Explorând Insulele Cavalli din Noua Zeelandă cu echipajul SV Womble

Explorând Insulele Cavalli din Noua Zeelandă cu echipajul SV Womble

Episodul 311: Sezonul 10: Noua Zeelandă – Aotearoa Bună ziua, Prieteni, În acest episod plec pentru o săptămână de croazieră cu prietenii mei Dale și Katrina la bordul catamaranului lor de 50 de picioare, SV Womble. După ce am rezistat ciclonului, cu o prognoză de vreme minunată, eram cu toții gata să ieșim acolo și să vedem o parte din frumusețea Noii Zeelande. Dacă vă place canalul, vă rugăm să „Like” videoclipurilor și să vă abonați pentru a nu pierde niciun episod viitor. Dacă vi se pare că videoclipurile sunt utile sau distractive și doriți să contribui, puteți deveni Patron la: https://www.patreon.com/sailorjames Alte modalități de a susține canalul: PayPal: https://paypal.me/@jamesthesailorman Aplicație Cash: https://cash.app/$triteia Bitcoin: https://cash.app/$triteia Fair Winds, James Website: http://svtriteia.com Tracker: https://forecast.predictwind.com/ tracking/display/Triteia Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/james.the.sailor.man #sailingnewzealand #newzealand #aotearoa #seawind #catamaran


40 thoughts on “Explorând Insulele Cavalli din Noua Zeelandă cu echipajul SV Womble

  1. I've been absorbing sail-cruising videos a lot lately, seeing if I might actually go myself after many years off the water. Most of this viewing centers on boats themselves but in seeing this content I'm struck by the subtle but tangible difference at Sailing Triteia. There is a difference; a much more film-like quality to your work, James, that seems to stem from the more genuine approach to the lifestyle, experience, and pursuit. While so many channels go completely overboard trying too hard, and so many others fill my 50" screen with loud faces saying not much of anything at all, ST is always relaxing, engaging, and somehow more vivid. ST is both low-key and invigorating, which is not just unusual for the genre, it's genuine film making, even as genuine and understated as the channel is. I just love it, and I hope you keep doing it as long as you please, which I guess could be for years. Who knows, maybe the support community feels the same way and keeps you in boats and dreams indefinitely. I know I'll be aboard. This is the best sailing channel I know of.

  2. Your hair looks good! Aww, I love to hear someone say how much they love what they have & theyre not looking to go bigger , cause its not always – better.Lookin @ him standing on deck – it IS massive!My Mother was British, yep, always tea.DAMN that… was Just GORRGeous !!! Whoooooo! Thank you ! 🌊

  3. There’s great value in being able to appreciate what someone else has while still being perfectly content with what YOU have. There’s no real peace in life if you’re constantly searching for the “next great thing”…

  4. A cup of tea always solves any problem, my parents were English/Welsh it was a ritual and a way to slow down, talk and listen. Great views and video, thank you

  5. Truly living everyones dream! Imagine being in paradise everyday, no rush hour traffic, no boss breathing down your neck, no bustling family, no mortgage, just freedom. I need to make this happen!

  6. Hello James!

    I have always wondered if it is more difficult to get seasick on a catamaran compared to a monohull. Now that you have tried it, what do you think?

  7. I totally understand the "out of my comfort zone" concept. I'm a bit the same myself but on this occasion it might have been the best thing you could have done. Looks like you had a fantastic time with fantastic people.

  8. James, the SV Womble family seems like really nice people! Every time you showed them there had smile. Even when the gent was conducting boat projects he was smiling. This is the type of friends I need.

  9. Interesting you mention painter lines, I work at a canoe camp way up in Vermont and we have painters and they run off the bow and they're blue and white. And we never knew why they called them painters I always thought it was like a brown horse with white splotches is called painted. Digging your videos way up in the hills!! Thanks for doing what you do!

  10. @Sailing Triteia you keep knockin it out of the park, great video! I'm in the middle of a lake sailboat refurb as a POC for what you're doing!

  11. Such cool people and beautiful place to explore. The people you’ve met so far have been awesome. Hopefully I’ll meet some of them when I get to cruising levels. For now, I have my flying bucket lists! 😂

  12. Hey James thanks for yet again another awesome episode the way you showcase the locations you are looking at is incredible my friend! Absolutely loving this adventure of NZ! Thank you James!!!!

  13. James, I'd like to compliment you. At first I was taken aback by the guages and the tats. I had negative thoughts. I kept watching. Yours is one of my favorite channels now. Your more "real" for lack of my poor wordsmithing. Thank you for what you do and what you have taught me about acceptance others choices.

    On a side note, a jillion years ago I followed the Dead around for a couple hundred shows and probably looked weird to those I encountered. Should have learned something then…

  14. Cool to get to see these offshore islands. I was twice on the main two, but not on any of the smaller ones. See any weta?

  15. I once crewed on a 65 ft cat on a delivery from Phuket to Bali, my first time on a cat. It was the most uncomfortable 3 weeks I've ever spent on the water.

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