Am cumpărat o barcă cu pânze abandonată cu 1€! LA 3 LUNI LA ​​PROIECTUL NOSTRU… | PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep. 13

Am cumpărat o barcă cu pânze abandonată cu 1€!  LA 3 LUNI LA ​​PROIECTUL NOSTRU... |  PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep.  13

Am cumpărat o barcă cu pânze abandonată cu 1€! LA 3 LUNI LA ​​PROIECTUL NOSTRU… | PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep. 13 Dacă vă plac videoclipurile noastre și doriți să ne susțineți: Ko-fi – PayPal – Lista de dorințe Amazon – https://www. Ne puteți urmări și pe: Facebook – Instagram – Afaceri întrebări: Nu uitați să dați un like, să vă abonați și să faceți clic pe clopoțelul de notificare dacă doriți să urmăriți această aventură! Mulțumesc, Stuart & Marina & Seabird


50 thoughts on “Am cumpărat o barcă cu pânze abandonată cu 1€! LA 3 LUNI LA ​​PROIECTUL NOSTRU… | PĂSĂRĂ DE MARE SAILING Ep. 13

  1. Why find each power circuit??, although it might pay to make sure each circuit actually goes somewhere and not just cut off behind a panel.
    All power plugs go on 16A fuse all Lights circuits on 10A or whatever rating for that voltage. Ya don't need a separate fuse for each circuit that's not likely to be used simultaneously but pays to have a few seperate fuses for lights so they don't all go out if one circuit shorts,

  2. I found your comments about the comments about you and Stu being lazy. We were talking at work about making a list of things to do, but plans change and the original list doesn’t get done 😂😂

    I also found it funny that people are calling you folks lazy while they’re most likely not accomplishing anything, but watching your video and calling you lazy.

  3. Good on you guys for keeping going with your dream, I'm sure it will all be worth it, and you are right about taking a break every now and then, helping you reflect and keep motivated to continue on, All the best, Al

  4. I found your channel after your last video and have watched everything you've uploaded related to Seabird over the past few days.

    It's a very ambitious and brave project but based on what I've seen of your abilities and the chemistry between the two of you, I have faith that you'll be able to get Seabird to a state where you're happy with her, and even if you don't, you will have learned so much in the process.

    Don't think too harshly of the people posting negative comments, I expect they are trying to be helpful, and don't realise that unwelcome and unasked-for advice is the opposite of helpful.
    I've been looking into buying a small yacht as a liveaboard next year and the number of people who have never set foot on a boat telling me I'm crazy and that I will fail… not helpful!

    It's been really informative and inspiring watching your videos and getting a glimpse of what is involved, what the guts of a yacht actually look like, and what can be done with a ton of hard work and effort.

    I'm looking forward to following you on this journey!

  5. Continue to love and respect each other,that alone will get you through any problems you encounter. At the end of this life , success will have been achieved.

  6. Im Interested in youre fibre glassing work, what do you fill the hole with before you apply the layers of patches..
    Keep it up guys you're doing a really great job…

  7. Hi guys everyone needs a rest even God rested on the seventh day if you don’t take a break you’ll get sick of working on the boat and you won’t want to continue doing it because you get burned out love your videos keep up the good work Cliff from Logan city Queensland Australia from the big island

  8. Halon fire extinguisher … 😂 that is old! Found your channel by zapping through. I greatly admire your dedication and your „oh that‘s quite all right“ sayings although it‘s falling apart. Chapeau😊 and all fingers crossed you can work out a repair for your keel. Barbara on Pink Penguin

  9. Hi, I maybe missed the description of your chopped strand mat discs? (As generally CSM isn't used with epoxy – it needs the styrene in polyester resin to dissolve the binder so the glass wets out properly.) Are you using CSM made specifically for epoxy, or perhaps have a specific solvent in your epoxy system to help with this? If so, it'd be interesting to know the product details. Thanks…

  10. Sorry S is feeling poorly! Hope he’s feeling better, and so glad you were able to get a little “me time” at the beach. It’s important! A little primer on those patches makes a huge difference. Lovely job. 😎💕😎💕😎

  11. Marina; very clever of you to pass Covid to Stu so that you could steal a day at the beach! Stuart; careful sir, she is too artful for you – I hope you've recovered and are feeling much better.

  12. everytime i see videos like this, i think to myself, i dont want a plastic boat. for me steel is much easier, plasma cutter, mig welder and grinder, so easy. but i like your videos.

  13. Maybe already suggested, but to help dry out that keel: hopefully some holes are drilled at lowest point that water drains from. Then afix a plastic sheet like visqueen over all the holes to the hull using something like butyl tape or whatever sticks, and hook a wet/dry shop vacuum to the sheet, sealing the sheet around the vac hose. Then let the vacuum run several hours, sucking out the remaining water and then dry air to help dry out the surfaces. Maybe even a couple days.. turn if off when the noise bothers you and back on when you can stand it. If the vacuum motor starts getting hotter than you think is good, you can introduce some control leaks for more air. I did this by using some pvc pipe sealed to the bag and the hose sealed to the pipe. Then drill air holes in the pipe and cover them with tape. Untape the drilled holes one at a time until you think you have enough air flow for the vac motor. May not need to do that though. I built a whole 30' boat using a shop vac to vacuum bag all the parts and the vac still runs, but definitely shortened its life.

  14. You must take time out to relax and refresh yourselves, its important and you'll find you can focus better.
    Fancy having Wayzgoose next door lol.
    You're doing a great job 😍 x x x

  15. Hello Seabirds, hope Stuart will get better soon. I am in the process of restoring a 38 footer in northern Italy. It was and is in a much better condition then your boat, but also not as cheap as yours so everything is a tradeoff I guess. I hope you don't give in to the negativity. Boatworks are gruesome at times, but the rewards are worth it (immediate and longterm). One of the first things I did on my boat was to have the underwater part of the hull sandblasted to get rid of the old antifouling and to be able to see what I am dealing with (just a bit of unsolicited advice…;-))

  16. My calm sailing channel. Recycling a sailboat would likely need periodic recharging of the batteries of the recycling couple! Good health to you both! Thank you for your videos!

  17. Interesting to see that Halon fire extinguisher. Halon has been banned for quite some time now , it depletes the ozone layer and contributes to global warming. I also remember it being banned as an automatic system in engine rooms as there was an incident of a crew member being suffocated when the Halon system was activated.
    Enjoying your project , I really look forward to seeing the the progress you make.

  18. You are really getting on well with the job and it's great to see..!! With the hot water service – you can get 12 volt elements now so that might be an option to renovate yours.
    great fun, with the upgrades..!!

  19. Hi guys, your Fireboy is an old Halon extinguisher. Super-efficient at putting out fires without damaging equipment in the engine room but they found out that Halon was an ozone-depleting gas and banned its use. A bit of an historic artefact now. Love your work and video journal, following your adventures from Australia. Best, (another) Stuart

  20. Absolutely Love watching you guys Stuart get well soon looks like it’s your turn to be off colour it’s a good job you are slim as you are working in the engine room rest assured if I was there God I wouldn’t fit keep up the good work😊

  21. Our boatyard suggested you could use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner on the keel to help speed up the drying process, its what they do when treating osmosis. Good luck.

  22. Little tip when working with fiberglass. Cover your hands and for arms with baby powder or something similar. This will fill your pours so the fiberglass can't get in there and cause the itching. making sanding and cutting fiberglass so much better

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