Iahtul lovit de valuri uriașe la Haulover Inlet | Bărci ondulate

Iahtul lovit de valuri uriașe la Haulover Inlet |  Bărci ondulate

Căpitanul de iaht face o MARE greșeală la Haulover Inlet | Barci ondulate #shorts Haulover Inlet | Barci ondulate | Bărci de transport


28 thoughts on “Iahtul lovit de valuri uriașe la Haulover Inlet | Bărci ondulate

  1. These boats have no business out in that. They aren't big boats in reality. They just cost a ton because rich guys are suckers. They keep everything very expensive because they are stupid with their finances. That's really a 35,000 dollar item, and he may have paid 800,000, what some people don't make in a lifetime.

  2. I’ve said this before…why does he have his bow buried. That boats big enough so I know he has trim tabs…he needs to use them to get that bow out of the water. Its just another person with the money to buy a boat but doesn’t have the intelligence to take the time to learn how to drive it. Plus that boat isnt long enough to have everything it does height wise. I call and Im sure others do as well, a bleach bottle.

  3. It's a false assumption. This pseudo captain cant read nature nor is he understanding his tiny plastic boat and its limitations. What we see here is a perfect example of "terrible bad seamanship" saying this with a background of more than 45 years in sailing and certified instructor more than 30 years.

  4. 75% if not more of the boat owners today don't know how to navigate the ocean, they also over fill small boats with excess people making it extremely dangerous and a timing bomb which will lead them to lives lost.

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