PLĂMÂND REAL ȘI NEFILTRĂRĂ VELIERUL ELECTRIC pe coasta SUA (până la o locație secretă)

PLĂMÂND REAL ȘI NEFILTRĂRĂ VELIERUL ELECTRIC pe coasta SUA (până la o locație secretă)

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34 thoughts on “PLĂMÂND REAL ȘI NEFILTRĂRĂ VELIERUL ELECTRIC pe coasta SUA (până la o locație secretă)

  1. Try to get as much done till some other homeowner gets you dirty sailors kicked out for doing boat work in a residential area. A problem Delos had in Florida. Much love to you both and good luck with the mast.

  2. Glad you guys made it and it must have felt strange going past the marina you set sail from all those years ago. Hope the boat work is going well. Greg 🇬🇧

  3. Thanks for not playing music. Hearing the natural sounds is the real deal. By the way what are you doing for hurricane season. If you ever come up to Maine. I can recommend some great spots.

  4. Way to go guys!that was wild!! Love seeing Beau and Brandi! Been doing lots of work on my electric sailboat- check it out at Gary Seven Youtube- and see my Thunderstruck 10.5 KW and my 1975 C&C 33 Mk1

  5. There are outboard brackets that raise that you could mount on your transom and keep your outboard on that for storage and power when you need it quickly.

  6. Hi BnB! Loved you reaction and resilience to the storm! So glad you found a place to work on your mast…and other things. I believe the neighbors will fall in love with you guys, just like I have! Loved the video, appreciate your work!!

  7. It's been raining here for a little more than a month here everyday ! Have caught about 4 gallons of medium to x-tra large shrimp in about 4 days averaging 2.5 hrs a day !

  8. You should come south to marathon. I just sailed down from Port Canaveral. My buddy Nathan is here also. He said he knows you guys from a marina you was at back before you left the states. We are getting 3 boats ready to go cruising south in November after hurricane season. The harbor is pretty good on moorings. I gotta install my new water maker, and I am putting 2000 watts of solar on. Plus new cushion covers, and some canvas projects on my Tayana 52. Nathan is also installing a watermaker and fixing some canvas on his Pearson 42. My friend nick bought my old morgan 382 and he is fixing canvas, and installing solar on her. We will all be sailing south after hurricane season. It's going to be lots of projects, but should be well worth it. If you have anything you need to do , canvas work, etc. We would be happy to help, or let you use the equipment needed. It's a great place to stage and get the last bit of stuff done before heading to the Caribbean.

  9. If you are going to stay there any length of time, you need to make a set of fender boards out of three-inch pvc for those pilings. The tide is going up and down and your fenders are not going to cut it. Probably too
    late as you have been there a month or more.

  10. Wow. We made the Beau and Brandy video….. it was awesome to meet up and have so many laughs!!! Hoping our paths cross again!!!!

  11. glad you wiped the mud off Beau's chest…i 1st thought he got an ugly tattoo LOL have fun when meeting up with your friends 😎

  12. I didn't mean to be a bummer. But you should look at what happened when hurricane Hazel came through back in the day. If you think you're out of hurricane Alley you have better think again. My wife's family lived up in Toronto Canada and back in the '50s after they left Germany after world war II got hit with a hurricane that totally flooded and washed their house away up in Canada. So if you think you're safe don't think you're safe because that happened and you should look it up online hurricane Hazel yeah. Just a heads up

  13. What an amazing location that was not by accident. This was well deserved and we would all love the chance to host you two incredible souls. D&S are FANTASTIC and set the bar for what it means to unconditionally open their arms (and tools, docks, and laundry! ha!!)

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