Cum ne-am descurcat pentru mai puțin de 500 GBP? (în 2022?!)

Cum ne-am descurcat pentru mai puțin de 500 GBP?  (în 2022?!)

Acest lucru vi se pare scump, cam corect, sau incredibil de ieftin? Spuneți-ne dacă ați fi făcut ceva diferit pentru a încerca să economisiți mai mulți bani și asigurați-vă că trimiteți întrebările pe care le aveți în secțiunea de comentarii de mai jos. Anul acesta am depus într-adevăr mult mai mult efort pentru a încerca să trăim mai frugal pe măsură ce navigam de-a lungul Coastei de Sud, profitând în același timp de cât mai multe ancoraje gratuite posibil. În acest videoclip, vă împărtășim cheltuielile pentru locuirea pe o barcă cu pânze, după ce am pornit. Având în vedere că banii folosiți pentru întreținerea unui iaht pot varia atât de mult și vor fi diferiți pentru majoritatea oamenilor, am vrut să încercăm să arătăm tipul de costuri pe care este posibil să le întâmpinați în acest domeniu, indiferent dacă vă aflați într-un milion. barcă de lire sau ceva mult mai mic și accesibil. La sfârșitul zilei, ancorarea este ancorare și în majoritatea locurilor este gratuită, indiferent de dimensiunea navei tale. Dacă doriți să susțineți eforturile noastre mari de realizare a filmelor britanice, atunci asigurați-vă că vizitați pagina noastră Patreon, aici: Sau puteți „Cumpărați-ne un rom” pe site-ul principal, aici: Aflați mai multe despre barca noastră și istoria ei: Aflați mai multe despre echipajul din Cadoha și despre trecutul nostru: https:// ********** Cele mai utile achiziții de ambarcațiuni (AMAZON) de până acum: ********** * Suport Ipad: https://amzn .to/3z2TSOe & * Încălzitor diesel chinezesc: * Căști interfon (fără fir): * Cufă Dometic ‘ Frigider/Congelator: * Plită electrică: * Aragaz electric (Air Ninja): * Anchor float/ pick up minge pentru linia noastră de ancoră reglabilă: * Naluca mea de pescuit preferată și cea mai productivă! Dacă și dvs. doriți să cumpărați unele dintre articolele Carlys făcute manual, până la biciclete, asigurați-vă că vizitați magazinul ei, aici: magazin Ne puteți găsi și pe Instagram, aici: Dacă doriți să vedeți mai multe aventuri la pescuitul sub apă al lui Dominic, atunci cel mai bine îl urmăriți pe contul său „personal” de Instagram , aici: Dacă doriți să urmăriți vedeta principală a emisiunilor pe instagram, atunci profilul lui Hanks este aici: Nostru Lista completă de redare video (în ordine) Sezonul 1 (îmi pare rău pentru filmările și editarea oribile de atunci)… Sezonul 2: /watch?v=mXQTl… Videoclipuri ale sezonului LOCKED DOWN:… Proiecte de iarnă și upgrade-uri (2020/2021): com/watch?v=YGIh4… Sezonul 3:… Sezonul 4: LeSCMgliFwv7egFMFVxEiHUzZIvwZU4RV


35 thoughts on “Cum ne-am descurcat pentru mai puțin de 500 GBP? (în 2022?!)

  1. Nice breakdown, great to see how being a little frugal can extend your time on the boat and in the beautiful places you visit. I'd be interested in a full breakdown just because it'd be good to know what I'd need coming in to do something similar myself (which I'd like to in a few years). Work a bit but then live on the ocean for the rest of the year! Bliss.

  2. Fascinating, especially for people who are contemplating life on a boat. I can see massive revenue earning potential. Hank in commercials. Hank: the movie. Hank’s a celebrity get me out of here. Good Morning Hank. Hank: the great British bark off…as a veteran agent, my fees are particularly attractive (for me). If I don’t get a chance again…Happy festive season to you Carly, Dom, Hank and your many followers👍😘

  3. My only question is clothes washing? a mini washing machine somewhere on board or hand washing or laudrette when in a marina? An excellent vid AGAIN, I cannot say how much I look forward to watching!!!!! BRILLIANT.

