Acesta este Sfârșitul? Navigarea în MARE AGRUPĂ și defecțiunea motorului I Ep. 54

Acesta este Sfârșitul?  Navigarea în MARE AGRUPĂ și defecțiunea motorului I Ep.  54

Ăsta este sfârșitul? Navigarea în MARE AGRUPĂ și defecțiunea motorului I Ep. 54 #Sailing #SailingIndiana #SailingRoughSeas În acest episod încercăm să navigăm de la Salcombe la Falmouth, dar când am întâlnit vreme grea, vânturi puternice și furtuni am decis să alergăm spre țărm și ne-am îndreptat către gaura noastră din Plymouth. Ne-am ascuns aici câteva zile, am explorat acest oraș din Marea Britanie și, odată ce furtuna a trecut, am decis să ne continuăm călătoria către Falmouth… Ne-am pregătit, ne-am verificat motorul, ne-am alunecat și am început să ieșim din dană când, dezastrul a lovit! Din nou, motorul nostru s-a defectat și s-a defectat în cel mai rău moment posibil! Urmărește acest episod, pentru a afla cum ne-am descurcat și dacă vom ajunge vreodată la Falmouth! Like, abonați-vă și bun venit la bord. CAPITOLUL L&C: 00:00 – Introducere 00:57 – Un telefon distrus 03:42 – Înlocuirea motorului de pornire 05:45 – Misiune avortată – navigare în MARE IMPACT 12:58 – Plymouth 18:15 – Lovituri de dezastru SPRIJĂ-NE… CUMPĂRĂ CÂTEVA MARFĂ: DEVENI UN PATREON: CUMPĂRĂ-NE O CAFEA: URMEAZĂ CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRA PE INSTAGRAM : URMĂȚI CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRĂ PE FACEBOOK: LINK-URI UTILE: SAVVY NAVVY: NORTH SANDS PADDLEBOARDS: Cod – ‘sailingindiana’


14 thoughts on “Acesta este Sfârșitul? Navigarea în MARE AGRUPĂ și defecțiunea motorului I Ep. 54

  1. Great save. Sounds like some blockage in your fuel pickup line. Sometimes that happens after a rough trip that stir up all the sediments o in the fuel tank. I had that experience at the wrong place and time. Hope you get it working

  2. I was wearing the backpack on my back and went overboard on our dinghy with my backpack…. and as you can imagine – my phone was there… Rice did not help and I lost my phone. Surprisingly – that was really hard to deal with… They are so personal, our phones now. And even though it was just a phone, just a thing, it was just awful to loose it like that. Like I lost a part of myself.

  3. … "boat maintenance in beautiful places" … marvelous definition of cruising … love it ….
    … also, being from the States (Ohio in the past right next to the state of Indiana), I've been wondering how Indiana got her name …
    … thank you for taking us along on your adventures …and since I can't get out and about, you guys make this old man's day … fair winds and following seas …

  4. Hope things come good soon with that engine. There's that crappy saying 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you deeply cynical but well adjusted to deal with really annoying stuff". I'm sure you'll be on your way in no time. It's probably linked to your boat being pushed around as she hasn't been before. Tanks, filters, filth and stuff. Tereba Nessa (Cornish unless someone's pulling my leg).

  5. Another action packed episode, hopefully the engine issue wasn't too serious and you've been able to find the fault. All looked very tense at times onboard, hopefully the weather improved and you had a window to continue your journey. Looking forward to your next video hopefully without any further engine problems.

  6. Hopefully a simple fuel issue , we met a guy in Campbeltown this year who had a similar problem, think he used a marine 16 or similar product to dose the tank , all the best

  7. What an awful moment to have your engine fail. Whenever I'm under power I always try to have a plan of action in my head of what to do if the engine suddenly dies…but coming in or out of a berth in the marina doesn't leave many options so well done! I hope the engine fix is simple enough, maybe to do with that air leak? Onwards and upwards as they say!

  8. Safety first , you only do what your happy with ,not just entertainment for us viewers , your doing great , by the way parts for engines , where you bought some of your parts during engine strip down do a Bosch starter motor for 125 quid, keep the painted nails coming

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