SEZONUL DE URAGAN E AICI! Cel mai stresant timp pentru viața cu barca

SEZONUL DE URAGAN E AICI!  Cel mai stresant timp pentru viața cu barca

Pentru a-l AJUTA pe prietenul nostru Ray, faceți clic pe linkul Mulțumesc! Vrei actualizări în timp real?! Susține canalul nostru! Ați dori să ne cumpărați o bere sau un cadou o singură dată Verificați fața magazinului nostru Amazon pentru a vedea produsele de la refit, echipamentul foto pe care îl folosim, și echipamentul preferat de barcă. Merch! Susține canalul nostru și primești ceva extraordinar în schimb! Încărcăm un videoclip nou în fiecare săptămână! Nu uitați să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipul. De asemenea, ne puteți găsi și contacta aici -Instagram @Kristen.r.davis @Neptunes_reaper /Neptunes_reaper -Facebook -Tiktok Iată un cod de recomandare pentru a obține un credit de 20 USD când te înscrii în GOOGLE FI UTILIZAȚI CODUL K18F80 *Acesta este planul nostru telefonic internațional* SAILMAKER-ul nostru Precision Sails Pentru întrebări de afaceri svdeaddolphin Muzică pentru videoclipurile noastre -Epidemic Sound merită… -ARTLIST


27 thoughts on “SEZONUL DE URAGAN E AICI! Cel mai stresant timp pentru viața cu barca

  1. Love you guys. Gave some scratch to your friends go fund me. Aloha and stay safe 🤙

  2. The biggest problem I see with it being an El Niño year is the simple fact that we have the hottest water in the Caribbean in 100 years.

  3. Dude that's a race you don't want to win you set up a race charge everyone a $100. And walk away with all the money their going to sink your boat with you on it

  4. Donation sent! That's the least I could do for all the laughs you have given us over the past few years. Love you guys!

  5. Uh, you guys don't screw around with these hurricanes. They're mean and unpredictable…. Riding out one of these big ones beside some sandspit somewhere isn't, always, a good idea. You can get a new boat.. Some of us out here are fond of you. Don't break our hearts…. Get out of there!!

  6. I'll never meet you guys but I've enjoyed watching your adventures and learned a bit about other places and boats. You worked hard re-fitting your yacht and Kirsten always makes me laugh in a good way. I sent you some money through gofundme and I really hope your brother Ray gets the care he needs to get well soon. Mr Blue-Sky (UK) xxx

  7. Instead of worrying about hurricanes why don't you sail to south of 10 degrees North latitude? The Atlantic ocean is too hot this year. Love you guys 🙂

  8. The richest that you will ever be is when you give of yourself, thanks for the opportunity to help me make myself just a little bit richer…best wishes for Ray

  9. You're the best sailing channel going. And all respect for giving a shout out to Ray's fund. HOWEVER…I say this with no creepiness at all… was that a camel on the boat at 16:34? Or an unfortunate shadow?😊

  10. Hi ya, i really enjoy all your vlogs, also could i ask where you source the background music for your videos from? cheers

  11. Matt I don't talk much in comments, but that good cause, done my part to help your buddy ✨😃🙌 , be safe and I know you will get thru this hurricane, keep you Good work ✨👍

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