Îndepărtarea catargului nostru, a lucrărilor din lemn de tec și a ascunzării de uraganul Fiona / Boat DIY Ep 90

Îndepărtarea catargului nostru, a lucrărilor din lemn de tec și a ascunzării de uraganul Fiona / Boat DIY Ep 90

În episodul din această săptămână începem lucrul la Atlas. Scoaterea catargului, înlocuirea balustradelor putrezite de pe acoperișul vagoanelor și ascunderea la bord de uraganul Fiona. Mulțumim tuturor abonaților noștri, fără voi canalul nu ar exista! Mulțumim imens tuturor Patronilor noștri incredibili pentru că au făcut posibilă această aventură. Ne place să citim și să răspundem la toate comentariile voastre! Dacă ți-a plăcut episodul, dă-i un like, distribuie și te rugăm să te abonezi. Mulțumesc pentru vizionare, sper că te bucuri de episoade. Actualizări în timp real https://www.facebook.com/The-Sailing-Brothers-108277941367444 Ajuta-ne? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheSailingBrothers Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/TheSailingBrothers Cumpărați-ne o cafea: https://ko-fi.com/thesailingbrothers60713 Vă mulțumim pentru tot sprijinul acordat Magazinul nostru de produse https://my-store-c93222.creator-spring.com/ Luke și Adam The Sailing Brothers #hurricane #canada #Novascotia #boatdiy Declinări de răspundere și drepturi de autor : Toate conținuturile video de pe acest canal/pagină sunt drepturi de autor și nu trebuie să fie folosit fără permisiune. Toată muzica folosită în această serie este originală sau, folosită gratuit, fără drepturi de autor, folosită cu permisiune. Fără încălcări ale drepturilor de autor. Toate afirmațiile sunt opinii personale și nu trebuie să reprezinte neapărat fapte. muzică redată în ordine Muzică de LiQWYD: Young Love http://www.soundcloud.com/liqwyd http://www.bit.ly/liqwyd-youtube http://www.instagram.com/liqwyd http://www. .spoti.fi/2RPd66h http://www.apple.co/2TZtpeG http://www.patreon.com/LiQWYD Muzică rapidă relaxantă – Muzică de fundal pentru chitară acustică (fără drepturi de autor) de Gloria Cabreros Ritmul rapid, plumbul și zbârcitul de chitară acustică se poate lăuda cu energia ta și poate crea gânduri fericite. Ascultați 30 de minute de muzică bună creată pe Youtube. Iată titlul celor 14 muzică de fundal audio. Cântec pentru foc de tabără – 0,00 Catch Up – 2:45 Bringing Back – 4:46 Gimme Canyon 6:49 Glen Canyon 8:00 Cântec pentru foc de tabără 11:21 Gold in the Hills – 14:06 Hiiltop – 17:06 Mysteries – 19:37 Nu pantă – 21:26 Parkside – 24:50 Cameră pentru doi – 26:58 Predare 28:58 Fă-ți timp 30:47


41 thoughts on “Îndepărtarea catargului nostru, a lucrărilor din lemn de tec și a ascunzării de uraganul Fiona / Boat DIY Ep 90

  1. Great video lads I really like the Maintenance videos. It’s funny when it’s your mast coming down it’s really scary, but if it’s someone else’s that your helping with it’s just good fun

  2. Wow you have a lot of work on! Good luck with that. Close call with the weather but looks like you made it. (I caught up with all your videos!) You are both amazing.

  3. Great job guys, boat life has a lot of maintenance involved but always learning about the boat can’t be a bad thing.
    Looking forward to the videos of your passage South. Keep up the good work guys. Best wishes Phil & Tracey SY Roamer.

  4. I was wondering where you were this evening, but after checking three or four times, I finally found you further down my notifications – must be addicted as I can't have a Sunday night without the salty sailing brothers! Great ep, as usual, lads!

  5. I have so many questions! 1st, how much does it cost to pull the main mast down like that? Did you consider using dynema instead of steal cable? Curious what you think on the matter. Great episode fellas! Glad you didn't get blown away.