  4. My view would be to spend what YOU want to. We full time in our motorhome and we can, and have, scrimped our budget. But life is for living and enjoying! Personally I think 600 quid on ice cream is pretty good going! 😉😆

  5. Other than annual mooring fees my main expense is alcohol in pubs withing walking distance of the shore but then I am a solo sailor and sometimes need company. My son says I should set light to the local supermarket, that way I will have plenty of people to speak to, a roaring fire on these cold nights and alternative accomodation for the night. Ha Ha

  6. IF you run out of winter work consider film work, maybe your own company and get a start up or arts council grant or whatever. Only a suggestion. Your editing and camera work is better than a lot that I have seen. Take care till the next vid and a big hug for ???????????……hank.

  7. Great video guys, wow we cruise on €2000 to €3000 per month!
    -grades and refi this year so far €27000 and a lot left to do yet! However that dies include new standing rigging and new sails for a 16m ketch

  8. I've always wondered but it's rude to ask, thanks for the breakdown on expenditure, for 2400 is very good going, it would just about get you 2 weeks in a Cornish cottage self catering for that kind of money, but you lived in paradise for a year is excellent.

  9. On a cold wintery December night, with the snow gently falling outside a YT video caught my eye. It's Cadoha and once again they take me away to warm waters and the beautiful scenery of the West country making me believe I am right there alongside enjoying the adventure. I think of our own plans for next year, making the effort to install more solar for electric cooking all the more worthwhile despite the cold outside and promise to anchor more. The Remoska tested this summer and now earning its keep at home will be pressed into use again, not only for main courses but the most superb cakes too. As you have rightly shown, good food on board is a delight.

    Happy Christmas Carly, Dom and Hank, looking forward to a great 2023 season 🙂

  10. Have you looked into Winter berthing at Bembridge harbour on the Isle of Wight. It’s a pretty good deal and a lovely location with boatyards nearby where you might find paid work. I keep my boat there and the winter deal is the best I have found anywhere.

  11. Interesting breakdown of costs there. I guess the winter mooring cost is a necessity if you are working for the rigger at that location but otherwise that cost could be greatly reduced by wintering somewhere else. As you say for the quality of life, scenery and general feel good factor the costs are pretty reasonable. After all you could be working in a city, renting a small apartment and not really enjoying life at all. Stay safe guys. Andy UK

  12. Some of the better sailing videos are made by unpretentious folk like you, and whose outlook on life in this world is as far removed from the ostentatious, as pretentiousness is embraced by those less down to Earth folk.

    A BIG well done to you two – and Hank! We mustn't forget that lovely dog.

  13. We seem to share a common philosophy about cruising: "Stay out of restaurants and stay out of marina's". My girlfriend and I were able to save up and take off for a year to cruise the US East Coast – a trip of over 4000 nautical miles. We spent a bit more than you folks, but averaged about $1,100 USD / month, living well all the while.

    Best regards from Key West,
    Capt. Blackheart Charlie

  14. I would really like to see hand hear about all your costs. I have followed your adventures form the start and am saving for my own boat. My closest Harbour/Marina is in Croatia where the berthing fees are iniquitously expensive – about 6200 euros a year for a 34-foot sailing boat – 1500 of which is the winter place on the hard.

  15. hi Great vids very entertainingI would be interested in the safe mooring on anchor. Maybe you could give away your secrets on how you find suitable mooring's and perhaps list your best 20.

  16. My friends have just crossed the Atlantic on a budget in a 30yr old boat, via Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, canaries and Cape Verde over a period of 6 Months. They reckoned about the same budget, often dipping below £450 per month. They cheated a bit and did not include the diesel they set off with (although the further south you go, the less you need… Its sunnier with more reliable wind) I wish I was buddying with them, but my refurb over-ran 🙁 hopefully next year!
    It's not tooooo difficult if, like you say, you are self reliant and not constantly in marinas.
    The thing is, the UK is an expensive place to live, even marinas are half the price once you get further south 🙁

  17. Just thought or worth exploring – Can you internet shop to a Marina? Or failing that find someone (pub?) near to your anchorage who's willing to allow you to use their address to deliver to and stand outside when it's due. To be fair though £789 for 7 months is pretty good for food! Your videos are impressive as always!

  18. I would be interested in knowing your dingy costs while anchoring out in those free and beautiful locations. More than most sailing bloggers,you appear to live a realistic life as a liveaboard and I always watch you videos (I am one of the throng of surreptitious viewers who can't commit to subscribing).

  19. As ever, interesting content and reflection. You do understand value versus cost. Thank you for bringing your journey to us in 2022. Seasons greetings to you both (and Hank!) 🎄

  20. Where you can anchor for free and costs of mooring, staying in mariners etc. I would find it informative and interesting if you always stated the costs every time you did any of these..

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