ÎNLOCUIREA LANȚULUI DE ANCORE – NU faceți aceeași greșeală prostească pe care am făcut-o noi! – Ep 182

ÎNLOCUIREA LANȚULUI DE ANCORE - NU faceți aceeași greșeală prostească pe care am făcut-o noi!  - Ep 182

Continuăm cu unele proiecte de întreținere a bărcilor în timp ce suntem ancorați în St. Martin, o insulă franceză din Caraibe. După ce a navigat mii de mile marine și a ancorat 99% din timp în timp ce trăim cu o croazieră cu normă întreagă în ultimii trei ani, este timpul să înlocuim lanțul nostru de ancore galvanizat de 300 de metri. Cumpărăm lanț nou și schimbăm lanțul vechi cu cel nou cât timp suntem ancorați, dar nu fără să ne confruntăm cu unele provocări pe parcurs. VIDEO NOI ÎN FIECARE DUMINICĂ! Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipurile noastre – fiecare sprijin este foarte apreciat, ne continuă călătoria și conținutul să vină! CAMERA NOASTRĂ DE ACȚIUNE – Insta360 X3 de la @insta360 – Obțineți un stick selfie invizibil gratuit cu achiziția dvs. folosind link-ul nostru: https://www.insta360.com/sal/x3?insrc=INRWX39 MÂNERE DE TRILIU – The Flipper by Easysea – Utilizare codul nostru de cupon: JIBSEA10 pentru o reducere de 5%! o achiziție efectuată prin link-ul de mai jos ajută să ne susținem călătoria fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs. 🙂 https://easysea.org/?sca_ref=1842873.88IEFDzrSD APARATORUL NOSTRU – SeaWaterPro AC Double Membrane – o achiziție efectuată prin linkul de mai jos ajută la susține călătoria noastră fără costuri suplimentare pentru tine https://seawaterpro.com?sca_ref=1318981.ElEepUm59l Vânzele noastre – Precision Sails https://www.precisionsailloft.com VIZITĂȚI MAGAZINUL NOSTRU DE SWAG – arătați-vă sprijinul pentru canalul nostru rockin some Lucruri interesante 😎 https://www.bonfire.com/store/jibsea-swag-shop NOSTRA VEDEREA AMAZONĂ – cumpără articolele și produsele noastre preferate pe care le-am folosit pentru proiecte și reparații de ambarcațiuni https://www.amazon.com/shop/sailingjibsea DACĂ VREI SUSȚINEȚI CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRA – primiți actualizări exclusive și filmări bonus https://www.patreon.com/jibsea ALTE MODALITĂȚI DE A NE SPRIJINE – pentru a face o contribuție unică pentru a ne susține călătoria și a canaliza PayPal: https:/ /www.paypal.me/jibsea Interac E-Transfer: sailingjibsea@gmail.com VREI MAI MULT? Urmărește-ne AICI https://www.instagram.com/sailingjibsea https://www.instagram.com/steph.chung_ https://www.instagram.com/t_sexsmith https://www.facebook.com/sailingjibsea https ://linktr.ee/Jibsea #sailing #anchorchain #boatlife


33 thoughts on “ÎNLOCUIREA LANȚULUI DE ANCORE – NU faceți aceeași greșeală prostească pe care am făcut-o noi! – Ep 182

  1. At least I am not the only one who has those "You have got to be kidding me moments" like the reversed chain thing. I have had my share of them. Great video!

  2. Always love to watch the adventures and also learn as I can through your videos. May I ask, for your particular boat, what type of chain did you go with (now that you two have sailed for some time)? It looked like you now have 200ish ft of chain. Just curious on the size (thickness?) of the chain and type of chain that you decided was right bang for the buck? Best of luck and happiness on your new 2024 season of adventures!

  3. You guys are soooo inspirational!!! You've helped inspire a group of Toronto best friends to try and follow in your footsteps! Can't wait to see you out there, and give you guys the proper thank-you that you deserve! Go Canada!!!!

  4. Travis, one thing I did notice that was crucial in your install was that you had chain between then swivel and the anchor, amazing my man. Not that you wouldn't have known not to do that but still lol, another job well done, every time you do something it lets us all learn from your, lets call them trials and tribulations hahaha, new chain looks mighty nice

  5. yep… definitely one of my fav top five sailing channels and part of my Sunday morning lineup .. best wishes and ……………………………cheers

  6. I really enjoy your channel and discovered you guys because you came through my town on the Erie Canal. I do have one question, why didn't you just replace the Zipties with the proper color? Keep on keepin' on!

  7. As I was watching, I was wondering what the anchor winless is and did you bother to purchase a small section of chain and tested this is always a very, very, very good idea. and the reason I say that is because I worked in a repair yard and people made a lot of mistakes ordering 300 feet of chain only to discover it did not work in their windless, even if the size was the same

  8. Nicely done guys ‼️ 👍🏻 We're thinking of going ss chain. Since you both research everything, your thoughts are appreciated. Looks like it was a beautiful day for the task. See you next time.✨ 🌊 💨 ⛵️ 🏝️ 👙 🌞 ✨

  9. Question : why did you dump your old chain overboard ?
    You are next to a marina who can recycle it, or it may be use by someone else !
    Did you check it out before your dump it ?
    I understand the concept of électrolyse and that in time “ Years” the chain will be completely dissolve but… if you want to do so I think it will be more wise to do so not where you did it but rather to deeper weather, out or reach by other boats anchors.

  10. Sorry, but I couldn't finish this video. What's the big deal? What was wrong with taking 20 minutes to dinghy home? What's the hurry? Such drama. "We are not anchored right now." It was one of those flat calm days in SXM. A good principle is KISS.

  11. I thought we only did dumb stuff like that. Fortunately we never film or document it so we are the only ones who know what happened. And we are not telling nobody😊😅😂

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