Adri Pe Pasaj Cu Sailing Zatara!

Adri Pe Pasaj Cu Sailing Zatara!

Ne instalăm în Airbnb-ul nostru din Grecia și ne luăm ușor pentru o săptămână. Între timp, Adri se îndreaptă împreună cu restul echipajului Sailing Zatara la Luxor, Egipt, pentru a vizita câteva morminte antice, apoi ia primul pasaj cu barca către Arabia Saudită. Nu uitați să vedeți Sailing Zatara: Deveniți membru al canalului Boyd Family Adventures făcând clic pe acest link: Airbnb in Grecia : #bigfamily #travel #greece #sailing #egypt _________________________________ Link-uri afiliate: Teecino (America de Nord), obțineți 10% reducere: Teecino (Livrat în 185 de țări), obțineți 10% reducere la prima comandă , 5% reducere la comenzile recurente: Revive Essential Oils, obțineți 10% reducere la prima comandă, 5% reducere la comenzile returnate: https://revive-eo. com/?rfsn=6462013.bd8780 Xero Shoes: __________________________________ Social Media- Instagram- Facebook- https://m.facebook. com/BoydFamilyAdventures/ __________________________________ Muzică oferită de Epidemic Sound Faceți clic aici pentru a obține o lună gratuită când vă înscrieți la Epidemic Sound: __________________________________ Tema cântec- We Should Start Right Artist- Loving Caliber feat. Emmi _________________________________


18 thoughts on “Adri Pe Pasaj Cu Sailing Zatara!

  1. WOW, the Airbnb looks so big and amazing, even with a a pool, but then you are a big family. I laughed when Michael and Sabrina came back from shopping and Emily was all excited and couldn't wait to ask if they can go swimming as it is hot, then the next scene she is at top of ladder not jumping in.

    It was good to see Adri's sailing vlog within this video. I assume she uploads it so it can be added here. Good move doing that. I see the last video has much more views than previous few, so maybe some new subscribers will come out of Adri's sailing. If the Boyd's ever go sailing, they'll already have a head start with Adri's knowledge. ⛵⛵⛵

  2. I know these are based on your adventures in the past, but are you guys actually sharing where you were a day or two ago? My third born, my Yogi son and archaeologist, spent all Summer last year digging for artifacts in Greece and he loved it. He says he may take me there someday. It looks amazing! And to see your family eating such healthy food that you guys so lovingly buy and prepare for them is such a treat. It helps me a lot, helps heal my heart. I will send an invite once I get my channel about Ayurvedic wellness launched. Love and blessings.

  3. WOW!!

    Your family had great adventures.

    Greece is one’s of mostly historical countries in the world.

    Greek salad is so marvelous food. You have nice pool and house in Greece 🇬🇷
    Egypt 🇪🇬 is one’s of most historic structures in the world.

    You should visit Pyramids and other great buildings in area.

    Enjoy your voyage to the great sources!! 😊

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