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41 thoughts on “GUTTONY ~ BoatLife | BARBA PIRAT S15E08

  1. Be careful with belt tension. Too much tension can cause alternator and water pump failure. My new favorite top. Lavender/purple. I think you know why.
    Have a great sail. 😊🤪👍✌️🌞

  2. Seems like belts breaking are an issue and the result can be catastrophic. Why don't you put a micro switch with a roller to ride on the out side edge of the belt to sense it's presence. If the belt disappears then the switch could kill the engine or you could made the switch complete a circuit to a light or alarm or both. Just sayin.

  3. Glad you mentioned the wonky shaft. Anything less than perfect alignment kills flat belts. Those bests should last years not months. There should be a deflection measurement fro proper tension. Also, the best place to keep spare belts is in the original package, especially if it is a sealed package, where it is dry. Hanging in the engine compartment like that ages the belt nearly as fast as the one in use. BTW, didn't those formosa's originally have hawsepipes rather than the chain going out over the bowsprit?

  4. Definitely not a fan of the tutorials on the maintenance schedule do it get it over with and move on. Sailing beachcombing swimming any of those are more preferable too the droning on about the maintenance. 😁🏝️👌

  5. My wife hates hates hates me going anywhere near her Cabinet ore cupboards ore anywhere it seems if there is an empty space she has to not just fill it but stuff it to the point o I don’t no so every year we nearly get a divorce she goes out I go in I throw everything out then it’s 6 months of screaming at me until she fills it up again then it’s my turn again 😂

  6. Problem is known as Sod’s Law, which states that as soon as you throw something away, you discover that you need it. So then you buy it again. Then you discover that you never threw it away, because of Sod’s Law. Now you have two of everything. Solution? Can you outwit Sod’s Law? Yes you can. Only throw something away if you have a back up version. You will definitely need it. Better still, buy two of everything and throw one away. Use the other one. No need for storage. Problem solved.

  7. My grand father had this old boat that he only put in the sea each summer. The only work he ever did on the engine was change the oil and make sure the cooling water work, that engine just kept ticking. The dang engine could be run on alcohol too by the way. Thinking about it now as a grown man, I realize that that engine was just so simple and hardy made that you more or less could kick it started. They do not build things like that any more as it's not cost effective, it's far better if anything breaks after X hours use as it generates income after all, So every company more or less makes second rate products at best, that's more advanced and it may be better over all, but the products will fail earlier than needed just to generate income. Consumerism at it's worst and it's not sustainable in the long run and then what?

    My father was so impressed by that engine, that he sought out a used more modern engine from the same company, got it refurbished and updated by this local custom shop and then he put it into the ship he and we built while I was young. That engine had service done to it each spring and it just worked, it wasn't the best fuel economy wise, but it never broke down unless there was an issue with cooling and even so, wait until it cooled back down and fix the water issue while you wait, and it started right back up. That's how mature engine tech had become in the past and most modern stuff is cleaner and more efficient, but where's the faultless running that almost never fails? That we don't see as such engines don't make the companies enough money over time.

    It's about materials used, precision made parts with no un-need slack. The funny thing is, the core of an engine rarely fails if you treat it right and oils the right place, ask your self this, why don't the heart of an engine break, while the rest around it tend to fail after a few years? The heart, the cylinders are mature tech that need a certain level of tightness to work, but to get there it must be good workmanship and that lasts, the other stuff, oh that gets a more shoddy treatment so that it'll break faster than needed, just to keep up the pressure so that you keeps paying.

  8. Thank you Aubrey for sharing your beautiful yacht and all the updates! "She" is so gorgeous! Your family also very precious! Cyril explains everything so well. Well done Cyril! Where is Cyril from? Look forward to your next vlog 🙂🦜🐬

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