am găsit o bijuterie ascunsă… (navigare spre SABA)

am găsit o bijuterie ascunsă... (navigare spre SABA)

un videoclip puțin diferit săptămâna aceasta de pe barcă, în mare parte, mergi pro toată aventura 🙂 mulțumesc pentru dragoste – jadyn Bryce insta: Spotify-ul meu: :// IG-ul meu: IG-ul familiei mele: IG-ul familiei mele: =NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ== #teensailing #ocean #spearfishing #sailing #teensailor #boatlife #sailboat #adventure #caribbean #catamaran #travel


40 thoughts on “am găsit o bijuterie ascunsă… (navigare spre SABA)

  1. I really loved Nevis. It made me feel like I was on Gilligan's Island. Vieques was pretty cool as well. The gifts you get from your travels will complement your life.

  2. I'll just say this : I've never seen whipped cream on an espresso in Italy.

    I like islands. The idea of being on an island. It's a very finite thing, surrounded by a sea that looks almost infinite.

    Keep exploring!

  3. Saba is truly magnificent. Loved my short stay there. Landing at that airport was exciting and the Diving and hiking was superb. The simple life at it's best. Can you imagine living there when it was so difficult to get to .? Crazy to think about… Great adventure….

  4. This is so dope! I'm happy for you guys Jadyn! I don't think I can compete with this date. I think the closest I can come is Gatlinburg, TN lol! I'm getting over sickness too so I get it. It sucks! Glad y'all got this time! Dope spot!

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