1000 de mile pe partea întunecată//creping pe un iaht cu motor-Episodul 136

1000 de mile pe partea întunecată//creping pe un iaht cu motor-Episodul 136

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23 thoughts on “1000 de mile pe partea întunecată//creping pe un iaht cu motor-Episodul 136

  1. Seeing some of Ty's cooking this episode maybe you should add a 'Ty's Cooking Tips', or 'Cooking at Sea" with Ty and other members of the family making their own popular dishes?

  2. Welcome to being stationed in my home town, Lauderdale. Born there as was my father. I worked those docks as a kid ( mostly all fishing boats ) then for charter. I miss my home but I don't miss the insanity they have imported, too overgrown for me.

  3. If you have access , always use an actual tile drill bit. It's much less likely to place side loading on the tile and cause it to crack.

  4. Ty has anyone mentioned that NYS has a helmet law for all motor cycles? Happy that the local popo didn’t catch ya. Good job!

  5. Greenport is my town. Hopefully you stopped by Little Creek Oyster right off the dock. If you come back, let me know. I can bring you some oysters from my farm or even better, we own Shelter Island Seafood and we bring our live lobster in weekly as well as locally caught seafood. Nice episode.

  6. No helmet riding a motorcycle in The Peoples Socialist State of New Amsterdam? Holy Crap Ty do you want to end up working hard labor in the Gulag somewhere Cold and Lonely like Fishkill Elmira, or Great Meadow.

  7. What a great episode and a nice break from the grind (although all that cooking was a lot of work without a doubt). I was wondering if you would peel potatoes and core apples with power tools 😂 looked like some fun times as well plus an experience that would otherwise, be hard to come by! Thanks for sharing

  8. Nice work, you can crew for me any day. But first I'll have to get a super yacht. No, first I'll have to get the money for a super yacht 😅. But seriously, the boat has 2 dinghies on deck, do the also need a 32' cruiser bobbing about behind?

  9. Damn Tye…you're going to make some lucky woman a great husband! Oh, you're already married! Well, keep up the good work. This was another great episode….keep 'em coming!

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