  6. Seeing those pellets bought back memories. I used to sell them to builders by the 1000 @ £3.50 per 100. I used to give the job of making them to apprentices.
    I quite like laying in bed at night in a safe berth tucked up warm in bed, listening to the rain. But I am not sure I would feel the same in those winds. Must frighten the hell out of you sometimes. Especially being so far from home, with your boat being your only refuge

  7. I was in Halifax last week and a guy was line up to pay at Costco wherein a lehave marina jacket I asked if he had a chance to meet you guys . Told me yes he had shared a few meals with you guys . Small world boys

  8. Replacing your rigging yourself is a big job. We did it, and I'm happy it's done! So many trips up the mast I lost count. Good for you that you got it done. One less worry. The new handrails are gorgeous. And safer, too. Love your adventure!

  9. Thanks guys.

    I'd be nervous to taking the mast down, and all the wiring and dismantlingof cabinetry.

    Great work on the handrails.

    Hurricane, I'm ex- Australian navy.
    During my first deployment overseas in 1980 my ship HMAS Swan made a goodwill visit to Shanghai we were hit by a typhoon while at anchor in the river approahes to the city, a tanker that had anchired up river from us dragged it's anchor so started it's engine and managed to wrap our anchor cable around it's single propeller.
    We had to slip that anchor and cable ( our port anchor) and drop our starboard anchor.
    I was the capstan operator.
    Exciting times I was 18 at the time and too young to worry about what could go wrong.


  10. Probably too late now given it’s YouTube time, but I’ve always thought strapping the dinghy through the grab handles was putting a nasty load on the grab rails & likely to snap them. So whilst the headliner is down – add some separate U bolts for extra dinghy strappage 👍

  11. glad to hear you made it to Bermuda; re the headliner… don't forget to attack that black mould, with some diluted vinegar ;-)… re the mast cabling… you can get waterproof multi-wire connectors so that next time you don't need to undo/pull out the wiring to pull the mast…

  12. Would have been a good idea to get the wood yard to have rounded off the edges of the handrails before you fitted them with a router, only a 5 min job. Also some backing plates or washers before you put the nuts on would have increased the strength of the grabrails.

  13. Bora Da, Now I know you film as you go along, but this episode was made to look so slick. But having done similar work on my boat, it's hard graft, really tough. Taking down the headlining to reveal the nuts is a bad enough job in itself, but then putting new grab handles on and the making sure all is watertight and leak free, with loadsa STUFF everywhere, and then finding somewhere to sleep, ARRGG !!!!! not to mention the pending Hurricane approaching, phew, what a couple of resilient Guys you are. And what a nice Guy Jeff is….. I can remember when most boatyards had a Jeff about the place. Smashing 👍👍👍👍 Kind Regards, Barnacle Bern SY Cadbri SW Wales.

  14. Great Video,. We in Puerto Rico have been getting storms Fiona and tropical waves that later are becoming a hurricane.
    Going to Florida where my brother lives so lots of rain in Puerto Rico, lots of flooding and landslides.
    In Florida lots of flooding……….. keep Safe!!!!

  15. The blow reminded us of hanging on an anchor in several similar or stronger winds on our summer cruises off the NE coast down here in NZ – where was the hot chocolate and toast at 3:00 am?! We look forward to your weekly videos. All the best with the maintenance. Kath & Rodney Auckland NZ

  16. I love the way Luke gets so serious when he's got a job to do on the boat – he just gets on with it and clearly has confidence in what to do and how to do it. Things such as replacing the engine mounts earlier were another example. Likewise Adam's enthusiasm as he can see how the changes will provide real benefits. They're all the hallmarks of good seamanship. If you ever need to earn a bit of extra cash on your travels then you could always hire yourselves out to help others with their boat maintenance, which could be a useful additional income stream for you. Personally, I'd be happy to pay for your time to help me with on-board jobs.

  17. Wondering if you could do a bit deeper dive on how you refurbished the wood inside the cabin? Was there a manual you found for insight into how to effect that? Thanks!

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