Bătălia CATAMARANILOR (Pt 2) – Ruby Rose 2 Caracteristici și specificații speciale

Bătălia CATAMARANILOR (Pt 2) - Ruby Rose 2 Caracteristici și specificații speciale

Partea 1: https://youtu.be/61MGZHSGrs0 Săptămâna aceasta reluăm de unde ne-am oprit săptămâna trecută și continuăm comparația cu primele două carene de 1370. Ele diferă destul de mult din cauza specificațiilor proprietarului, precum și a progresiei de construcție. Astăzi ne urcăm la bordul Ruby Rose 2 cu Mike Rees, care ne va vorbi despre toate diferențele. Multumesc pentru vizionare! Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să lăsați un comentariu ⛵️ Pentru a ne susține munca ❤️ https://www.patreon.com/sailingrubyrose 00:00 Intro 00:35 Ruby Rose 2 Actualizare build 04:18 Comparație- cabină master 06:03 Comparație- saloon/nav birou 07:22 Comparație- Atelier 08:50 Stbd companionway 09:19 Bucătărie 12:30 Cârmă și cabina de pilotaj 14:17 Panouri solare 15:13 Woodshop Videoclipurile noastre sunt gratuite pentru toată lumea și vor fi întotdeauna. Cu toate acestea, avem o comunitate uimitoare de Patroni care, pentru costul unei cești de cafea pe lună, primesc tot felul de beneficii și avantaje. Acest sprijin ne permite să continuăm să vă aducem poveștile noastre, așa că mulțumiri URIAȘE pentru minunații noștri Patroni 😊 Faceți clic pe linkul de mai sus pentru a afla mai multe. Dacă Patreon nu este treaba ta, există o mulțime de alte modalități de a-ți arăta sprijinul (și nu te va costa nici măcar un ban): http://yachtrubyrose.com/say-thanks/ SOCIAL MEDIA Ne actualizăm Instagram aproape zilnic. Aceasta prezintă imagini cu noi, cu barca și cu împrejurimile noastre. Poveștile noastre de pe Instagram vă oferă o privire în „din culise” și vă reamintesc când apar noile noastre episoade, plus orice altceva ne-ar plăcea să documentăm! Link-ul este aici: http://www.instagram.com/sailingrubyrose Vrei să vezi blogul nostru? Toate intrările pe care le-am scris și toate călătoriile noastre înainte de a începe canalul nostru de Youtube? Ei bine, atunci aici trebuie să te uiți. De asemenea, vă puteți abona la newsletter-ul nostru! http://www.yachtrubyrose.com Vă interesează pagina noastră de Facebook? Din nou, postăm aproape zilnic cu poze, videoclipuri mici și povești din viața noastră de zi cu zi. Urmăriți-ne aici: http://www.facebook.com/sailingrubyrose Vrei să citești Tweeturile noastre? Imagini, videoclipuri și gândurile noastre, aproape zilnic? Ei bine, căutați aici: http://www.twitter.com/yachtrubyrose MUZICA Toate melodiile prezentate în acest episod sunt creditate la sfârșitul videoclipului, în ordinea în care apar. Obținem toată muzica noastră de la Epidemic Sound și Artlist. ⛵ – Despre noi: http://yachtrubyrose.com/our-story/ ⛵ – Contactați-ne: http://yachtrubyrose.com/contact-us/ Bună ziua! Suntem Nick și Terysa și am devenit complet obsedați de ideea de a naviga în jurul lumii și de a împărtăși experiențele și informațiile noastre prin videoclipurile noastre despre stilul de viață cu navigație. Ne-am întâlnit călătorind prin India și am fost de acord rapid că, în loc să ne „instalăm” și să facem ceea ce fac majoritatea oamenilor normali, am vrut să călătorim și să ne aventurăm și am început poveștile noastre de aventură în stilul de viață cu navigație, de atunci, am muncit din greu pentru a realiza visele noastre, iar acum le trăim în sfârșit ca stil de viață de croazieră cu vele! Vrei să știi ceva despre stilul nostru de viață de navigație sau despre poveștile de aventură cu navigație? Trimiteți-ne un e-mail prin intermediul paginii de contact http://yachtrubyrose.com/contact-us/ Sperăm să vă bucurați de ceea ce facem. Vă rugăm să vă abonați, să dați like și să distribuiți. Mulțumesc mult pentru vizionare! Vă rugăm să vă abonați, să lăsați un comentariu și să dați cu degetul mare.


44 thoughts on “Bătălia CATAMARANILOR (Pt 2) – Ruby Rose 2 Caracteristici și specificații speciale

  1. I urge everyone who has a boat and uses rechargeable batteries for their laptops, drones, cameras and other portable items to be cautious when charging them. There are several excellent channels on RC drones/planes/cars/etc where they talk about preventing exploding batteries and fires, safe charging practices, damaged batteries, fire resistant storage, and other things to always be aware of. FliteTest is one I like. These little batteries store a lot of energy and if the worst happens can cause a chain reaction with other batteries stored close by and burn your house or boat down.

