Ziua 2 RAW și ÎN TIMP REAL Traversarea ATLANTICULUI DE NORD | Expediția Evans

Ziua 2 RAW și ÎN TIMP REAL Traversarea ATLANTICULUI DE NORD |  Expediția Evans

Navigam spre est, peste Oceanul Atlantic de Nord. Apăsați abonați-vă și urmăriți! Vezi unde suntem în timp real! https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/V_7dEmvao4glnf/ Doriți să susțineți canalul? https://www.patreon.com/expeditionevans https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=FWBYD33TFEBRY


27 thoughts on “Ziua 2 RAW și ÎN TIMP REAL Traversarea ATLANTICULUI DE NORD | Expediția Evans

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  2. If you guys ever make brownies, add some instant espresso powder to the mix. It really helps give it a deep rich flavor, as well as a little kick of energy when you are on watch.

  3. Especially Jade. Not expecially essssssspecially. I had to say here because my wife is going to hit me soon if I keep saying it to the TV.

  4. If you do a Q&A: I'd love to hear your thoughts on folks who choose to use ad blocking software that removes header ads on YouTube videos. How do you take that into account when doing your finances? Do you resent it or understand it? Do in-video sponsorship plugs matter more than the ad money from YouTube? Have you noticed more people doing it over time or fewer, or does it all just not really register that much for you?

  5. do you ever think about having more lights on for safety and maybe under boat, or would it take too much power? Three great looking young people on that boat. Love the raw videos and hopefully it works to your favor in the editing and work process. I would rather watch your raw video than a netflix dumb show. The ladies get along great and are smart, hard workers and look great doesn't hurt. Be careful Brett-lol, or vice versa-lol. Curious as to why you shave your beard but let the hair go long and not trimmed? a lot of sailors seem to do that? My wife's name is Eva, but we pronounce it ("e" va) Live your dream as long as you can make money at the same time. Secretly jealous, but I am too old now, but I can hope and wish for adventures while watching you guys. God bless and prayers to Him for your safety.

  6. I love the green tape on the doors, have you ever tried or considered putting in screens for door and all hatches?

  7. Simply awesome! You guys are making it feel like we are aboard and that’s so cool! Keep the RAW and real video’s coming!

  8. The eerie feeling you must get when sailing over the Titanic has to be surreal considering the recent accident involving the Titan submersible.

  9. I’m happy to be a Patreon subscriber and help support you and to help keep these videos coming for everyone! I love being able to travel with you through the videos and the PredictWind link. It was exciting to see my name in the wood 😍
    Love, Victoria

  10. Question for Bret. Do you miss flying? I can’t imagine giving it up so do you still fly when you get the chance or did you just swap air for water and gave up your certifications? Awesome adventure to get to sail your boat you rebuilt over to Europe! Thanks for sharing guys!

  11. I have a question. I know you have an AIS system to identify boats that might pose a risk of collision. Does your system have an alarm warning you about this? Would such a system allow you to not always have someone up in desk as lookout?

  12. I have watched every episode and followed your highs and lows. You are both an absolute inspiration and you work so hard. Thanks for the daily updates they are so exciting and great escapism. For 30 mins a day I feel like I’m on a boat crossing the ocean and I come away really excited, which is random because I’m no where near the sea!

    My question: you haven’t talked through your plans in Europe. What’s you planned route into Portugal? Guessing you are going south to the Algarve and into the med? Can you share the rough shape of the journey?

    Best of luck.
    From the UK.

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