Navigație în Atlantic cu delfinii înainte ca ritmul oceanului să se accelereze, Trimaran Dawn 054

Navigație în Atlantic cu delfinii înainte ca ritmul oceanului să se accelereze, Trimaran Dawn 054

Navigați pe Atlantic cu o viteză bună după ce delfinii au plecat înainte ca vântul să se ridice. Trimaran Dawn este foarte încărcat, dar totuși ne-a uimit deoarece dorea să decoleze. Încet-încet am început să ne obișnuim cu ea și i-am dat puțin câte puțin mai multă pânză. ținând un ochi cu atenție asupra noii cârme, noile plăci de lanț de carbon și spate din dynema. Se va scufunda cu nasul sau extensia pe care o construim va face treaba… Sperăm că vă place acest videoclip și nu ezitați să întrebați și să comentați, vom răspunde la comentariile dumneavoastră. salutări călduroase de la Camino, Cheryl și Arie #Trimaran #Living on a Trimaran #trimaran navigating


28 thoughts on “Navigație în Atlantic cu delfinii înainte ca ritmul oceanului să se accelereze, Trimaran Dawn 054

  1. Leuke video. Ben wel wat verrast door de hoeveelheid alg die zicht heeft afgezet onder de waterlijn. Is dat niet al snel heel veel?

  2. great job brother!…love her motion…she seems like quite the exciting yacht…
    i’ve been a mono hull guy for all of my life, but just sailed a friend’s performance cat from sarasota fla to new orleans a few weeks ago , and i must admit That i’m a bit spoilt now…anything less than 6 knots is not enough, and to not have that huge protected bridge deck will be felt many times over…seawind 1000 XL…i must say that despite being jostled around a bit at times , i sure have a new appreciation for cats…i’ve never sailed a trimaran…seems like it may have some real attributes apart from the catamaran..
    hope you all enjoy your passage …
    i’ll be watching for you !

  3. Just above the waterline the mainhull gets a lot broader. When she heels will that contribute to her stability ?? Is the designer still alive to talk to? He obviously designed her for the purpose of racing and has made his choices after good consideration.

  4. Dawn is sailing beautifully 👍Thanks for continuing to post videos, hopefully the sail helped blow away the down cast thoughts you were having back in PT, I think you were just needing some wind and sunshine (sunshine makes everything better)

  5. Very happy to see your journey, I hope it is always in good condition. We also have Dutch blood. Nice to know you and your boat crew and warm greetings from us in West Java, Indonesia.🙏👍🙂

  6. Arrie …have you seen the bows on a racing cat called …. They are a raised Polynesian stiled bow to increased boyancy whilst staying a wave knife.

    The boat is called … Fujin and its a converted racer to cruiser…in that respect like Dawn…

    Spray rails along the sides above the waterline should turn a lot of the hammering water.

  7. Very interesting to see Dawn's behaviour in the rolling trades.
    As you say the extended stern/rudder does help.
    All the weight in AB is pushed back as far as poss too.
    And having enough sail up, does inhibit the roll back.
    Gentlemen don't sail to windward, but we're going north up the Portuguese west coast in June!

  8. Very interesting to hear you speak about how a boat should sail, or glide up and down the waves, needing weight in the back to keep the bow up. For me it’s interesting.
    As for the toilet 🚽 can you do a video on how the plumbing works? Does it use ocean water or bottled water to flush it?

  9. Lovely to see that curling bow wave again, she seems to love it! Do you think she could even be wider with an extra meter between the hulls? Sometimes I think she looks a bit narrow? Fair sailing and happy days always! SkipRay.

  10. Truly fabulous vid Arie, the music and vid you’ve matched brilliantly and seeing all three of your happy and relaxed (at least in the vid 😂) is something special.

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