Celebra mașină de spălat din Bahamas! | Sailing Sunday vlog 247

Celebra mașină de spălat din Bahamas!  |  Sailing Sunday vlog 247

Vlogul suprem din Bahamas! Abonați-vă pentru a vă alătura călătoriei noastre navigând în jurul lumii. În următoarele câteva săptămâni, vom explora intens Exumas, Bahamas și vă vom duce să vedeți câteva minuni naturale incredibile în Bahamas, în timp ce navigăm prin uimitoarele insule îndepărtate ale Exumas! VEZI MAI MULT: https://bit.ly/sailingsunday Site: https://www.svsunday.com Magazin online: https://svsunday.com/online-shop-home/ Donații de salvare: https://www.paypal .me/jacksonstreats Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sailingsunday SOCIAL MEDIA: Conturi de Instagram @sailing_sunday @brittnimoffatt @ryanweepers @jacksontheshepherdx @animalrescueyachtclub Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sailingsunday TikTok @clubrescueyacht


24 thoughts on “Celebra mașină de spălat din Bahamas! | Sailing Sunday vlog 247

  1. Great location. The washing machine. Yes I have heard the same thing about the sharks. Nurse(Lemon Sharks) Hammer heads, Tiger Black/white Tip, Reef sharks, Bull Sharks. You were extremely lucky Brittany. Absolutely an amazing area. Ryan sorry about the sails. Hopefully it doesn't end up being a big problem. If so Precision Sails are a great company to get new ones if needed. My just be the motor/gears bearings for the main sails. I'm trying to act like I know what I'm talking about, but I don't lol. Great video looking forward to next video cheers you two always enjoyable to watch you

  2. As always, a groovy episode. Some times you have the wonderment and excitement of children, which making watching you two all the better. Your adventure was amazing to see. The little cute shark you were following makes me want to sing, Baby sharks, lalalalala. LOL! Brit, you always make everything you make to eat look so yummy. Ryan, never stop being a goof ball and a free spirit. PS Where are you hiding Captain Jackson?

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