Ne confruntăm cu starea medicală a fiicei noastre în străinătate

Ne confruntăm cu starea medicală a fiicei noastre în străinătate

Nu vorbim prea mult despre asta, dar da, alergiile Willei sunt o amenințare constantă. Planificăm și ne gândim în mod constant la anafilaxia ei când ieșim, când suntem în preajma prietenilor și când pregătim mâncarea la bord. Viața cu barca s-a dovedit a fi o mică bulă minunată pentru a o proteja. Dar odată cu încheierea acestui lucru din cauza vârstei ei (și ne dorim ca ea să trăiască o viață cât mai normală), am optat să cumpărăm acest medicament. Faci orice este nevoie ca părinți. Cred că este destul de universal și, în acest sens, este doar o educație parentală normală, cu o mică întorsătură! Cu dragoste ❤️ Willa, Ash, Ben, Bodhi

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21 thoughts on “Ne confruntăm cu starea medicală a fiicei noastre în străinătate

  1. As I’ve said before….I’m available , just swing by and pick me up 😃 I live right here on the Gulf of Mexico! I’ll take good care of your precious babies and you two can run around naked….won’t bother me, I’m 73 , but strong and healthy! Love your family….refreshing to see down to earth real people ❤️

  2. My niece grew up with the same severity of anaphylaxis. It’s a very stressful thing. She is now 30 and married and has just had her first baby. When she was a baby there was no such thing as a take-home epi pen. It’s been a long journey with a lot of near-misses, particularly during her school years.

  3. Thanks for sharing this guys! I have a dairy allergy very similar to Willa’s. As a kid I was severely anaphylactic and always had an epi pen with me. My allergy hasn’t gone away, but it’s definitely gotten less severe. The few times in the last 5 years or so that I have been exposed to dairy I did not have an anaphylactic reaction, just a few hives and gastrointestinal upset. I know this isn’t possible everywhere, but I have great success eating out at completely vegan places because they don’t have any dairy on the premise. I really hope that the new treatment helps Willa! It’s so scary not knowing when exposure might happen, I can’t imagine how stressful that must be for you guys as parents! Fingers crossed for you that it goes well!! P.s. I love Capetown – there is something so special about that city!

  4. Hi Ashley and Ben,
    I know what you are going through because Nina has very similar allergies.
    Nina learned to live with these allergies and is having a happy life, and so will Willa too.
    I had the same thoughts and fears when she was small.
    We might have some interesting information for you… same family, same genes.
    Have a save trip😃
    Lots of love from Germany 💕

  5. Our son has/had a severe peanut allergy. Fortunately, we were able to do the immunotherapy program without other drug assistance. After two years, he went from a pinch of peanut flour, to eating a PBJ without issue. In fact, he HAS to eat peanut butter several times a week because they aren't sure if he would go backward with his allergy if we stopped peanut interactions.
    Hopefully, this helps and gives you some encouragement of what's possible in the future!

  6. Health Care in Canada and the USA is out of control, you are spot on, the doctors and nurses are the BEST, but the politicians in both countries have been corrupted by big pharmaceutical and insurance companies 🎉 thanks for sharing your story!

  7. Have you tried India for these drugs? I can tell you that medicines are way way cheaper than the rest of the world put together in India. A quick search for epinephrine pens in India told me it costs less than 60 CAD a pop. It's heartbreaking to see the little one go through this… I have a dog allergy for which the tablet I take costs about 30 cents CAD. So, do try India!

    And I almost choked when you said that the box you carried in your hand is about 4500 CAD!! In India I think it could buy you probably half a lifetime's supply!😳

  8. Prior to ACA, private healthcare in the US was covered worldwide with no restrictions, in order to get the AMA backing it's now limited to a $50000 lifetime limit. Where do you buy your travel insurance from?

  9. Thanks to our PM, Mr commie, we no longer have a health care system in Canada. It's a disgrace as is he.

    I hope and pray for all good things for your little baby girl.

  10. Special place for in heart for Willa with allergies. Finding the right medication is the right thing to do. I have allergies also so I can share a bit, right now the pollen season has got me inside taking Prednisone 20mg once day along with Dulera 220mcg twice a day. I just read that eczema is the liver expelling the allergy toxins through the skin. I also use a cream for eczema that I like best called Triamcinolone Acetonide. Since taking allergy immunotherapy/allergy shots my eczema has vanished. They say that after five years you can quit allergy shots and I'm considering that since I want to try an Antihistamine diet.

  11. So sorry your little one is going through these health difficulties. It’s a scary thing when your child is ill almost to the point of loss of life. I wonder if you have ever considered seeing a functional medicine Doctor Who might help you discover if her condition could be improved through diet and healing of the micro biome. Sometimes allergies and autoimmune disease can go away through specialized diet and gut health. I know the medicine is expensive and ultimately it would be great if she could be cured. I know you’re doing all you can, Prayers and best wishes for you all.❤

  12. Our boys had similar issues. We live n Fl. Basically allergic to all surroundings!!! They've had the treatments & shots. They are 23 & 19. Both living productive lives. Thankfully they have mostly grown out of it. But a couple times a year they still deal with it. Good Luck my prayers are with U guys

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