Catamaran NIGHTMARE – DRAGGING Devine SUNKING | SailAway 209

Catamaran NIGHTMARE - DRAGGING Devine SUNKING |  SailAway 209

CATAMARANUL prietenilor noștri trage ANCORA într-o furtună, ceea ce duce la PROBLEME MULT MAI MARE… cum ar fi VERSAREA APEI la GALONI pe MINUT. Facem tot posibilul să ajutăm și mai târziu ne întrebăm cât de bine pregătiți suntem pentru așa ceva…mai ales că suntem noi înșine începători cu CATAMARAN. Bucurați-vă!! Și asigurați-vă că vă ABONAȚI pentru CONȚINUT SĂPTĂMÂNAL ÎN FIECARE DUMINICĂ! Noroc!! Vă mulțumim că ați vizionat SailAway, documentarul de călătorie al unui cuplu aventuros de navigatori, copil și câine, care navighează prin lume!

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40 thoughts on “Catamaran NIGHTMARE – DRAGGING Devine SUNKING | SailAway 209

  1. Congrats! So happy for you to be closed. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. I’m convinced your Privilege is going to be freaking awesome!

  2. Woburn Bay is our second home and where we locked down in 2020. Check with Stewart (iguana marine) for your refrigeration. He and Hellen often hang out at Whisper Cove, or ask Cy on the cruisers net for his phone number. Can’t wait to be back with our friends. Grab your guitar snd head to Nimrods on Thursday night and Tell Norman you want to join in. Have fun
    Paul & Anne
    S/Y L’Acadienne

  3. I've had five vaccinations now and haven't gotten Covid yet, so can relate. As a fellow Hunter owner ('99 H410), I'm sorry to see Cecilia go, but am looking forward to watching your new adventures on your cat! Best wishes!

  4. Don't be jealous but I've been in love with your wife ever since I saw your first episode.. but let me say this watching you mix the strength tonight, celebrating the consummation of your new ownership of this boat. I would be hard-pressed to Guess that that is the first cocktail you've poured on this specific evening. I think this is one of the reasons why I love you guys so much.. if I can give you more than one thumbs up I would

  5. Great sailing/ anchoring advice. It's good to admit when you don't know something and then doing something to fix that. Life sure is different living on a large cat compared to a mono. Congrats on getting at least 1 boat secured/ bought. I wish you the best of luck finalizing the other boat and the worries associated with that. Thanks for the video.

  6. I just want to say for the record that I think Aaron has this perfect sculptured face. Every dimension of her nose her eyes her mouth is perfect. Just looking at her whole face from any direction offers up a perfectly sculptured face. Good for you sweetheart..

  7. We do the exact same thing, try and leave the keys in an obvious place to where our friends and fellow sailors, can help Bayliss out of a perilous situation.. we all do that no doubt about it. Best kept secret in the Sailing Community. Oops I'm sorry I think I just spilled the beans, and gave everybody the sacred code on how to get on our boats. Okay all you non sailors forget what you just heard me say it's just not true..

  8. I've been known to do the exact same thing with my to do list, so thank you for the affirmation that what I'm doing is not so abnormal. Good for you guys love you guys be safe take care

  9. Haha! Hate to break it to you, but I havenever been vaccinated nor have I ever had COVID. I was tested last week at the VA for the antibodies. MyDoc was amazed as he thinks everyone should have had it once at least. So we may be the last ones.

  10. You need to take some lessons from La Vagabonde. Elayna can run the boat and dock as well as Riley, if not better. It is not to smart when only one person can operate the boat. What if one falls overboard or has a heart attack or just becomes incapacitated.

  11. Teach crew how to sail solo and in not perfect conditions make it happen. I had all critical systems documented so hitchhikers had procedures if I was injured. It was a 4 day orientation and they had to drop the sail and tack plus I had them on the deck during a tack so knew what to look and what moves around lines etc before we were in blue water or poor conditions. The biggest thing is if she can get the boat into a under powered state but not dangerous for the conditions and she is happy and is not scared of the boat.

    Get to that point and you will survive long enough to be in a position to be saved or save yourselves

    Don't leave your keys in the ignition get multiple keys with the same key ring for the same ignition.

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