Sail Life – Primul nostru pasaj de 600 de mile împreună

Sail Life - Primul nostru pasaj de 600 de mile împreună

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48 thoughts on “Sail Life – Primul nostru pasaj de 600 de mile împreună

  1. Some people might get a kick from being out of ‘the loop’ for a while, free from internet, phones , away from it all….
    I think it was Leo Sampson from Tally Ho that did the Atlantic crossing without GPS, no bathroom, no self steering (broken at sea) and all of that via sexton….
    Modern sailing is very comfortable and I must add very safety conscious…
    Still a great adventure!

  2. Top or bottom toilet paper can assist ruining a marriage. Glad you both agree on the 'right' way!
    Besides, Alex from TotalBoat is back to fiber glassing and referred to Mads and his 'glorious sanding',,, cool.

  3. I can hear “Christopher Cross Sailing” in the background – been following Sail Life for a long time – so proud of your achievements in rebuilding Athena and the transition from DYI to both cruising and DYI – you are both very talented – Kind Regards Smooth Sailing ⛵️

  4. I see that mariner’s old nemesis sea sickness has reared its ugly head. As you are aware this problem has been around forever but I have come across what I consider to be a very colourful explanation and wish to share. Myself and a few friends were out sailing for the day and it started to get quite lumpy. The crew consisted of two brothers one of which was afflicted with the dreaded curse. He went forward to the bow and laid on the deck. At some point he gave a great heave and made an offering to Neptune. Now his brother who wanted to be helpful made these observation,” no wonder you were sick you silly bugger your stomach was full of barf!” Now you have a explanation for Mel de mer. Safe travels.

  5. Hey guys I have watched your VLOG since the beginning and have waited every Sunday for the next video. I do have one question. In the Western Hemisphere our red jerry cans are used for gasoline, yellow jerry cans are used for diesel, and the blue jerry cans are used for water. Is the color scheme in Europe different? Heading there next year and want to make sure that I have it correct. Thank you

  6. Well done, sounds like a very gentle baptism…! and great video. Code zero and genneker would help out with your undesirable wind angles – 7kts is bliss compared to 27! Your rice maker looks interesting, now where's my shopping list! I must be the only person that cleans the topsides on a boring passage… much better than getting a numb bum!

  7. Congrats you guys! What a journey! Ok, safety police…. did I really see both of you go up to the bow for the gerry cans without lifeline/harnesses on a passage??? Yes I know the sea state was calm but… get a good discipline and routine and stick to it!

  8. After seeing you go all Floki style on Athena for years I thought the waves would not be a problem for you guys. I thought danes were vikings. This is hilarious! 😀

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