O navigare ușoară până la Huahine, în Insulele Societății Sub Vent, unde am călărit furtunile sub ancora

O navigare ușoară până la Huahine, în Insulele Societății Sub Vent, unde am călărit furtunile sub ancora

Episodul #270: Sezonul 9: Pacificul de Sud În acest episod facem loc insulelor sub vânt, cu destinația Huahine. A trebuit să scurtez vizita la Moorea din cauza unor furtuni care se apropiau, așa că am avut o navigație grozavă peste noapte până la Fare Harbour și am intrat și ne-am stabilit cu o zi înainte de sosirea furtunilor în valoare de săptămâni. Dacă vă place canalul, vă rugăm să „Like” videoclipurilor și să vă abonați pentru a nu pierde niciun episod viitor. Dacă vi se pare că videoclipurile sunt utile sau distractive și doriți să contribui, puteți deveni Patron la: https://www.patreon.com/sailorjames sau dacă preferați să faceți o contribuție o singură dată, o puteți trimite prin PAYPAL la jamesthesailorman @gmail.com Fair Winds, James ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI PATREON: Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sailorjames Site: http://svtriteia.com Tracker: https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display /Triteia Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/james.the.sailor.man #frenchpolynesia #huahine #southpacific #sailing #solosailing


27 thoughts on “O navigare ușoară până la Huahine, în Insulele Societății Sub Vent, unde am călărit furtunile sub ancora

  1. Love your vids man, best channel on youtube you don't hollywoodize everything and show how it really is. Retiring mil guy here looking to buy a boat and live a peaceful life "retirement" on the sea. Enjoy the vids good representation of what I can look forward to.

  2. Hey James, my names jake, I grew up doing endless research on my obsession which has always been pirates and have always dreamt of sailing the world but now realize thanks to you that a dream is just something you wish you could have, but a goal is something you WILL have and you’ve made it my goal. If you have any tips please feel free to share haha, I’ve been sailing about a handful of times and have driven motor boats as well

  3. I love watching these videos. I've always dreamed of doing this and going to distant islands in the tropics. Absolutely love and respect your videos man. Gets me all giddy and inspired.

  4. Bligh was later sent to take command of the colony of New South Wales. The British Army Officers from the New South Wales Corps had run the colony like a military junta and lined their pockets at the expense of the free settlers. Bligh, a navel officer tried to end the army junta and assist the free settlers and freed convicts to prosper. The Army mutinied and threw him in jail. One man had two mutinies, this was the end of his career in the navy. He was brave but may have needed some management training.

  5. James, I’m a fairly new subscriber. Love all the content! Is there a specific episode that details your background and life before triteria in general? I’m just impressed with your sailing knowledge and especially your chilled out disposition.

  6. hey brother, I just discovered your mission. I am so inspired and sorry to loop it back to myself. But I just bought a six-meter sailing boat to start (inner sea Netherlands). I have someone who will show me the literal ropes. .But I'm just looking for some smart general reading to get into it theoretically. Any tips on reading or philosophy to get me going would so welcome. Love and all the best.

  7. You are an amazing sailor and teacher !! My Great Grandpa Rene was a Whaler and my mom and him lived in the Cape Verde Island of Brava. Grandpa was a great swimmer and saved whalers lives including his own brother !!!! Mom said I look like him !! To me the Ocean is a magnet and I am the steel !! Merry Christmas and peaceful, safety, blessed new year to you sir !! God bless you !!

  8. Back then The Posting Read – Whalers Wanted No Need to Know How to Swim. Great Grandpa Rene also had a Tobacco Farm. As a young girl when my Grandmother Emilia Rene worked the farm she developed an allergic reaction. So her dad Great Grandpa Rene taught her how to smoke the pipe. I remember when Grandma died at the age of 100 and still enjoying her pipe !!

  9. Thanks James! Very interesting excerpt from the book. I see why it terrifies you and excited you at the same time.:) I'm going to finish your article now from the magazine. So far I'm enjoying it, didn't know you were such a good writer as well as a sailor.

  10. Bligh gets a bad rep from the movies. None is correct in their overall presentation of the crew and their dynamics. Cut and paste the correct bits together and a close approximation could be had.

    Bligh was one of the European world's best navigators and he was extremely kind to his crew (for his time). He was nothing close to as cruel as shown in the movies. One BIG thing is the Bounty's crew were volunteers – none were press-ganged as shown in many of the movies and the Royal Navy also failed Bligh by not putting aboard Marines to back up his authority.

    Bligh's abilities were overshadowed by Cook and Vancouver. They all sailed sailed together (with Cook as captain).

    Bligh's great failure was in Australia. He really botched his governorship.

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