: (Ia-ți astăzi costumele de baie Vaga Bella!) https://vagabellaswim.com/ 📖 CARTEA ELAYNEI DE VANZARE: (Ia-ți o copie a lui The Little Sailor ABCs!) https://www.silverwoodbooks.co.uk/product/9781800422315/little-sailors-abcs-the-by-elayna-carausu CAPITOLUL DE EPISOD: 0:00 – Început 0:05 – Introducere 1:37 – Primul dimineața în Italia 3:10 – Faceți cunoștință cu Julia! 4:13 – AG1 (Ad) 5:50 – Imbarcare Sea Eagle! 7:15 – TUR DE BARCĂ! 12:36 – Observat: linii de pescuit ilegale 13:13 – Nopți fierbinți de vară! 15:08 – Mai multe linii ilegale!! 17:45 – Gânduri la bord… 20:58 – Roma! 23:38 – MARE actualizare! –- MARFĂ OFICIAL SLV: http://shop-lavagabonde.com SITE-UL NOSTRU: http://sailing-lavagabonde.com ANIMAȚII: IG: @hudson_animation Site: https://www.hudson-animation.com/ ELAYNA’S MUZICA: https://elaynac.bandcamp.com Întrebări frecvente: Ce produse folosim? https://shop-lavagabonde.com/collections/products-we-use Ce camere folosim? CAMERA MARE: http://amzn.to/1t6fAfY ALTĂ CAMERA MARE: http://amzn.to/2rybQE2 CAMERA UTILIZĂ: http://amzn.to/25KvT0x GOPRO: http://amzn.to/1t6haPc DRONE: http://amzn.to/2ooXPLs Ce software folosim? Premiere Pro https://adobe.ly/2vzkB2I Predict Wind http://bit.ly/PredictWindForecasts


46 thoughts on “POATE EA O FACE? 72 de ore la bordul unei ambarcațiuni Sea Shepherd (+ tur complet cu barca)

  1. Besides the awesome experience at sea, it seems that the whole family will benefit: You, for some free time, and the boys for some real quality time together! Sail on!

  2. I haven't seen Elayna this happy and excited for an adventure in awhile. I'd love to see her do more videos with Greenpeace evey once in awhile. It seems right up her alley and something she's passionate about 🎉

  3. My Octopus Teacher is an outstanding film!! Probably one of the best, most moving films I’ve ever seen. I never thought I would bawl my eyes out over an octopus, but boy did I. Exquisite film and story.

  4. Loved you developing your own style, teaching us about octopus, so it was great! Loved the girl‘s visit, please do more! But nice to know you missed your boys too…..they will be proud.

  5. So funny, "no wonder Vince left" . Here in OZ we have had highest temp for spring …ever. I live by the sea south of Sydney and it's 30 deg C today. Global warming it's a thing, really, we have fxxked the planet. Every little bit helps, goodonya Sea Shepard.

  6. Thank you for the octopus awareness. Great fun video. Loved the shots you took of the octopus. So glad you had some me time its very much needed.

  7. stoked to follow the Elayna channel! bring on some fun content, i am not sailor, nor will i ever be, i watch this channel cause i love both of you, and the beautiful views and learning about sailing is just the cherry ontop but i'd be stoked for some random non-sailing fun vids!

  8. OMG so when Darwin was having a meltdown on a flight, that was Riley all alone with both of them? Definitely Xanax hahahaha…

  9. So cool that you had some time to be you the way you like to be you, always good for the soul!!!! Nice to see Fran and Strick, I have been following the awesome channel they make since they were on your channel! Shame about the octopus, so many things are going that way. Was thinking again that a "sea steward" organization would be worthwhile. Something that "cares" for the ocean, doing study, documentation, clean up and habitat vitality. Perhaps Elayna could help create such a thing, just a thought, I know you are already overloaded…

  10. I haven't heard you laugh like that for years!! You need to let loose every so often! I know it's hard to do that when you're a Mom!

  11. Hi Elayna!!! Great solo! I can only imagine how much you’re missing Riley and the kids. It’ll make the reunion that much sweeter. It was wonderful to see what they were doing out there. Julia was a delight. It has been so long since I’ve seen you guys that I didn’t get a notification bell I’m not really sure what that’s all about. It was fun to see you cut loose for a change. You didn’t have to be the responsible mom that’s nice every once in a while

  12. I lived in that little Italian town (where you docked) for a couple months! It was my first trip overseas – wouldn’t have changed the destination for anything. Still one of my favorite places. ❤

  13. Love you, Elena, but Riley really is your counterpart… This video was great, but it made me miss your regular videos, so much… you never know what you had, till you lose it, huh? Lenny and Darwin are, obviously, awesome, but they are truly just an extension of SV LaVegabonde, which is all about Elena-n-Riley… Riley-n-Elena… Just think of how this started, He was just a working stud that seduced a Hotie at the Bar where she was performing… Pretty frickin' weird, don't ya think. Never doubt the magic of your spirits, but the hard part is hearing their quiet voices…

  14. Climate Activist Chronicles High Seas Adventure to Save the Oceans
    YouTuber Elayna Carausu documents efforts to combat illegal fishing in the Mediterranean aboard conservation vessel Sea Eagle

    ABOARD THE SEA EAGLE – When YouTube influencer Elayna Carausu stepped aboard the Sea Shepherd vessel Sea Eagle last month, she embarked on a high seas adventure to chronicle the crew’s daring efforts to combat illegal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea.

