Este o plimbare cu roller coaster

Este o plimbare cu roller coaster

Avem împrumutat o rolă pentru țevi și tuburi pentru carlinga noastră 🙂


22 thoughts on “Este o plimbare cu roller coaster

  1. Dear Sailing Melody family.
    👍👌👏 Oh WOW, simply fantastic! 🙌 Hooray, that's exactly what I hoped to see: A generous viewer loans you a tube roller! This thing is an ingeniously well done DIY device.
    I know that you do not really need this contraption because the short pieces under the roof wouldn't be seen from outside at all. It nevertheless is a very nice gesture and round shapes simply always look better respectively more pleasing for/to the eyes. I could bet that Nigel will copy this device for his workshop.
    Best regards, luck and especially health to all involved people.

  2. I was hoping someone would come through with a roller for Ocean Melody ❤
    She’s so fair she deserves a beautiful addition 😊

  3. Dear Andy,
    That’s really a great gift and just in time for bowing stainless steel pipes to reach the by you planned roof on the open pilot house of Ocean Melody.
    Willeke and I wish you lots of success with this project and send you as well as the rest of the family love from the Netherlands

  4. This is great news Andy. However it looks like something @BleedingRust can make. Would be a great addition to his shop.

  5. Andy why are you hell bent on doing it in stainless steel you could try doing it in Ally
    Yes the tube roller doesn’t crush the pipe and there good for gradual bends they use them in body building shops over here
    The machines are bigger and some are CNC the operator looks at a screen. Good to see it coming together

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