  2. I think you should sleep on a grounded bedsheet. As you’re surrounded by electrical equipment and EMF radiation. I have a grounded bedsheet and definitely sleep better. On a yacht it will have to be grounded with the sea. I suppose all that equipment is grounded with the sea?

  3. Two snake lights in the shop, perfect! Love the traditional grill but don't like that it is flush to the edge, no lip or fiddle. Even on land I'd want some form of lip, I've had a flush grills and it's amazing how much food finds its way to the ground. You'll probably get some kind of cast iron or steel griddle, that can have a lip. Griddle Fiddle™

  4. Nick, I think the only thing that has been forgotten, that is not mentioned thus far, is the final payment to Seawind! It is close to time to giving the employees a big collective hug and thanks, then get yourselves and your 1370 outta there and get it somewhere else. Don't oversleep – you might miss the launch! :¬) Webhead USA

  5. This question is not SeaWind vessel related but for RubyRose YouTubers, are you considering external cameras for YouTube purposes not security, also a server for all your B-roll and just the massive amounts of data you require for the channel? Be wise in my opinion to have that built out now and also save yourself so much cord and the space required for that type of work. I see many refits or “boat works” done without consideration for it.

  6. I'm surprised you don't like remote autopilot controllers. We've been using a wireless remote, push button AP controller for over 8 years on our 70' wheelhouse sailing trawler. It has worked flawlessly and the batteries last almost forever. It's so nice to sit out on fore deck enjoying an evening cocktail while underway and keeping watch with our remote controller. I love the layout of RR2, I am looking forward to seeing her underway. You all have done an amazing job as has the Seawind manufacturing crew. Well done.

  7. It looks like the solar panels are an opportunity to have solar water heating along with keeping the panels cool and therefore more efficient by piping some fresh water lines beneath them.

  8. Looks great. I toured your hull (I feel like a peeping tom) end of March; saw how they they tore up the steps to the owner's bed. (In this video about 4:50) The new configuration looks great. I think I can understand how the narrow steps were designed, not a mistake, just one of those things that only when you finally see it you know it would be difficult to live with and how it should be. (Every boat has these, if you can fix them life aboard feels smoother.) It's really terrific that Seawind went the extra mile tearing out the cabinetry and redesigning them. Seeing how much had to be removed; it was no small task. Well done.
    Separate autopilot control inside is a good option. A few times while on watch inside, I wanted to change the scale of the chart on the monitor, I spun the dial…and the autopilot changed the course by some random and not small amount. Autopilot also takes up monitor chart space. One of the reasons I was zooming in and out was to see if there were any large ships hiding behind the autopilot subscreen.
    Snake lights are terrific. It's amazing how it's taken so long for these to become 'normal.' I know a designer who 40 years ago had to repurpose snake lights made for machine shop tools (drill press. They'd been on shop tools for probably 100 years.) Airlines had this figured for much longer (Last time I looked you couldn't buy them.)
    Solar capcity is great. We had a lot of multiple overcast days where about half your capacity of panels just couldn't keep up. What would've helped would've been a 3rd battery bank.
    All electric galley – very smart. Our head nearest the galley on the 1260 had quite a bit of soot from the propane hob and oven settling in it. Not difficult to clean up… but that soot was going in our lungs as well as all over the rest of the boat.
    Saloon lighting was a bit harsh at night. We cut and rolled two layers of laser jet paper to make frosted covers for the two at the fore of that space. Be good to install a way to make them more durable and removable.

  9. Where those manual fuse override fuses fit for the CZone, I'd want labelled breaker switches so there's no messing about figuring out which fuse needs to go in where in an emergency.

  10. These weeks showing the build of Ruby Rose II is the best part of your channel. I hate to see the boat completed. lol

  11. I LOVE all that solar. With that much power on board have you thought about an electric infra red grill? I know they are expensive but it cuts out the need for another fuel source to be kept on board.

  12. Wow it's getting there slowly but surely but I think that the master bed is to high up specially you got to climb a few step to get on it to high your head will hit the ceiling before you get up ther on the bed we look at this video many time before i comment on it please get on the bed

  13. In the guest hull…the bottom step looked like an ‘ankle buster’ because it seemed to stick out into the passageway between sleeping area and head. Is that space as narrow as it appears with that step at that height?

  14. I don't like your title of "battle". It is preference; what the owner requires. There is not a "right", so no battle that I understand. RR2 is beautiful, in any case, and you and Terysa are top drawer in my opinion, as always. Cheers!

  15. For the AC, do you have zones for it? Master bedroom, Workshop, kitchen/lounge. Could you set them for different temperatures. eg. cooler in the master bedroom. How about fans for the engine rooms?

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