Interiorul trebuie să plece!! RAPID!!! | Reinstalarea Flying Coney Ep.23

Interiorul trebuie să plece!!  RAPID!!!  |  Reinstalarea Flying Coney Ep.23

Încep distrugerile masive. Nava noastră de proiect de 82 de picioare are o mare avarie cauzată de electroliză. Și trebuie să curățăm tot interiorul și să smulgem toată izolația, astfel încât curtea să poată suda gropile. Am plănuit să petrecem toată iarna eviscerând interiorul. Dar acum interiorul trebuie să meargă repede. Pentru că fiecare zi în curte este scumpă! Am decis să începem cu bucătăria și izolația din plută veche de 72 de ani. Așa că pregătește-te pentru o reparație care se transformă într-un coșmar! —————————— Aflați mai multe despre noi: doar pentru a vă oferi o imagine de ansamblu despre ce este vorba despre acest canal. Am cumpărat acest trauler masiv din oțel. Care odată a fost o navă înaltă. Pe termen lung, intenționăm să o transformăm înapoi într-o goeletă. Perioada de timp pentru aceasta va fi de 5 până la 10 ani. Deci avem o călătorie lungă. Dar deja folosim această navă drept casă. Așa că vă puteți aștepta la videoclipuri despre proiecte, despre călătorii și despre locuința într-un refit plutitor. —————————— Când așteptați următorul videoclip, vă recomandăm următoarele canale YouTube: Sampson Boat Co Sailing Magic Carpet Acorn To Arabella My First Boat Sail Life Project Brupeg Sailing Uma Teulu Tribe Ship Happens Sailing Yaba RAN Sailing SAILCARGO INC. Proiect de restaurare Aurora —————————— Echipamentul nostru: Măștile noastre: semi-mască 3M 7502: * 3M semi-mască 6100: https://amzn. to/3AEEYQj * Polizor unghiular: Metabo WEV 15-125 Rapid: * Shop-vac: Makita VC3012M: Makita VC3012M * Cărți utile: Boatowners manual mecanic și electric: /3c2ehuK * Ghidul Boatownerului de coroziune: * Link-urile cu * sunt link-uri afiliate.


39 thoughts on “Interiorul trebuie să plece!! RAPID!!! | Reinstalarea Flying Coney Ep.23

  1. It's awesome to know this is her 5th restoration/refit. I went back through your earlier video's where you tell us your plans for this beautiful ship. I so look forward to you bringing her back to a true sailing vessel. No doubt it's going to be lots of hard work. And cost quite a lot as well, however I believe she is worth every drop of sweat equity, and worth every penny! As you say she has quite a history and has lasted this long without being scrapped.You both are doing great even though it's hard, hot, suffocating, work. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  2. Another great video love watching you work together to rebuild your new home afloat very good filming and very interesting just on par with tally ho and all the other boat-building projects so good luck may it not be too expensive in dry dock and get her afloat again so all the best from john from rugby UK.

  3. Part of the electrolysis problem is the mix of zinc and aluminium anodes. I'd suggest reading up on anode types and properties…since your boat will be spending most of it's next couple of years in fresh water, I'd recommend magnesium.
    Don't be drawn into the 'more is better' trap with anodes, there is an ideal size for every boat. The yard may be able to advise, but sticking with the type/size original to the boat is likely to be best.

  4. It seems such a shame in ripping out some of those things. Can’t wait for the finished product 👍👍 do you feel slightly disheartened when you see a pile of timber on the deck😂. I would 👍

  5. Did the old insulation trap moisture against the inner hull? Are you going to have to use some kind of industrial rust converter and sealer on the inside? Great job regardless 👍

  6. That is one rusty old boat
    I am quite concerned for you
    That is the inside of the hull and it all needs cleaning and treating to stop the rust 😮😮
    Good luck but you might be in dry dock for some time

  7. My experience says that it is far easier to built a new steel yacht from the start. I have built myself a 45 feet yacht from steel. But anyhow I hope all the best luck for this project. And this is really a most interesing project to follow.

  8. I wondered about welding the exterior hull. could you not grind the areas , use an epoxy based fairing compound to fill in the holes??? Also there is a paint/anti-rust application that goes through the surface rust and bonds with the base metal for the interior bulkheads. I would hope that they are still available. BTY your recommended YouTube channels is great as I follow most of them already. .🙂………… enjoy

  9. I wonder how much the insulation was promoting all that rust. Demolition sucks. Perhaps when you get to designing the new interior a more modular system to ease access to the hull would work. Good luck.

  10. Reminds me of the dirtiest and most depressing part of my own refurbishing years ago.
    Hopefully when all that steel is correctly treated and coated, woodworking for accommodations will feel like a new world of happiness. Believe me 😊.
    Maybe because it's the transition from destruction to reconstruction, or maybe, at least from my point of view, because I definitely prefer working with wood than iron.
    Courage, the hard part is coming to an end.

  11. I have been been subscribed since shortly after the boat was acquired. I think that a lot of people that follow "marine" channels, well, look for things, and, now that you are going back to the bare hull, stringers, accessing the thickness of the steel and building from the ground up, I think they will find it and subscriptions will increase, no matter how painful and environmentally hazardous this operation is. I hope this deeper dive into the refit/rebuild issues grows this channel's subscriptions and provides needed monetary support.

  12. W0W! That's an Astronomical amount of "Crap" you two are pulling out of your ship!! Job well done! Curious as to what type insolation that was? Looked like old foam? As always thanx for the share. <3 😉

  13. I don't mind work, I could watch you do it for hours! Very satisfying.
    There is a small and very effective prying bar called a "Wonder Bar", in the US. Do you have a Amazon wish list account?

  14. I have a lot of experience with rusted ships. This is caused by trapped moisture behind the isolation. That hull is in really bad shape on the inside. You have to remove the heavy rust scaling with air needle gun, then mediablast it after that. And use a heavy duty 2k epoxy coating to prevent future rust. Laser rust removal is also an option. Either way, its gonna be a hell of a job.

  15. are u not able to get some of your family & friends to come help you fine people to a wonderful cook out at the end of thier work week before . it would be a good home coming

  16. although the project has revealed some nasty problems, all that has happened, was going to be done anyway! and now you have got rid of all the major tasks the rebuild will be more enjoyable and less demanding. you are almost at the top of the hill the downward slope is much easier 👍

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