210. Insulele Virgine Britanice pe un iaht | Duminica navigatie

210. Insulele Virgine Britanice pe un iaht |  Duminica navigatie

Pregătește-te să pornești într-o aventură de neuitat a Insulelor Virgine Britanice. Ajungem după o navigație peste noapte din St Maarten pentru a intra în țară și a începe aventura noastră de navigație prin Insulele Virgine Britanice la bordul iahtului nostru de 46 de picioare, Sailing Sunday. În următoarele câteva videoclipuri, vă vom duce într-o călătorie captivantă, unde vă așteaptă ape turcoaz, golfuri ascunse și plaje izolate! Fie că ești un marinar experimentat sau un visător care dorește aventură, acest videoclip te va transporta într-o lume în care visele au pornit. Faceți clic acum și ABONAȚI-VĂ pentru a urmări cum începem aventura noastră navigând în Insulele Virgine Britanice! SITE WEB SAILING SUNDAY: https://www.svsunday.com SAILING SUNDAY SHOP: https://svsunday.com/online-shop-home/ DONAȚII DE ANIMALE DE STRADA: https://www.paypal.me/jacksonstreats PATREON: https: //www.patreon.com/sailingsunday SOCIAL MEDIA: Conturi de Instagram @sailing_sunday @brittnimoffatt @ryanweepers @jacksontheshepherdx @animalrescueyachtclub Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sailingsunday TikTok @animalrescueyachtclub


24 thoughts on “210. Insulele Virgine Britanice pe un iaht | Duminica navigatie

  1. Miss you guys… stitch is doing great and gets excited hear your guys voices. Thanks for bringing this crazy head into Julie and I lives. Think you need to do an episode of an update of all the adoptions.

  2. Hey guys wondering where you went. Great video BVI's beautiful. Made new friends with internet and now you are all set. Star Link as I am sure you are aware is extremely expensive, but there are off shoot companies of Star Link that can give you way better deals.
    See you next video have fun

  3. Hi guys when booking in to a new country make sure you book in as captain and pilot and not as captain and mate if anything happens to the captain the mate can’t move the boat but the pilot can information came from and other sailing channel safe and happy travels

  4. Hey do you guys take a Medkit when you walk Jackson? My little Black lab/Whippet came back blushing blood from her wrist and we werent sure she'd make it, nevermind yourselves obv x

  5. As always, another groovy episode. Nice to see you've made new friends. Hey people, if you are real coffee drinkers you need to get a rea coffee maker. Maybe something that uses K-Cups, and or an Espresso machine. I mean, instant coffee is for the birds, man. Stay safe and stay groovy.

  6. I want to give Ryan BIG props for not having a man-bun . I don't know why I just hate them things . St Maarten is my favorite place on earth . " The Friendly Island " My first trip there was over 30 years ago . Boy it has changed since then . Way more built up , but still nice .

  7. Welcome back… Starlink is about to discontinue the RV version of antenna… There is a new marine one out now. Parlay just got one… Almost 3 times as fast…

  8. I like your swim cap Ryan – it must help control your hair. Also, did you crash the drone into the mangroves at the end of this video?

  9. Hi, curious if you had any challenges getting Jackson into BVI? Did you have a Titer test? Is there anything else you needed for smooth entry with a canine?

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