Fallout de la Zelensky Yacht Debunking | Iahtul legat de Igor Sechin părăsește portul! | SY News Ep275

Fallout de la Zelensky Yacht Debunking |  Iahtul legat de Igor Sechin părăsește portul!  |  SY News Ep275

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25 thoughts on “Fallout de la Zelensky Yacht Debunking | Iahtul legat de Igor Sechin părăsește portul! | SY News Ep275

  1. Growing up in Ft Lauderdale, there has always been a Broward Sheriff office boat or coast guard boat posted right there. I have never not seen at-least one. Usually two or three if the cruise ships are in port since its the spot for those Mega Cruise Ships.

  2. Punishing people for their association with other is going to backfire (sanctions and seizing property). The BRICS are going to use this to push their banking and soft power at the expense of the western lead system. We seem to have forgotten the lessons of the past like how the treaty at the end of WW1 helped set the stage for the rise of a certain political party in central Europe. The justice system needs to be fair and applied equally. Law and order and the belief everyone will be treated the same is the grounds that the western society stands on. Un just or un equal treatment erodes the western foundation.

  3. Golly, these Russian Clvil Servants do very well to be able to afford such luxuries. I’m beginning to wonder whether or not they are corrupt? .

  4. France won’t rock the boat!! 22days sailing time East Russia to EU. Eastern Arctic Passage. Black Gold YAMAL LNG ! Its all about WORLD RESOURCES!! We are all being played like CHESS the WORLD is the BOARD???🕊

  5. this won't last forever, it seems there's an understanding now that Russia has won the war both militarly and economically . this Russian yacht arrest trend will end soon .

  6. Why are you trying so hard to smear Redacted on one investigation of where all the money goes with corrupt politicians. We know zelensky 's wife spent one million on jewellery on her way through Paris. and that's just a drop in the bucket. if they were duped by a bad actor it is only fitting to take it down which they did. but this reeks of setup to promote taking freedom of speech from all of us.

  7. Not in agreement that the seized or sanctioned yacht's should be sold and proceeds given to Ukraine! A load of bullshit tbh, especially if Zelenskay is in debt to the West for money we the tax payers have been funding this war i e. GB nothing to do with us. The ownership of these vessels should be allowed to challenge these so called decision in a European court or in a jurisdiction not biased to Russia. I imagine most of these owners have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine or with the Russian federation. Are we going to now kick out all the Russians who reside in London and in Europe! I don't think so.

  8. WOW! Just WOW! So apparently "redacted" in their latest video "We need 20,000 men per month to survive!" they brought up the yachts again, after deleting their original video. This is a direct evidence of them knowingly lying just to push the false narrative.

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