    “It was a pretty surreal feeling because back in the day Riley [my partner] and I would watch Whale Wars on TV which followed the daily lives of the Sea Shepherd crew fighting for justice on the high seas,” said Ms. Carausu, 27, a widely followed content creator known for her intrepid travels. “To actually be standing on board as a filmmaker preparing to document this vessel and her mission for my own YouTube channel was a huge deal for me.”

    Over 72 hours in September, Ms. Carausu captured the Sea Eagle crew’s dangerous work pulling up hidden nets and liberating trapped wildlife. She called the experience “eye opening” and said the passionate crew were “bloody legends.”

    Her videos underscore the massive scale of illegal fishing across the world’s oceans, and the daring efforts of activists to expose and disrupt harmful practices on the high seas.

    Here is a detailed account of Ms. Carausu’s voyage aboard Sea Eagle, as told in her own words:

    1. 3:10 – Meet Julia!

    Ms. Carausu was joined on the trip by her friend Julia, who she said wanted to “stick around to come aboard the Sea Shepherd." The influencer said her partner Riley had returned home to Indonesia with their children so she could take advantage of the "girl's trip" at sea. "I'm glad we've got Julia. She's Julia is awesome," Ms. Carausu said.

    3. 5:50 – Boarding Sea Eagle!

    Stepping aboard Sea Eagle for the first time, Ms. Carausu said she was “kind of dying inside” with excitement. “Back in the day Riley and I would watch Whale Wars on TV which followed the daily lives of the Sea Shepherd crew fighting for justice on the high seas," she recalled. "To actually be standing on board as a filmmaker preparing to document this vessel and her mission for my own YouTube channel was a huge deal for me.”

    4. 7:15 – BOAT TOUR!

    Ms. Carausu took viewers on a video tour of Sea Eagle, showing its narrow halls, crew cabins, kitchen, navigation equipment and more. She highlighted safety features like life rafts in case someone goes overboard. “I'm still so disorientated we're going to go up a floor, see what's there because I've already forgotten it," she remarked about the maze-like interior.

    5. 12:36 – Spotted: Illegal fishing lines

    On patrol, Sea Eagle located its first illegal fishing nets in the water, prompting excitement from Ms. Carausu. "I shouldn't be so excited about this. This is not good," she said, noting the harmful impact on wildlife. She explained Sea Shepherd crews use long line reels to remove illegal nets, working to untangle trapped animals.

    6. 13:13 – Hot Summer Nights!

    Ms. Carausu described sweaty nights sharing a cabin with Julia on board Sea Eagle. “It’s really, really hot down here,” she said of their windowless quarters. “I woke up sweating.” She said they resorted to leaving their door open for air, despite the loss of privacy.

    7. 15:08 – More Illegal lines!!

    Sea Eagle located more illegal fishing nets and octopus traps hidden under the waves. Ms. Carausu was moved by the experience of freeing octopuses ensnared in the nets. “These animals are so intelligent and sneaky with the ability to change their color patterns and even texture to match their surroundings," she said. Releasing them was “a pretty special experience,” she added.

    8. 17:45 – Thoughts onboard…

    Reflecting on her voyage, Ms. Carausu said it was “humbling” to see the Sea Shepherd crew collaborating with local authorities. She called the experience “eye opening” and said she was proud to help document their work combating illegal fishing. “Hats off to these guys who can pull up to three lines a day," she remarked. "It’s not the easiest work obviously, [but] really rewarding.”

    9. 20:58 – Rome!

    After disembarking Sea Eagle, Ms. Carausu explored Rome, Italy with her friend Julia. She promised to take viewers along on their “girl’s trip” enjoying pizza, sightseeing and more. “Stick around for that and actually Julia and I are going to Rome the following day,” she told fans.

    10. 23:38 – BIG update!

    In a plot twist, Ms. Carausu revealed she was filming from Berlin, having met up with more friends after Rome. She then traveled back to Indonesia to reunite with her family after her European adventures. Reflecting on the illicit fishing she witnessed aboard Sea Eagle, Ms. Carausu said her friend Fran grew up on the same coasts and lamented the disappearance of local octopus populations, illustrating the real-world stakes. She thanked Sea Shepherd supporters, calling them “legends” for backing critical conservation work.


    YouTube personality Elayna Carausu delighted fans by bringing them aboard the front lines of marine conservation with Sea Shepherd activists battling illegal fishing in the Mediterranean Sea. Her videos exposed the secretive world of high seas crime while showcasing efforts to protect endangered wildlife. Despite sweaty nights in cramped quarters, Ms. Carausu called the voyage “eye opening,” saying she was honored to join the “passionate” crew and document their critical work combating ecological destruction on the oceans. Her fans welcomed the exclusive behind-the-scenes look at life aboard a swashbuckling conservation vessel fighting for ocean justice.

  15. As a mom, I approve of mom getaways!! I think its really important to get away and reset. Not that we want to get away, but sometimes it is just needed. I'm in the process of weaning my almost 2.5 year old and Ive come to the realization that I am just going to have to go away for a few days to see if that helps. My mama heart worries to death, but Ive heard my boy does fine on the short times away.

  16. Really great video. Enjoyed it very much. But I am really upset about the octopus being over finished. I must confess I really do love to eat octopus, but I think I’m going to have to change my ways because they are so intelligent and after watching the octopus teacher and other videos, there’s no way I would enjoy eating one again. They are just magnificent creatures of this earth. Which we have already damaged so much. Anyway, again great video.

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