PRIMUL VAVE PE NOUL NOU NOU YACHT!  Cum va funcționa această BARCĂ DIY?!

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38 thoughts on “PRIMUL VAVE PE NOUL NOU NOU YACHT! Cum va funcționa această BARCĂ DIY?!

  1. Great to see! Maybe a little hammock for your cat would be good, I'm sure you could design one that would work nicely! Your adventure is only just beginning! Happy travels!

  2. WOOHOO!! Congratulations on the upgrades! Everything looks great, and appears to be working great. Motoring-GBU is better than Boat-Rehab-GBU. Maybe next time you can get back to Sailing-GBU.

  3. Thumbs up all around. Looks like you’re ready to go. Nervous? What happened to that adventurous spirit? Let’s get it back! Also, a thought. How about a weather cover for your engine switch?

  4. One suggestion now that you are setting the anchor with a motor, bring your dinghy to the side of your boat. It’s really easy to get the dinghy line wrapped around the propeller shaft. I’ve done ii. No fun🤗

  5. Great to see both of you back on the water again out of the marina. Glad the bilge alarm was not the shaft seal. Everyone is adapting to life on board including Bear and I am sure that won't be an issue. Looking forward to next week.

  6. Wow GBU looks amazing! New boat for sure, glad to see you back in the saddle and on the sea! Hope to see you guys out there again soon, stay cool stay loving and stay safe

  7. Congratulations on a fantastic job. Looks incredible!

    Just remember to vary the engine RPM over the first few hundred hours. Gradually increase, and decrease the RPMs every so often to ensure even break-in. Otherwise, enjoy that beautiful beast! 👍👍

  8. In my sailboat and motor home I use that non slip plastic open mesh mat on the bottom of cupboards, that I buy, by the roll at walmart or wherever. When it gets dirty you just throw it away.

  9. You guys need to BOLT ON your plates. Screws don’t last in fiberglass. It needs bolts and nuts to hold permanently. And you should probably glue it as well.

  10. Hahaha!!! Matt's eye brow raises when Kristen said moving back on to the boat was pleasurable 😂. You two make us laugh every week!
    The boat looks amazing. Looking forward to sailing again 😊
    – Jen & Rob from 🇨🇦

  11. please, before you start loading up the rigging, put five more layers of glass on each side of those small bulkheads and fill in the space between the bulkhead and the deck with thickened epoxy. remember how much you had to cut off, there was a reason it was so thick. please…..

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