Suntem aproape la sfârșitul acestei aventuri navigabile | Sălbatic navigație

Suntem aproape la sfârșitul acestei aventuri navigabile |  Sălbatic navigație

Câteva navigații grozave, niște chestii pentru o singură mână, niște pești și câteva bărci abandonate. fiți pe fază pentru câteva știri în curând despre planurile noastre de viitor. Pentru actualizări mai recente: Instagram: @wildlings_sailing Facebook: Întrebări de afaceri: Vă mulțumim foarte mult pentru toate Ko-fi-urile și Paypal-urile dvs. din ultimii 3 ani. am fost uimiti de generozitatea ta. Pe măsură ce viețile noastre se schimbă, nu ne simțim confortabil să mai luăm donații. totul va deveni clar în curând. Pentru tot Mercedes OM636:


45 thoughts on “Suntem aproape la sfârșitul acestei aventuri navigabile | Sălbatic navigație

  1. Great to see the boat out, performing well and doing what she was built for. I wonder if the former owner is watching? I'm wishing you all the best regardless of future plans.

  2. Yasus, Mark & Nadiyana, welcome to Greek 🇬🇷 waters. Just to be nosey, is it your intention to over winter in Gouvia Marina?
    Once again, many congratulations on this achievement.
    Kind Regards, Barnacle Bern SY Cadbri SW Wales. 👍👍

  3. I never use braid as a trolling line, it has no stretch and such a narrow diameter, it cuts like a knife. I use it only when fishing from the shore, and then only for the smaller fishes. I like to be able to put on a pair of gloves and haul of at least 100 pounds breaking strain monofilament or 7mm long line braid trolling line hand over hand quickly. Delay means a shark will leave you only a part fish in the waters near where I live. One can put the coiled lin be into a box, I used to use dressed Irish Linen lines, they coiled beautifully into a box, now almost impossible to source

  4. Sorry about the lost fish, lure and broken rod. Great catch and eat. Nice sailing in a group of 3. In Greece. Spennd time determining what's wrong with the auto pilot.

  5. It's taken me a little while to respond…. I don't need anymore bad news! Sailing is a F$%&ing strain on any relationship. You've been brilliant and let's face it coped with it at the sharp end!
    Please tell me you guys are OK!

  6. Great episode, all seems good except that autopilot, I think it is time for one that actuates the tiller so you can't hear it! BTW, That is a Qatar flag, not Nepal.

  7. Mark the ending was a bit unnecessary we all look forward to seeing you both each week and would rather live on a good note but to live use with such a statement was a bit upsetting I hope all is ok with love Les & Evie ❤

  8. I'm not sure if Minke heaves-to easily as I'm a monohull sailor but whenever I'm single handing and need to use the toilet I just heave-to and the sails don't flog. The boat is more stable while hove-to which is a bonus . Hopefully it works for you ✌️🙂

    Hope you are well

  9. Sadly I feel like your heart is not in this sailing adventure anymore. I've thought it for a while but then I think the dog bite was the icing on the cake. Whatever you decide there will hopefully be many exciting chapters awaiting you both. Best wishes from Wales ❤

  10. Mark and Nadyana😬, my heart has broken by impending doom! Please prove me and others wrong by picking up your spirits, together’ and make your way to a new exciting adventure together! Please🙏

  11. Be slightly careful with the boat, I remember reading somewhere that you had 18 months before you needed to pay tax on it (can't remember if that was individual countries or pan EU)

  12. I for one am not expecting much good news next week. Why Mark would ever let Nadyana sail on some other boat with some reasonably apparent stranger is too me a foreshadowing of whats to come. I hope I am wrong. But life is a very long journey with many twists and turns where nothing is wasted..its all a learning process to become who we are.

  13. Strange that a married woman would leave her husband to go sail on another guy's boat. Even stranger is the last comment and the refusing any more donations from viewers.

  14. There are cheap overwintering places in Greece and the islands … but im hoping this isnt something destructive as we are also seeing chasing currents sell up on the sea for a while.
    Im still getting over covid here and theres more on the way from the counts. Got to get boosters for it and flue…
    🤞🏼Good luck..

  15. Noooo. Please don't tell me this is the end. You are my favourite channel on all of YouTube.

    Would it help you stay if i told you a 65ft mass came flying down straight for my head on a 44ft sailor two week ago..

  16. I’ve been watching you guys for some time now, really enjoy your perspective and watching you grow. Something was off this week, however. I’m hoping that Mynke will still be sailing in some fashion after next week. 😊

  17. well there are plenty of fish in the sea, Mark. i’m sure that you’ll be fine once you get your line back in the water and enjoy some much deserved quiet time to decide what and where you want to be.

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