Acesta este modul în care finanțăm următoarea noastră barcă

Acesta este modul în care finanțăm următoarea noastră barcă

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39 thoughts on “Acesta este modul în care finanțăm următoarea noastră barcă

  1. Hi Ashley and Ben. Nice to see your orange spinnaker flying. How would you compare it to a parasail? Some cat owners love them, others scoff and say they are tomfoolery. What do you think?

  2. I really enjoy you two. I am always concerned when I see the kids walking around the upper decks. I am living my dream through Ben and Ash.
    I sure do miss my days in the RCN, based in Esquimalt.
    Thank you.
    Bravo Zulu.

  3. @5:19 don't want to be debbie downer or ron the stickler but you should really be sitting on the other side of the boat driving it's dangerous if you don't, ONLY reason being is if you had to turn hard hard right you can't because you're reach won't be enough to push the outboard engine control hard left to turn hard right. with a right or left controlled outboard engine it determines which side of the boat you should drive from if it's on the left like yours you should sit on the left if it's on the right sit on the right

  4. Taking down a spinnaker.. 1 take out the pressure by hoisting the main or unfurl a headsail. 2 let the spi "hide" behind the other sail to break the flow of air. 3 pull the sock down. Love your videos.

  5. Nice going again guys! Getting the spinnakers down in the rising winds is often difficult and stressful…Had several whoopsies doing that – all learning experiences but the furling options are so much easier…. Well done!!! Hope you get fair winds around South Africa. Eli and John

  6. Interesting about the Whale poop for perfume. Good luck on that. You can search for lost gold rings with at beaches as well if you get a good metal detector. Carbs carbs carbs Yikes Carbs cause diabetes. Blood sugar always goes up eating carbs and insulin change these sugars into fat. Easting protein is a much more efferent fuel source for your body and is not as addictive as carbs. Proteins make you think better and keeps you satiated and heathier according to Dr Ken Berry and Dr Robert Cywes who is called the carb addition doc. They both have You Tube channels. They feed children protein. I myself am a omnivore but i try to eat fish and meat mostly. I am prediabetic and trying to reverse it by fasting and eating mostly meat and leafy greens and very little fruits. Keto Carnivora and fasting is the way to better health and once you get rid of carbs it's easier to maintain. According to Dr. R. Cywes sugar (carbs) cause heart attacks and strokes along with smoking. It's nice that your both are skinny but stay healthy as well for and with your babes. Keto is not only for fat people it's for people that want to stay healthy. You have all the fish in the ocean but chicken and meat is good too. You will save money on all the carbs root vegetables and fruits. Leafy greens are ok. Organic avocado oil for frying and find a reputable olive oil for salads, most are mixed with cheap seed oils for increase in company profits and are not healthy throwing off your omega 3 to 6 ratio. I think that messes with hormones.

  7. Ambergris ranges in color. It can be a marbled mixture of colors or predominantly Black/Onyx, Brown, Yellow, Grey, Off-white, or even have earth tone reddish hues to it like if you could polish red pumice. It doesn't always have a smooth exterior appearance either it depends how long it was in the ocean and surf. It can appear rough in texture.

  8. Ben ?! If the world was build in a 3 dimensional bal shape , why are all the and contrails(and also chemtrails ) are in a straight line before our eyes without a single curve in it ?
    Because they would fly in a curve over a distance in your eyefield of aprox 40-60 km too right

  9. Armchair admiral here…. So I know nothing, but couldn’t you release (maybe only a little bit) the downwind sheet on the spinnaker to make it an angle to the wind and easier to douse?

  10. I found a big chunk of ambergris off the coast of California. I thought it was a rock, until it stunk up my car on the way home as it warmed up. Worth a bunch of money, but can’t sell it. Have it double bagged and in an airtight container so it doesn’t stink up my house. Cheers!!

  11. It is so beautiful on those beaches. Wow, I would never leave. Thanks for another great video! I noticed Willa has perfect sea legs now, when she standing in the middle of the boat she was just naturally moving with the boat. Safe sailing! ❤️

  12. Just some random trivia from my brain. Primates are not the only tool using species as you probably know there are species of birds who use stones and I think twigs to poke food out of holes and of course build nests. Maybe more strange is Humboldt penguins who engage in prostitution to get pebbles for their nests.

    Getting back to tool using and of particular interest to yourselves is the Orca's who in Europe are playing with yachts they specifically move the rudder to change the direction of the boat of course this is not a good thing for the boat.

    The coolest tool using life and getting back on subject has to be the Zombie fungus this does not only infect the ant but uses it as a tool directing it at the end of its life into areas where it will infect other ants and continue growing.

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