Tur superyacht de 4,5 milioane de dolari: Norship 1994/2023

Tur superyacht de 4,5 milioane de dolari: Norship 1994/2023

Un superyacht de înaltă performanță cu aspect fantastic, care a suferit o reparație uriașă în 2023, inclusiv noi motoare. Sponsorizat de: https://setagyachts.com/ În asociere cu: https://www.completemarinefreight.com/ https://www.vircru.com/ https://www.garmin.com/ https://www. .ultramarine-anchors.com/?utm_source=yw&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=Aquaholic_january Prețul este doar cu titlu orientativ și poate varia considerabil în funcție de locație și specificație Cu mulțumiri către: https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/ https://instagram .com/aquaholicnick https://twitter.com/BurnhamNick https://facebook.com/aquaholicnick Citiți articolele mele online pentru MBY la https://www.mby.com/author/nickburnham Vezi mai multe dintre videoclipurile mele pe MBY Canal YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ybwtv #aquaholic #boat #boating #yacht #yachting #vlog


35 thoughts on “Tur superyacht de 4,5 milioane de dolari: Norship 1994/2023

  1. 🦘🇦🇺 Continuity ? Sorry, I didn’t catch any continuity errors. Certainly a unique yacht, even for 1994. Just meant your flow was a little different. Even Nadia’s wardrobe was quite unique. Had over tones of the black railway (American colonialism).
    Do tell Nick, we’re all in suspenders. 🙃🚣

  2. I would have finished the woodwork… to a satin darker colour to match the trim on the stairs.. then put a 6.2 million price tag on it. Guess I need 4.5mill for the piece to play that game. I also didn't see a way to get on that front sun pad… I gotta jump for 4.5mill?

  3. I know I'm starting to sound like a stuck record now, but with each new video you just seem to bring us a better boat than the last one, this is now my new favourite yacht, but then again, a lot of the previous ones are also my new favourites. How the heck am I supposed to choose when I finally get around to buying one?

    I was especially amused by those Russian doll closets. That's reason enough to like this boat.

    Great tour as always, thank you sir.

  4. Mr. Aquanaut, would you rather have a brand new yacht or a larger one that’s older? Is there a time period you feel yachts were of highest quality? I grew up on the water and watched over the years as the “bells and whistles” grew but seemingly at the expense of durable quality.

  5. Once again Nick, I commend you on another perfectly filmed and timed video. At 13:38 when you mentioned "There are two of those!", I just happened to look at the lovely lady wandering along the jetty. There DEFINITELY are two of those!!

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