Navigarea pe Cyklade în Grecia I PARTEA 2

Navigarea pe Cyklade în Grecia I PARTEA 2

Primii 1.000 de oameni care vor folosi linkul vor primi o lună de probă gratuită a Skillshare Bucurați-vă de cea de-a doua și ultima parte a călătoriei mele și a lui Siljes prin frumoasele Cyklade, Grecia! Deși vremea și împrejurimile sunt uluitoare, există întotdeauna loc pentru unele dezacorduri, fiind două popoare care locuiesc aproape împreună timp de 7 zile:) Și mulțumim mult pentru că ne-a permis să luăm această aventură frumoasă cu ei. Beneteau Oceanis 46.1. Începem! Tricouri și produse în interiorul UE: SUA și peste tot: Facebook: https://www. Instagram: Patreon: PayPal: Site-ul meu:


42 thoughts on “Navigarea pe Cyklade în Grecia I PARTEA 2

  1. As someone who lives in the southern U.S., it’s adorable how Erik thinks 28 celsius (82 Fahrenheit) is “hot” 😂. Beautiful video!

  2. Fantastic video Erik, There is something magical about being at Posidon's Temple isn't there. We were there last October anchored in the same bay, ate at the same restaurant and took the same dinghy ride.
    Looking forward to seeing you both cross to Scotland soon 😉👍❤

  3. Excellent, well done Skipper, magical journey! Hope you enjoyed the change to a little warm water sailing, and I must say you both looked in the very best of health! Well done and thank you for sharing with us, God bless.

  4. As another woman who is anxious around boats and planes, I just want to say I really admire Silje. It is absolutely normal to be scared and unsure of something you are experiencing for the first time. She is very brave for trying it out and sticking to it.

    I like Erik’s normal video, but I also like this different style a lot. I think she is a great addition to his content, she gives us the normal person point of view, some comedy, and she is just so mesmerising all the time.❤️

  5. Great video Erik, nice to see the other half with you on your journey. Beautiful parts of the Greek islands. Fair winds to you.

  6. Lovely video Erik! Probably Celia would feel happier if she knew how to come and get you in the boat! Lovely to see you enjoying the Pina Calada side of sailing!

  7. I have watched your videos for years. You have always yearned to compete with turbulent seas and oceans. The rougher the better from your homeland to Ireland,Greenland, Iceland and that's what you love. To be honest, Celia will never like or endure this. I hope I am wrong for your sake Erik. Safe sailing as always.☺️

  8. Great getaway. I know the feeling of the men staring at your wife!! Pull it together guys, A little subtlety! looked like an incredible trip erik!! Looking forward to more!!

  9. Thank you Erik & Silje for sharing your cruise in Aegean Sea. You were saying it is hot when it was 27-28°C. I am glad you are not in Aegean Sea as a Viking while it is 35-40°C nowadays.

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