Acum pentru partea distractivă | Ep. 215

Acum pentru partea distractivă |  Ep.  215

S-a spus că orice nebun poate conduce o navă… dar încearcă să navighezi cu una în spații apropiate, cu curenți repezi și vânturi instabile. Acesta este drumul de intrare și de ieșire din Beaufort, NC, care cu siguranță nu este recomandat pentru o barcă cu pânze drept (și nici pentru cei slabi de inimă), dar totuși posibil cu vânt și maree favorabile. ASISTENȚĂ CUM SĂ NAVIGAȚI OCEANE PE PATREON: CUM SĂ NAVIGAȚI OCEANE PE RUMBLE: CUM SĂ NAVIGAȚI OCEANE TEE-SHIR: https: // MUZICA: DONATE: SITE WEB: https :// COLONI SONORE VIDEO: CAMERE: Canon EOS 60D cu obiectiv zoom EF 24-105mm L IS Go Pro Hero 7 Black DRONE: DJI Phantom 3 Professional BARCA: Design: Gilmer 31; LOD 31′, LWL 25′, Grinda 9,5′, Pescaj 4,5′, Displ. 13.600 lbs.


32 thoughts on “Acum pentru partea distractivă | Ep. 215

  1. How you only have 30,000 subs while people with almost no sailing knowledge have 100-200K subs is a travesty I think. Great content as usual thanks.

  2. Entering Beaufort is always fun…..unless you opt to sail into the inlet when the sportfishing fleet is outbound, with points given to the boat that rolls you the best! Hope all is well! Thx, Andrew

  3. One of the nice attributes of an electric engine is that you do not need to start it. Another nice attribute is that they provide lots of torque at low RPM. These two attributes together enable the skipper to use the engine only has needed and for generaly short duration. Against the wind, need a little help to complete a tack, use the electric engine for a few seconds. Another other advantage is that the power that you use in that way, given enough solar panels, will likely get replinished the next day. 😎

  4. And that- Ladies & Gentlemen is How It's Done pretty much … when entering Beaufort, NC
    sailing in close quarters, with swift currents and fickle winds. Today's sailing lesson brought
    to you by How to Sail Oceans. You're Welcome just say'n.

    What a fun time. I would go that far Kevin. Obviously, our opinions vary on this subject.
    It's just a squall- what could possibly go wrong… as boats begin to drag their anchors.

    The bell of approval from the schooner matters!
    Toes in the sand- a well-earned relaxing moment before more fun…. happens.

  5. Your boat handling skills on that long keel boat are so gad-dang impressive I'm at a loss of words. When i grow up I want to be like Kevin!

  6. Kevin
    I’ve been watching your videos for as long as I can remember, you have never ceased to amaze me with your skill, seamanship and patience as you and your vessel live the life that you’ve choose.
    I’m 78 this month and still living the life I’ve chosen 😎

    Jack. S/V Klothilde

  7. Hi Kevin, I'm able to comment today because I watched on my work computer. Usually I watch on my TV. Your videos are great and I super enjoy. keep on keeping on! chuck

  8. Man I was riding that squall in anchorage with you. Not fun without an engine, but satisfying to weather it out. Well sailed.

  9. I needed to see this while I am working 24/7 to get Wave Rover Launched. Will be retracing your route more or less on he way south. Thanks, Kevin. Looking forward to meeting up in Nova Scotia!

  10. I could feel the tension and the release as your strings appeared going into Beaufort. Thank you for that. I am curious to see the weather unfold in retrospect as I view it from the Philadelphia area. Getting a little want for one of those white cotton Ruth Avery shirts. Fair winds and following seas to you both!

  11. That was a beautiful video because of the lack of clouds make ample natural light available creating a luminescent appearance, like a Hollywood movie, that is why they filmed in Hollywood long ago, good light. Thanks.

  12. Love your videos, Kevin. Lots of sailing and very informative. Always a pleasure to find there's a new video from you.

  13. Funny how my stress level goes up knowing you don't have an engine and watching you tack through the anchorage. Good stuff 👏

  14. Nice being with you on a virtual visit to old stomping grounds for us. Did you get to see the little horses on the island near Beaufort? On a different topic…what's your view on staysail booms? My guess is that its not a viable option with Baby Ruth up there on deck.

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