SAILING, SPEARING & GIANT CACTUS Bine ați venit în Marea Cortez

SAILING, SPEARING & GIANT CACTUS Bine ați venit în Marea Cortez

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40 thoughts on “SAILING, SPEARING & GIANT CACTUS Bine ați venit în Marea Cortez

  1. Yep, Spearfishing works too👍 Glad to see yer having a Good Time in the Sea of Cortez…But watch out for the Mosquitoes & Flies😜 Continue to Stay Safe and Enjoy😎

  2. Hi! That nasty looking insect u picked up is a black wasp with orange wing called a. Tarantula hawk. Because itts prey is spiders and tarantulas! ! Is venom packs a big punch!!!! Careful! Sting is really bad!

  3. I want to say it wasn't funny the way Lee scared Bella and Sara like that, but I can't because it was damn funny. Sorry ladies! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Absolutely loved this episode! Having spent years exploring baja i can tell you honestly, you are capturing the essense of one of my favorite places on earth. So looking forward to seeing it again through your discoveries.

  5. This sure must be a change of scenery for you with all that lush foliage in the past years. I had this oddest thought it would be a terrible vacation place if you had to leave. Chile down south has a desert and mountain range that is inhospitable from what I hear. I am really enjoying the scenery, so don't sail too fast! Love ya'll, adios.

  6. I know it's too late to give my kids this kind of life; but the more I watch your videos, the more I want to learn to sail, get a boat, move my wife and I aboard and just sail off into the sunset.

  7. Love all your videos as usual. Mom is so impressive with the yoga🧘‍♀️ moves, keeping up with a teenager & looking so young & beautiful as well. ❤❤❤ Two great videos from the same family in one day. My oh my what a treat for us viewers. ❤❤❤❤

  8. Beautiful! Very calming after a day in the office ❤ Miss sailing ⛵️ though plotting our getaway very soon. Living vicariously through you guys

  9. What a great video!!!! We love that you are having so much fun sailing Mexico . You had so many great instances of your fun trip.

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