Lacrimi de bucurie!! ÎN sfârșit. Un pas uriaș mai aproape de visele noastre!! [S4-E16]

Lacrimi de bucurie!!  ÎN sfârșit.  Un pas uriaș mai aproape de visele noastre!!  [S4-E16]

În acest episod facem ultimele pregătiri pentru a pune Bowman-ul nostru 46 în apă. Sezonul 3 Episodul 15 – Aflați pe linia de plutire Sincer, dacă am câștiga la loterie mâine, mă îndoiesc că ne-am cumpăra o altă barcă, deoarece aceasta se află, probabil, în primele 10 bărci Bluewater construite vreodată. Sprijină-ne pe Patreon: Sau: KO-FI – Vrem să le mulțumim HUUUUUUUGE tuturor celor care au contribuit în orice fel și iată link-urile dacă vrei să ne ajuți în această călătorie uimitoare. MARFĂ NOUĂ! Tricouri și căni și altele în curând. Pentru a cumpăra albumul lui Andy, vă rugăm să trimiteți un e-mail la, astfel încât să putem primi plata și să vă trimitem un link de descărcare Linkurile noastre Susține-ne pe Patreon : https :// Verificați-ne pe Instagram: Vino să ne vorbești pe facebook: Sau contribuie o singură dată prin PayPal sau Ko-Fi folosind aceste linkuri Verificați lista noastră de dorințe pe site-ul PRO MARINE STORE Card cadou https://www. Lista de dorințe Avem și o listă de dorințe Amazon . Echipamentul nostru Sony a6400 Feiyutech a1000 gimbal GoPro 7 Hero GoPro 3 Hero Rode Studiomic pro Rode Studiomic mini Rode Wireless Go-2


31 thoughts on “Lacrimi de bucurie!! ÎN sfârșit. Un pas uriaș mai aproape de visele noastre!! [S4-E16]

  1. So happy for the three of you!! Can't wait to see what the future holds for your family on the adventures you go on!! Maybe on the next video we can get a baby update on how things are going and I can't wait to see how you get the boat ready for a newborn that will be interesting to see!!

  2. There are haptic sensors you could employ with a microcontroller (wired and rf) that’s activated by your boats alarm system. Or perhaps there’s marine alarm hardware that can talk to a small digital device like an apple watch through an app or messaging that sends alerts using vibrate.

    Should be doable at not great expense if you roll your own.

  3. She looks even better now she’s afloat. Do you know what sort of time frame you are looking at , before you can get her out sailing. So you can get used to her and gain some confidence in handling her.
    Kind Regards
    Mark Clifton

  4. Congratulations guys! What a great achievement. So glad all your hard work has finally got you on the water . I have loved watching you guys and wish you all the very best for your future on the water . God bless you .

  5. It's funny how things turn out. Last year you was scrapping rust off the Hull thinking when will this end and know your own a different bigger better boat. Life beautiful

  6. It is so comforting to know that your family will cruise safely on such a solid, beautiful, bluewater cruising yacht. Congratulations, and so excited for you guys.

  7. Re alerting Jack when he hasn’t got his ears on – our bilge pumps have audible alarms plus a bright orange flashing light at the chart table. I’m sure you saw them when you stayed with us! It’s good to see happy tears!

  8. I’m sorry if this has been asked a million times b4 but how much did you pay for the Bowman? Did you sell your house to fund this project? Many thanks Jonathan

  9. looking forward to your journey ,thanks for taking us along .This is the good side of modern tech and gizzmose ….but I'm still unsure if stereo will catch on 🤔

  10. Congratulations, I'm so pleased for you guys. It makes my heart sing to see the relationship you have with your boat … it's a part of you all and will take you on some wonderful adventures. Wishing you the very best for all the future holds 🙏🏼⛵❤

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