Care sunt cele mai înfricoșătoare poduri?! | Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep32]

Care sunt cele mai înfricoșătoare poduri?!  |  Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep32]

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20 thoughts on “Care sunt cele mai înfricoșătoare poduri?! | Înțelepciunea navigată [S5 Ep32]

  1. Great Video! I received my undergraduate degree inCharleston at The Citadel. Did you guys go see it? I have very fond memories of Charleston for all the reasons you mentioned and I was on the sailing team there! We sailed 420's but a buddy and I took two Sunfish and sailed them from the Citadel basin on the Ashley river to the Isle of Palms… We almost did not make it back!

  2. Great video on "Draw Bridge Drama." You two tackle issues that NO other sailing channel tackles and that is why I love your channel so much. Safe travels and love from B-more.

  3. My boat (37' ketch) has it's masts on tabernacles. I can raise and lower them in an hour using nothing but the onboard winch.

  4. It is always just as nice to follow you and your little ones. You convey such a nice atmosphere between you and also to the animals. My grandchildren sometimes lie on the mainsail when it is down, but having them placed underneath was a new idea. Wow!

  5. Probably great great great uncle Edward Teach.
    I'm not a sailor but I'm pretty sure you two are going the wrong direction. Time to point south soon.

  6. I love the idea of a bilge keeled boat. In fact if I ever downsize a westery pageant 23 is on my short list of favourite small boats.

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